Cuckold slaves stories

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The dream to find a Femdom Mistress, kinky and eager to enjoy all aspects of Femdom relationship is not as far fetched as it may seem. Today I present to you a real life story of a lucky man, whose wife learned to adore the Femdom cuckolding.

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Today, he is living to fulfill his submissive fantasies. Becoming a Femdom cuckold is also one of the ways to the developing of a female led relationship. Read the interesting story of a real life Femdom cuckold, first in the line of the Femdom Cuckold Stories. Have your fantasies fulfilled too!

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t he University of Slavery and Servitude. Many years ago I became interested in reading stories and s of wives who enjoyed having extra-marital sex with the approval of their husband. My interest in the hot-wive and cuckold lifestyles increased over the years. At one point I came across an article about how married women were better able to enjoy sex with multiple partners than men are and that open non-monogamy for married women was a growing phenomenon in our society. I decided to take a chance and show the article to my wife.

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She read the article and thought it was interesting. She then asked what I thought of it. I said that I found the idea arousing and that there were many web sites devoted to sexually free wives enjoying themselves with many different partners. I told he I was not. She then accused me of trying to trap her into being unfaithful so I could turn around and have my own extra-marital affair. Since my wife was now angry that I had ulterior motives I decided to gather further information about modern cuckold to show.

I figured the best thing would be to give her a series of web links for cuckold related forum and message boards. I gave my wife these links in an and cautioned her that these web sites were funded by commercial banner advertisements about often depicted unrealistic cuckold practices and relationship. That evening, in bed, I asked my wife if she had reviewed the web links I sent her.

She said that she had and that she found them very interesting. She Cuckold slaves stories that now believed me that I was not trying to trick her into something. As I cuddled with my wife I asked her about the things she read about on the message boards. She described some of what she read and immediately became aroused.

I started kissing my wife neck, fondling her breasts…etc. I rubbed my erection against her leg. I was very aroused and did not realize how aroused my wife was becoming. My wife told me that she clicked on some of the banner that she saw. I reminded her that these were for commercial web sites. My wife became very aroused saying that some of the web sites showed men with very long cocks.

I asked her what type of cocks Cuckold slaves stories did like seeing. She said men with cocks like mine was in length only much thicker than mine was. My wife described some of the she saw depicting men with thick meaty cock. I continued rubbing my wife pussy asking her to tell me more about what she saw.

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The second I heard my say those words I had an immediate, spontaneous and uncontrolled orgasm and ejaculation. I could not believe how hearing my wife passionate words had deeply and unexpectedly caused me to have an orgasm. I apologized to my wife and went down on her until she had an orgasm.

Thank you mistress for allowing me into The University of Slavery and Servitude.

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I hope that I will be able to please you and successfully follow all instructions issued to me. I look foward to serving you. The femdom, cuckold erotica has peak my interest, especially extreme humiliation. We get what we deserve. I dream of being naked on my knees kissing the feet of a petite oriental Goddess fulfilling all of her desires.

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Cuckold slaves stories

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