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When my best friend Tara invited me to go camping with her and her husband Eric, I was worried that I would spend most of the trip feeling like a third wheel. As we made our way into the mountains, I was really glad I had agreed to go. The scenery was beautiful. The towering mountains covered with trees seemed to stretch off into the horizon with no end in sight. I was well overdue for a vacation, and this seemed perfect. It had been a year since I had ended a five year relationship with a guy who I thought was the man of my dreams.

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That changed when I found out he was cheating on me with one of his coworkers, and just like that, I was single. After that, I decided to swear off men for a while. As a blonde with decent boobs, a tight body and a pretty face, I had plenty of guys vying for my attention, but I remained strong and kept them at a distance. Keep reading. His job in finance kept him constantly busy, which left him craving more time with his wife, Ella.

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For the first time in ages, his team was ahead of schedule on their projects. That left him an opportunity to get away from the office, so he decided to head home and surprise her on his lunch break. Maybe he would get lucky. Ella was a great woman. Her kind and caring spirit always made him feel loved, and her beautiful exterior was always a pleasure to look at. She was a short woman with a fit figure, beautiful breasts, and a tight little ass. She could easily work as a model, except for the fact that she was always so self-conscious of her appearance. The only thing Mac found disappointing was that she was always so sexually conservative.

While she was always hesitant to show her sexiness, Mac could feel it bubbling just under the surface. Sometimes in bed, she would let her guard down a little, hinting at a wild side hiding somewhere inside her. If only he could figure out a way to tap into that. Mac pulled up to the house, and for a moment, he was surprised to see a work van parked out front. They had a huge house, spread out like a mansion, so it was likely that something had broken and Ella had called a repairman.

Still, something felt off. He pulled in and parked his car off to the side of the driveway, where it would be less visible to anyone in the Cuckold tumblr story. His stomach tightened when he heard her moans echoing throughout the downstairs, emanating from right around the corner in the dining room. If you want to spice up your marriage, then this is a great way to do it! Brian felt his face burning red with embarrassment. As they sat in the middle of a busy restaurant, he was sure the other patrons around them could hear their conversation.

She can just watch, and if she wants to get tied up, she can wear a bikini, or maybe some boy shorts and a sports bra. Nudity is not required. You should really consider coming to one of these parties, though. Run it by Liz and see what she says. Brian had known Ian for over ten years, going back to their time together in college. He had always been a cocky bastard, incredibly sure of himself. He also had a tendency to ogle Liz anytime Cuckold tumblr story were in the same room together. A few years ago, Brian had discovered that Ian had been keeping a big secret.

His friend was in charge of a local BDSM group, where he would often organize meetups and parties. As soon as it was out in the open, Ian started trying to get Brian to bring Liz along. Anna looked at herself in the mirror for a moment. She was still completely naked after just having stepped out of the shower, and that allowed her to assess her body more honestly.

Now that she was in her early thirties, she had become much more critical of herself and her body as it aged. The years had definitely worn her self-confidence down. Despite her dropping self-esteem, or maybe because of it, she was really looking forward to today. It was a Saturday morning, and she had a massage scheduled at a local place. Her husband, who was still fast asleep in bed with their two year old son, had bought her some gift cards for a local massage place.

After chasing her little one around for hours on end during the week, Cuckold tumblr story was her chance to get away, relax, and have a little time for herself. Anna quickly slipped into some comfy sweats and a loose t-shirt, knowing that once she got there she would be changing into a comfy robe. She picked out some plain cotton panties with a tiny little bow just below her belly button, and a plain white bra to go with it. Her masseuse would likely be a woman, and she had never been interested in women sexually. While her son usually slept in his own bed, sometimes he would wake up and sneak into their room, especially on the weekends.

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She stole one last glance at them and ducked out of the bedroom. Sam checked himself in the mirror one last time before he left the house. His button down shirt was slightly askew, so he quickly straightened it out and made sure his hair was still tucked perfectly in place. Tonight he was going on a blind date. His friend Joey had set him up with a girl named Allie. Joey claimed she was fun and beautiful, but more importantly, she was very open minded.

Sam had always been a little unusual when it came to relationships, and he liked having a little kink in his life. He wanted to find someone who could roll with his unusual ideas, and Joey claimed that this girl was the one for him. His friend was aware of his secret interests, so he was cautiously optimistic that this could lead somewhere fun and interesting. Joey had given Sam her last week, and after a few texts, they decided to meet up at a bar for a drink first to see if there was any chemistry there. Sam knew that would also be a great opportunity to see if she was really as open minded as Joey had claimed.

