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for Free! My Wife Cuckolds me for first time "After a lot of bedroom talk, my wife takes it to the next level With much enthusiasm! Score 4. Legendary Story. Published 9 years ago. My wife has always had a dominant side, in and out of the bedroom, so it was no surprise to me that one day she came home from work and told me that she was going out that Friday night with a few of her girlfriends from work. Since I work for myself and had taken a few days off from the grind I had the pleasure of watching my wife get dressed for work on that Friday morning.

After she showered, shaved her underarms, legs and pussy, she came into the bedroom naked where I was waiting for her also naked. My cock grew as I watched her walk towards me in her birthday suit. In her job as secretary at a local retirement home she had to dress rather conservatively but underneath the drab exterior she was a total and complete slut and I was her ever willing doting husband.

I watched as Kim slid a skimpy, almost see-through white g-string up her long well tanned legs and then wiggled her 36D tits into a half cup bra that left her nipples almost fully exposed. But in keeping with her required exterior she slipped on a black mid calf length skirt and a button down white blouse that she did right up to the neck.

I noticed a partially packed bag beside the bed that contained one of her loose fitting Cuckold cum stories tops and one of my favorite mini skirts. Kim saw that I had seen what was in the bag and simply said that it was because she felt more comfortable in that stuff than what she was currently wearing. I made my way back into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of steaming coffee.

One of the many advantages of living out in the country is the ability to walk around naked without the fear of being seen by anyone, and I used this to my great advantage almost always walking around with my dick swinging back and forth. And today was no different. I grabbed my coffee, my smokes and headed out to the back deck to bask in the sunshine. I had just wiggled my ass into my favorite deck chair when I heard my cell phone go off indicating that I had a text message.

I tried to ignore it thinking that it was one of my customers or suppliers but then Cuckold cum stories went off again and again and yet again. That was four messages inside of a minute so I figured that it must be important. I had no idea what Kim had in mind but I knew it would be hot because for the last few months we had experienced a resurgence of sex after a few years of stagnant love making. We both initiated sex and had recently begun to incorporate fantasies and roll playing into the bedroom.

One of the fantasies that we both shared was of her being the dominant and cuckolding me with another lover. In this fantasy she would tease me mercilessly about how tiny my cock was it's nothow I never brought her to orgasm she is very orgasmic and how I came too fast again, not true I always held out until she had at least two orgasms. She would tell me during our passionate embrace that she should get another guy with a huge cock to fuck her properly and then I could suck and lick her clean afterwards.

This kind of talk never failed to get both her and I so heated up that we would come hard on each other. A few times she even convinced me to go down on her afterwards and lick her well used pussy, which I did to hers and my delight. Kim reveled in being the dominant and humiliating me and I must say that it never failed to get my cock hard just thinking about it.

Sure there were other fantasies that we toyed with but this was the dominating one that got both of us spurred on. In a bit of a panic, I grabbed a nearby towel that was drying on the banister and wrapped it tightly around my waist. Through the stained glass of the front door, I could barely make out the silhouette of a person standing on my porch. When I opened the door, I was kind of annoyed that he was Cuckold cum stories a cell phone but had a package in the other hand. When I asked him for a pen, he just gave me a blank stare.

I stood there like a fool for a few seconds while trying to process everything and to think about what to do. My cock had shriveled up beneath the towel and gone soft as I unwrapped myself and headed back to the front door.

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I ed the paper, handed it back to him and he turned and walked to his car without saying a word. I stood there dumbly for a few more seconds as he drove away. She was taking sheer delight in teasing me and the guy who delivered the package was a set-up.

Boy…she was really getting into the role. After I had another cup of coffee, I went and had a shower where I did as I was told and shaved my cock, balls and ass. Not that there was much to shave Cuckold cum stories as I almost always keep my southern regions well groomed.

I was tempted to rub out a quick cum but reminded myself that Kim told me Cuckold cum stories to so I rinsed off and got out. I read the paper, did a few light chores out in the backyard and had a few beers before I got another text from Kim. Have dinner for two prepared and on the table. I pulled them out to thaw and then found some pasta in the kitchen pantry for a side dish.

Then my cell rang again. By this time it was just past four thirty and she was just getting off work. At about twenty to eight I got the grill heated up and the pasta on a slow boil and was about to get the marinated chicken onto the hot grate when my cell buzzed yet again.

Open box delivered this morning and get dressed. Dinner better be ready. A brief panic set in before I saw it on the counter beside the coffee machine. I carefully tore open the brown paper and saw nothing but a tiny black mesh g-string. I quickly slid the g-string up my legs and fit it over my aching hard cock.

I looked at the clock on the stove and saw that it was almost time for Kim to be home so I quickly ran and threw the chicken on the BBQ and stirred the pasta. With just a minute to spare I added the marinara sauce to the drained pasta and flipped the chicken. I was just plating the feast when I heard a car pull into the driveway… and then another car followed. Looking out, I saw Kim step out of her van in just her miniskirt and the loose fitting tank top that was obviously worn without a bra.

The car that pulled in behind her stopped and a young man of about thirty five or so stepped out. He was about six feet tall and very good looking in his tan chinos and a white button down shirt. I watched as Kim stepped over to him, looked at me and then fell into his arms for a deep kiss that no doubt involved lots of tongue action. As the kiss went on and got more passionate, his hands went down to cup and squeeze her delectable ass. As he did her short skirt rose up and soon enough he had a handful of her naked ass and I could see was indeed without underwear.

Kim finally broke the kiss and pulled her friend up the stairs to the front door where I was standing in my new g-string. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and led the man Cuckold cum stories the dining table where the meal I had prepared was waiting. Chris, you may pour the wine. They slowly worked their way through my meal and kept me at their every beck and call making sure that the wineglasses were always full and every need was met with speedy and attentive service.

When the last of the chicken and pasta was consumed, Kim told me to bring the wineglasses into the living room where they could be more comfortable and then to clean up the dishes. I did as told and then came into the room to see what was going on.

Help me free his massive cock from his pants so that I can show you how I can suck a huge cock instead of your tiny little penis.

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When the material cleared his crotch, his semi erect cock popped out and literally hit me in the forehead. I pulled his pants all the way off until he was standing in the middle of my living room completely naked with his big cock jutting out in front of him obscenely. Kim wasted no time in falling to her knees and taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. So I grabbed his cock by the base, opened my mouth and took in a few inches of his hot meat. Kim pushed my head further down so I now had his cock almost down my throat.

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It was different than anything that I had ever experienced before. His cock tasted a bit salty but the head was so spongy on the outside with a noticeable hardness on the inside that I tried to take even more. This huge cock is all mine tonight. When Rick was fully hard, Kim told me to remove her skirt and get her cunt ready to get pounded by his huge cock.

I gently slid the mini down over her ass and off her feet and then licked her cunt from top to bottom making sure that it was wet. Rick came forward and plunged his cock fully into Kim in one solid thrust until she wailed like a virgin on her first date.

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Cuckold cum stories

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