Daughter seduces daddy stories

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Posted Sat 25th of July Report. Introduction: pure fiction only.

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I had to think quick so I told him I had had a falling out with Tracy again, this was plausible as we were always falling out. As I became more experienced in doing this I could give myself several orgasms, not that I knew what they were for a few years, all I knew was how good I felt afterwards. As the year passed and I learned more about sex I grew to love my daddy more and more. Once I was in bed my fingers were working double time in my pussy and the orgasm I had was better than any before.

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The following morning I stayed in bed until mid morning, I could here dad mowing the lawn and looked out of my window, he was wearing just his working trousers, his muscles flexed and relaxed as he moved the mower around the lawn, I knew mom would be at work and guessed that Julie and David would be out playing with their friends, I quickly washed and started to dress, as I pulled my bra on I had the idea of leaving it off, and maybe my nipple would harden and daddy might see, so this was put back in my draw, then I had the wicked idea to leave my panties off also.

As I moved away I saw him look down, as I turned I glanced to my tits, boy oh boy they were hard and my nipples were standing right out, I had a little giggle, my daddy knew I had good tits now. I sat on the patio watching him finish the lawn and Daughter seduces daddy stories kept looking up towards me, and I saw a bulge growing in his trousers, God daddy was getting hard looking at me, my dreams were coming true, well part of them were. I was still naked but what difference did this make, he had already seen me so I said it was OK, as he stepped in I was surprised to see he was still naked and his erection was as hard.

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We sat in silence, me wondering what he was thinking about, and would I finally get to have my wish come true. I had butterflies in my stomach and my head was spinning, I never really thought this would happen, but it was, and it was better than I had imagined and he was only sucking my tits. Slipping a little more into me he found my little bud, as he sucked it into his mouth I came again, his tongue danced over my clit and he sucked my outer lips in and worked his tongue back and forth, sending me over the top more times than I can remember, I had come more times in those few minutes than I had before, and the day was still young.

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As I had yet another orgasm he moved up my body kissing each and every part of me as he did, finally his mouth came to mine, as I pulled his head down to kiss him I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy, as I pushed my tongue into his mouth I opened my legs a little, I then felt the tip slip into me, inch by inch his cock entered my most private place, my muscles relaxed to give him easy access and then closed around his cock to hold it tight.

Then slowly he pulled back, then pushed back. Oh God it was happening, daddy was fucking me, I clamped my legs around his back as he moved more and more, I knew I had to rock with him and it took a few thrusts to get into rhythm with him, but then we were fucking like we had been doing it all our lives.

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I thought he was done but I was wrong, he remained rock hard and after a short pause he started thrusting into me again, my pussy was so lubricated he thrust into me for about twenty minutes, before the friction built up and my muscles clamped his cock again. I went to sleep still not really believing we had do it, and I hoped we would continue. Read times Rated Please rate this text:. Anonymous reader Report I dnt like this story if really any gals need to sex chat with me.

I'm ready to do my That is soo hot needs more stories like this im sceaming "oohh fck me daddy before mom gets home. You are not logged in. Characters count:. All rights reserved.

Daughter seduces daddy stories

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Daughter Seduces Her Dad In The Best Way Possible!