Sam wanted to look nice while keeping it casual, so he decided on a pair of jeans to go with his nicer shirt. He wanted to look good, but not like he was trying too hard. Allie had already sparked his interest when she suggested they make it a real blind date and not exchange pictures beforehand. Instead, Cuckold tumblr story would meet at the bar and she would show up with a red flower tucked into a clip in her hair. The idea had him intrigued, though, and since she had no idea what he looked like, he could always take off if she was extremely unattractive.

It seemed like a win-win situation and a fun game to start off the night. Sam gathered up his keys and wallet, then headed for the door with his heart pounding a thousand Cuckold tumblr story per minute. It all started on a warm Spring afternoon. Before that night, my ex-wife Sarah and I had a fairly normal relationship. We had met almost seven years ago at a concert, where we were introduced by a mutual friend.

From there, it was a whirlwind relationship filled with passionate sex and crazy adventures. We traveled to Paris, spent a week on the beaches of St. John, and did a few cross country trips. Within a year, we were married, and a year after that, our son was born.

Things seemed to be going along decently, until that initial fire started to fade. Once that happened, we both realized that, despite a mutual respect for each other, we were Cuckold tumblr story very different people. The divorce was quick and painless, and in the end, it really was the best thing for both of us. It had been a year since everything was finalized, and while I still missed being with her, we remained friends and occasionally did things together with our son, Jackson.

More than anything, the one thing I really missed was the sex. Sarah was a beautiful blonde with a slender frame and full breasts. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever met, and that alone was enough to draw me to her sexually. Our hobbies and interests may have been wildly different, but when we were naked between the sheets, we always moved well together. Part of the reason for our impressive sexual chemistry was our different backgrounds.

I grew up in a very liberal household and went through a phase in college where I experimented with a lot of alternative sexual activities. As a result, I am very open-minded to new and different ideas. Sarah comes from a more traditional family where vanilla sex was the norm.

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When I began sharing the dirty ideas that went through my mind with her, it seemed to bring out another side of her; a deep, dark side that she was almost afraid to admit existed. The ideas always turned her on, but she hesitated when it came to actually trying something out of the ordinary. I struggled to convince her to let go and follow her desires, because when she did, she became a sexual demon. We had enjoyed a healthy sex life for most of our relationship, although things did taper off in the months before the topic of divorce came up.

There was one fantasy that I had never been able to convince her to try, though. I had always wanted to watch Sarah with another guy. Ideally I would have wanted to watch her fuck him, but I would have been perfectly content to hear about her exploits afterward. Maybe it was the timing, but I had never been able to catch her in just the right mood to go through with it. Ethan stepped out onto the back deck of the house and opened one of the coolers.

He grabbed one of the lawn chairs and sat down on the deck to enjoy the last few hours of sunshine with a beer in his hand. Not this again! Ethan had often fantasized about watching Devon with another guy. She was a beautiful girl, a few inches over five feet and incredibly sexy.

Her body was tight and firm, with average size breasts that fit her tiny frame. Her hair was a dark brown, almost to the point of being black, and her body was covered with a variety of tattoos, small ones placed here and there with no rhyme or reason.

Ethan knew Devon loved him, and he knew that he always satisfied her in bed. His cock was about average though, and he often wondered how she would respond taking a cock twice his size. Would it turn her on more? Would she cum faster? Would she cum more often? He had suggested it to her a few times, but she always brushed it off, usually with a slap to his shoulder.

Ethan had even gone as Cuckold tumblr story as finding a suitable candidate in case she ever said yes. He often pictured her with his good friend Chris. It was well known among his circle of friends that Chris had a monstrous cock, which is why the women always tended to gravitate toward him. They were out drinking a few months ago, and Ethan had admitted that he wanted Chris to fuck Devon.

His friend was more than happy to oblige. Now he just needed Devon to agree to it. There were too many bills, and not enough money coming in. Cuckold tumblr story had lost her job last week when her company had to trim some excess, and that left them in a tough position financially.

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They had been together since they graduated high school, almost ten years ago at this point, and this was by far the worst things had ever been. The money was the biggest obstacle, but it had also started to bleed over into the rest of their marriage.

Cuckold tumblr story

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