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Bob and Carol live in the rural midwest and after years of hard work they are both retired. The children are grown and have moved out of state. They own a home in the country with ten acres of wooded land. The closest neighbors are friendly but keep to themselves.

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Bob and Carol are introverts with little interest in travel or social events. They have been together since high school and are best friends. They moved away from the city where they were raised after they married because they both wanted privacy. Their children have similar Cum denial stories natures and never visit unannounced.

Bob and Carol have had a very healthy sex life, but never openly. The children knew there was something very special mom and dad did that made them happy. When the children were young Bob and Carol would set the kids up with a movie and popcorn then retire to their room for a few hours so the kids learned to give them privacy. Bob by nature was submissive to Carol and she was a strong-willed dominant wife. They were unaware but they had developed these rolls naturally. Carol expected Bob to be a strong masculine and assertive man, she did not value weakness.

Bob loved her femininity and her clear ability to give direction. Their public relationship was polite and respectful. She never embarrassed or emasculated Bob in public.

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Bob demonstrated absolute respect and devotion to Carol. Some men kidded Bob about being so adoring mostly because he made them look bad to their own wives. When people retire they need a new hobby to keep them challenged. Bob and Carol are both in good health so they Cum denial stories well, bicycle hiked, do yard work and work out with weights.

Carol is a voracious reader, loves research and writes. She hates social media, Bob is enough social life for her. Her garden is a passion but Bob is her real passion. Bob faces a common retirement problem his only real passion other than work has been bondage and chastity. Carol thought she might overwhelm Bob if she tied him up as often as she wanted. Bob was worried Carol would get turned off if she knew Cum denial stories often he wanted to be tied up. One morning bondage session Carol decided she would show Bob how much she liked bondage and see how much bondage Bob could tolerate.

She tied Bob spread eagle on their kingsize bed with leather cuffs. Bob thought it would be teasing, face-sitting, and a hump session. She spent the next two hours in the garden. She returned to the bedroom to find Bob humping the air. After an hour of slow soft torture mixed with 10 fast and 10 slow edgings, she left Bob hanging while she showered.

She returned, slowly teasing and edged Bob for another half hour then headed for the kitchen to prepare dinner, then another 30 minutes session while dinner baked. Bob has talked about chastity devices for many years, along with his interest in bondage.

He talked about them in a wondering way, not an I want or need to do this way. Carol has worried about what will happen to Bob when he fully retires. She thought his only real passion is me, bondage, and possibly chastity in that order. Carol understood Bob would never move first so she would have to be the one to open this door.

She knew the idea or fantasy of bondage and chastity is much different than reality.

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She thought so far he is passing with flying colors. Bob had been tied up for over six hours now so Carol rode Bob to a big finish then untied him. Afterward, over dinner, she asked Bob about his thoughts.

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Bob immediately said it was the most amazing experience he ever had and regretted his orgasm. Carol looked pleased and puzzled, you loved the bondage but regretted the orgasm? Carol thought to herself the door had been opened. For the next week, it was nonstop discussions about bondage, sexual teasing, and chastity. Saying it as a direct order was something new, I have longed to hear from that part of you. Carol your words went through me like a drug. Now that the table was set Bob and Carol set off Cum denial stories a life of almost daily bondage for Bob that is.

Chastity came true as Bob went all-in with a steel device with a piercing. The only time he was out of chastity was when he was staked out in the yard, standing spread eagle in the barn or straitjacketed and caged in Cum denial stories basement.

At night Bob slept in a leather sleep-sack beside Carol. Bob went weeks and sometimes months without an orgasm. Carol because of her love for reading and research devised more and more ideas as to how to challenge Bob. Bob had a stoic submission and would never beg, plead or even ask for an orgasm. Carol knew Bob so well that she could see him struggling with this inner turmoil as the frustration built, Carol got off on this.

Bob became lost in his devotion to Carol. His sexual control, bondage stamina, and oral skills were developing nicely. Bob was driven deeper into subspace by her new direct personality. They continued with endless experiments to see which elements of BDSM fit them. Age play, feminization, cuckolding, high protocol, and needles were out, but long-term bondage, chastity devices, strap-ons, cum eating, piss drinking, objectification, caning, and CBT was in.

Bob developed another hobby. After he did his chores always done in chastity naked Bob would work hours in his workshop building bondage devices out of wood, leather, and metal. Carol helped with the fitting and development. Soon the house was filled with ingenious contraptions that could easily disappear when the company arrived.

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On one visit the kids mentioned how happy we both looked and wondered what we do now that we are retired. Bob and Carol had an amazing dynamic, Bob loved bondage and sexual frustration and Carol loved testing him by giving him more than he could handle. Bob would wear clothes and refrain from worshiping Carol. It was their date night, they would dress up and Cum denial stories to a local restaurant, talk, and look into the eyes of each other. In the morning Bob would be groomed and naked greeting Carol with fresh coffee and a bagel.

Bob was free to begin another six full-day journey to subspace. He was always dressed only in his chastity device, always completely hairless and always ready to obey any order Carol could dream up. Carol re every book she can find about bondage, chastity, mind control, and animal training. She is researching every corner of the internet to perfect her skills. Her entire focus is on creating as much endless sexual frustration for Bob as possible.

She studies the effects of long-term bondage and subspace conditioning on his moods and behavior. She wants to feed his need. She spent days treating him like an object but in her mind, it was always Bob enjoying his well-earned retirement by being my footstool. They had a safe word but she knew Bob would never use it. Bob would endure any bondage for as long as Carol wanted him to endure it. She created a few stress predicaments that would have Bob shaking and covered with sweat.

Her favorite was in the barn. Bob would be standing with arms overhead with his thumbs in metal cuffs suspended by a chain. Another chain was attached to the back of his collar then run down his back and through a ring on the floor then attached to a metal ball cuff with spikes. Bob was in a full Cum denial stories bondage hood with earplugs, taped eyes, and internal gag.

His thumbs could not take much weight so he would have to expend energy holding his arms in position. His ball cuff would keep his legs bent but just enough. Any more of a bend would shorten the session Bob could endure this position for more than two full hours.

Cum denial stories

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