Cuckold girlfriend stories

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Hello, This is me typing out one of the hottest experiences of my life tonight. I'm writing this at 12 AM with my cheating Cuckold girlfriend stories sleeping next to me because I can't get to sleep, and wanted to share my story. I hope none of you mind a long story, because this is bound to be a long one.

So a little backstory before I get into the actual story. This has been a fetish of mine ever since I discovered this blog about 2 years ago. I worked up the nerve to talk to my girlfriend about it a couple of months ago, and she had never even heard of it at first. I explained it to her, showed her some stuff from the blog, and she seemed pretty into it.

I let her know how into it I was and that I would be more than happy to have her "fuck around. She'll sometimes give me a handjob while talking about an ex boyfriend, but that's as far into the lifestyle as we've gotten. At least, until tonight, I suppose. I got a text from her at around 6 PM that said "I'll be back late from work, honey. Just eat without me. I eat dinner without her, the thought that she could be with another man while I sit on the couch eating dinner alone never even crossing my mind. Fast forward to about 8 PM now and I'm sitting in bed on my computer, starting to wonder where she is.

I send her a text and she lets me know she's leaving soon. She still hasn't let me know what she was doing, but once again, why be suspicious of that?

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I get another text about five minutes later, saying something along the lines of, "On my way. Feeling horny She walks in the door about 15 minutes later and comes into the bedroom. Off comes her pants almost immediately. I noticed she didn't have any panties on, but didn't think much of it. I assumed she had taken them off already so we could get to it quicker. Next thing I know she's got her mouth on me and we're getting into the foreplay won't get into detail on this part because I know that's not what you all are here to read.

Anyways, it's my turn now and I get between her legs and notice something coming out of her pussy. I stop in my tracks as my mind tries to comprehend the fact that I'm seeing cum I'm snapped back into it by her giggling and tried to say something to her, but I wasn't able to get a word out.

We had some of the best sex we'd ever had that night It felt weird, sticking my dick in her and feeling another man's cum She made me finish on her stomach, and as we started to cool Cuckold girlfriend stories, this is the story she told me: "I was at work and I was incredibly horny.

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This isn't the first time that this has happened, but usually when it does I go to the bathroom and take care of myself. But I know you've been wanting me to try out the cuckold thing for a while As you know, Dave still flirts with me a lot at work, even though he knows I'm taken. Changed the name for privacy's sake. Occasionally she will talk to me about fucking him while rubbing me off when we feel in the mood for cuckold-type stuff, but I never imagined she'd actually do anything with him.

Actually, changing all our names to stay anonymous. I didn't want any BS, just to fuck and cum.

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So I just kinda That's around the time I texted you to tell you I was working late. I let him in and he asks if I was serious, to which I give an astounding yes. He asks me if you'd care, and I said you weren't going to find out so long as he didn't tell anyone. He agreed, told me to follow him to his apartment, and got out of the car. He drove to his apartment and I followed, meeting him outside.

I basically didn't let him get a word in before our lips touched.

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I was all over him. I was super fucking horny and you know how I get when I'm super fucking horny. My hands were down his pants within minutes and I was rubbing his cock as our tongues swirled around each other.

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I practically ripped Cuckold girlfriend stories pants off and stuck his dick in my mouth. I couldn't really take it anymore, I just felt like I needed it. He told me he wanted it sloppy and I obliged He was moaning and groaning, telling me how much he liked it. I liked his dick too, it's a bit bigger than yours. Perfect fit for my mouth!

But feeling his dick in my mouth made me want it I told him to fuck me I told him I was on birth control so he didn't need to worry about anything. He picked me up and carried me to his bedroom, throwing me down on the bed and taking my pants off. That fucker teased me and teased me, running his finger over my clit over and over He filled me up so incredibly well I Cuckold girlfriend stories practically melting with every thrust, squirming as he pushed deep inside me.

He took my shirt off and sucked on my tits as he fucked me I must have cum three or four times before he told me he was ready to finish. I told him to cum anywhere he wanted I admire a man of confidence but I have to admit it took me by surprise! I almost came again just feeling his warm cum fill me up Jesus Christ. We both started to feel horny again but I decided to wait for you, so I just ended up blowing him for a while. It was actually really nice, I just casually sucked his dick as we sat on his bed and watched TV. He told me he was going to cum again and I took it in my mouth, swallowing his load like the good girl I've learned to be!

We started to get our clothes on and made out for a little bit longer before I decided it was time to go. I said goodbye and set out on my way home, only realizing I left my panties on his floor when I was in the car.

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I decided to let him keep them Anyways, I got home I asked her to recap certain parts of the story It only took about 10 minutes for me to cum. We laid in bed and watched TV after that, both of us still unable to believe what had happened that night. At one point he texted her asking her to do it again, and I told her she's more than welcome to. I could tell that got her excited She fell asleep shortly afterwards, obviously exhausted from her busy day. Every evening laptops get turned on and the consumption of cuckold videos begins. Ravenous wives taken, cuckold husbands watching and stroking

Cuckold girlfriend stories

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