Daddy fucks daughter sex stories

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Trent pulled into the lookout carpark and I felt immediately like someone was watching us, I had a horrible feeling of gloom in the pit of my stomach -- as if I was doing something wrong and was going to be punished for it. The lookout it a gravel lot on the side of the road that looks out over the ocean.

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It's a hotspot for horny teenager, gay guys and cheating spouses alike. People who have nowhere else to go. Heavy trees lulled over the carpark. There were no moon or stars, only the tiniest of ripples to let us know there was water at the bottom of the cliff. Trent and I go through this routine every weekend.

He will take me to a movie, or sometimes for a drink now I am eighteen.

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On the way home we stop here for a quickie. If I'm even five minutes late my overprotective father will start calling me and get very angry, so we have to make sure he is never late in dropping me home. I opened my mouth as his lips met mine, letting his tongue touch me, but my mind was not with that kiss. Trent sat up and turned the headlights on.

They lit up into the empty sky but gave a better view of the carpark. There was only one other car, it looked like it was empty, no one in it. I laughed at him and forgot about my earlier worries.

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He pushed his warm hand up my thigh and rested it on my underwear. He kissed my neck and grabbing me by the hips pulled me onto his lap violently. I almost hit the car into drive with my shoe. I gave a playful shriek and Trent grinned. I grind myself against him and can feel his cock bulging in his pants.

As he unzips his jeans I pull it out of his pants, hard and upright, more than ready to go, as always. Pulling my underwear to one side I kneel and push my pussy against the head of his cock. Without waiting for agreement from Trent I lower myself onto him.

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He lets out a groan. Moving up and down on his shaft, he moves to rub my clit with one hand. His head is back and his eyes closed. With that, it is over, all within Daddy fucks daughter sex stories few minutes. I clamber back over to my side of the car and straighten my skirt a bit. It's not that I dislike sex. It just always feels like we are doing some thing wrong, and are so rushed, I never get to stop and enjoy things.

Suddenly, the car next to us starts and its headlights turn on. Screeching the tires it pulls out of the lot in a great hurry and onto the road. My stomach fills with fear. It was my Daddy's car. If Daddy knew what I had been doing he would kill me!

He would lock me up in my room for life! He would never let me leave the house again! Trent drove me home, I sat in the passenger seat full of fear. Was it really him? If it was what would happen when I got home? Walking through the front door was the hardest thing I have ever done. The TV was on, so Dad must be in the living room. If I could walk through the entry and get to my bedroom I would be OK. It would mean that I really was paranoid and it wasn't him in the lot. He didn't reply. I made it to the hall.

I might just make it to my bedroom. His voice was deep and commanding. It made me cringe. I was sprung. I entered the living room. A talk about what you did tonight.

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What you have been doing. That was the moment I knew I was caught for sure. Daddy sat in his arm chair, tall and broad. He had a thick head of hair and big hands. He was a strong man. Please be kind to me, Daddy, I thought.

Please don't ground me, or never let me out again. I started to cry a little. Not since I was twelve had I cried in front of my Dad before. I did as he told me and moved closer to his chair, standing at his feet. I was silent. I was embarrassed and ashamed. You belong to me, not some nasty dirty boy.

I've condoned this as long as I could. I just can't anymore. Trent kissed me, I pulled his He started rubbing my pussy through my underwear as I spoke.

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I was a little shocked at first. Nothing like this had ever happened before, this was my Addy, then amn I loved and trusted. I was too scared to say anything to him, I just let him keep rubbing my things and pussy. I rubbed his cock, it was so hard.

Then he asked me to go down. So I did a little. We didn't really have much time though. Daddy slipped his hand inside my underwear and started playing with the lips around my pussy.

Daddy fucks daughter sex stories

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