Cum inside sister story

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This story from Loving Brother 44 has been read 1 4 9 1 1 times. For the next two years Jen and I would play sex games together whenever we could. I also found a book that had been discarded by the side of the road. The book described, in graphic detail, sex between a brother and sister. As a result of that book Jen and I stopped using names like a willy and a coochie and started using grown up names like cock and pussy.

One night, after my twelfth birthday, Jen snuck into my bedroom after everyone was asleep. She quickly shed her baby doll pajamas displaying her naked nine year old body to me. She had brownish blond hair that came down to just above her still childish chest with its tiny pink aureoles and nipples that looked like tiny pink erasers jutting out. Her body was straight without the hint of the curves to be.

Her belly button jutted inward and led down to her beautiful little girl pussy. Her pussy mound was puffy and prominent, and her cleft was shaped like a keyhole with just a hint of her clitoral hood at the very top and two puffy lips tightly clenched together. Her bubble butt ass was a delight for the eyes.

As she approached the bed, I quickly stripped out of my pajamas and tossed them on the floor. Jen climbed up on the bed and tossed the blankets to the side so she could see my naked body. In the two years, my cock had grown considerably and just recently I had developed a few silky strands of dark hair just above my cock, which was, at the moment, standing at attention.

Jen immediately took hold of my hard cock and started stroking it up and down. It was my first cum, and Jen took some of it off her fingers and tasted it. She then put another finger full of cum up to my mouth and I tasted it for the first time. Jen then put her head on my lap and my cock immediately returned to full attention. She then took my cock into her mouth while she flung a leg over me so that her sweet little pussy and gorgeous bubble butt were in my face. I put my hands on her butt cheeks and spread them apart which allowed me the sight of her pinkish brown rosebud; and it also spread her outer pussy lips and gave me a view of her pink inner pussy, and her tiny vagina.

I immediately started running my tongue up and down from her clit to her rosebud. I could feel her moisture ing Cum inside sister story and forming the most delicious ambrosia. So I nudged her around and then put my hard cock at the entrance to her vagina. But all it took was Jen pushing her pussy down onto my cock and it entered Cum inside sister story slid all the way to the end of her vagina.

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She then proceeded to move up and down on my cock and the slippery tight tunnel felt wonderful. In just moments, I said to her that I was cumming and I wanted to shoot my cum way up into her cunt. She responded by pushing down hard on my cock so the tip was forced up against her cervix and I immediately spurted another load of my boy cum directly into her undeveloped womb! Shooting my cum deep into my little sister was an experience I would never get used to. She had short blondish hair cut in a boy cut; her chest was entirely flat with light brown aureoles about the size of a dime and no visible nipples.

There was no curve to her waist or hips, but she did have the most delectable looking pussy. Jill looked and my cock and then tentatively reached out her hand to touch it. Jill was fascinated by both the size of my cock and the helmet shaped head which still had drops of boy cum dangling from the end. He also asked what we were doing, and we basically gave him the same answer as we had to Jill. We also made him Cum inside sister story same offer, get naked and keep our secret and he could us in our games.

He immediately stripped down and stood there naked in front of us. He was a duplicate of Jill with one glaring exception. We brought Jack up onto the bed with us, and put him so that he was next to Jen and Jill was next to me. There was no lubrication, so I got up and got a bottle of lotion from the bathroom. I moved my finger down to the entrance to her vagina which was impossibly small.

I then slid it back up to her hardly visible clit. Before long little Jack was shaking and writhing in the throes of his very first dry orgasm.

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I tried pushing my tongue into her tiny little vaginal opening, and eventually managed to get about an inch of tongue up into her pussy where I ran into her little girl hymen. I had to see if having my cock in Jill would be as great as having it in Jen. I then took Jill, and placed her on top of me with her legs to either side of my waist. The rest of the lotion I spread on my cock and then I placed my lubricated cock up against her virgin pussy. With a little effort and some grunts of discomfort from Jill I was able to seat the tip of my cock into her immature channel.

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The feeling of my cock buried as deep as it would go in my little six year old sister was indescribable. She was so tight it almost felt like she was strangling my raging hard on. Once I calmed Jill down, and as she got used to having my twelve year old cock filling her tiny pussy, I slowly withdrew until just the head of my cock was still in her vagina. Then I slowly re-inserted my cock as far as it would go touching right up against her little girl cervix.

I looked over at Jen and Jack and all of a sudden Jack began the shaking and tensing that heralded the onset of his second dry cum. I went into the bathroom to clean up, the rest of the kids got dressed and headed back to their own rooms. All rights reserved. Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Cum inside sister story

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