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Seduced into Being Her Bi Cuckold is a sensual 5-part story where Andrew, a cuckold husband, is led down a path of bisexual pleasure by his wife, Scarlett. The first part can be enjoyed below, and if you want to read the whole story, become a Patreon supporter today! Scarlett looked down at her husband as she sat astride his locked cock. His arms were spread at her instruction. She wore a seductive black lace lingerie set that Andrew had bought her. Now she was wearing it once more to tempt and tease her chastised husband.

Andrew was naked except for the clear CB chastity device he wore around his cock. His flesh had swollen as large as the device would allow. It looked beautifully imprisoned as Scarlett gently moved her panty-clad pussy over it. She knew his intense desire would make him willing to do anything she wanted.

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She could feel his heart pounding. She could see the lust in his eyes. His eyes darted to her breasts. Scarlett knew that leaning forward made them look even more appealing to her chastised husband. She smiled at his lust for her body. Watching you cum on his cock was so beautiful. The chastity device made all the difference. The moment she locked Andrew in it he became a far better cuckold. He no longer put his desires first. He put hers ahead of his own because he knew that was how he would achieve the freedom and orgasm he craved.

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He instinctively opened his mouth, delighting her. She slowly pushed her thumb between his lips. He did it without prompting. She felt arousal coursing through her loins. She felt the heat and wetness building.

She pulled her thumb from his mouth and replaced it with her index finger. Andrew sucked it gleefully. His eyes lit up with delight.

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He moaned. Scarlett added a second finger. His lips stretched a little wider to accommodate it. He sucked with the same vigor. She pulled her fingers from his mouth Cuckold cocksucker stories lifted the key to his chastity device from around her neck. She traced down his chest with the key, teasing him mercilessly.

He was going to be freed from his prison, but Scarlett wanted to take her time. By the time she reached his cock and slipped the key into the lock, Andrew was whining. The sound just poured from his mouth. He was desperate. Cuckold cocksucker stories let go of the key, leaving it in the lock.

She caressed his balls. She delicately rubbed the space between his testicles and asshole. She ran her finger over the little bit of flesh that pushed out the front of the CB Scarlett smiled at her husband and kissed him. It was a strong, dominant kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and aggressively battled with his.

She reached down and turned the key. She knew he was desperate to reach down and play with his cock and it pleased her that he refused to give in to his base desires. I want to cum so badly. My balls hurt. I need to cum. Scarlett collected it on the tip of her finger and offered it to Andrew. Scarlett repeated the process. This time she pushed two fingers into his mouth. She made him take their full length. She made him clean them of his precum and suck them like he was giving head.

Scarlett let go of his cock and climbed on top of her husband. She reached back to pull aside her panties before dropping her wet pussy onto his face. He knew she was teasing him. He needed to make her cum. Scarlett rode his face as she slowly stroked her husband with a soft grip.

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His face was going to be soaked with her juices by the time he was done. It felt like she was fucking his mouth with her pussy. He loved it. Anytime his wife could make Andrew feel like a submissive, owned cuckold it thrilled him.

Her flesh surrounded his face, impeding his ability to breathe as he tongued her cunt. She jerked him off and brought about a beautiful orgasm that had her husband thrashing and crying out in pleasure. Afterwards, Scarlett ran two fingers through the thick cum that had collected on his stomach. She lifted those two fingers towards his mouth. They were coated in slippery semen. Scarlett wanted to see if Andrew would suck them clean and taste his cum in the process. He opened his mouth like a baby bird eager to be fed a worm by its mom.

He closed his eyes and moaned while sucking his slippery cum off her fingers. Cuckold cocksucker stories repeated the process and once more he licked up his jizz exactly as she desired. His submission so often brought it about. Every time his submission deepened it thrilled her. The full 5-part story is available now to my Patreon supporters.

Do you want more bi cuckold stories? There are Cuckold cocksucker stories of stories, blogposts, JOI, captions, cuckold tasks, and more to check out. Become a supporter today and you can access all of it! It was smooth and felt soft against her fingers.

The flared head was just like a real cock, which she loved. Scarlett had purchased the toy for play with her husband. She wanted to tease him with it, to make him watch her pussy stretch out around it while his cock was locked up. Andrew was between her legs. Scarlett moaned and watched Andrew as she pushed the head of the dildo into her wet cunt.

Cuckold cocksucker stories

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