D&d wish stories

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Forum Rules. Register Help. Stay Logged On. 1 to 13 of Thread: Tell Your Wish Stories. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Tell Your Wish Stories While we don't need to get into why wishes get twisted, we can all enjoy stories of a wish gone wrong. The trillion gold that dropped on your head. The Evil magic item that took you over.

Originally Posted by Fredaintdead. Reply With Quote. Re: Tell Your Wish Stories A fellow player once wished and the wording was almost iron-clad, since he was a law student for a million gold pieces. Unfortunately, when I say almost, I do mean almost.

He forgot to specify that the gold be created. So what the wish did was take the gold from the treasury of the kingdom directly rivaling the one we were working for at the time. But when I say kingdom, I really mean empire - it covered half the continent, and the one we were working for was similar in size. The empire the money vanished from used magic to track where it had gone.

And only noted that D&d wish stories had gone to agents of the enemy that they had wanted to destroy for years. Two months later, there had been truly catastrophic levels of war, death and bloodshed, several magical equivalents of nuclear weapons detonated, all-out destruction, and we were pariahs. Originally Posted by Slipperychicken.

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I guess this forum is some kind of mystical afterlife for dnd nerds who die during internet discussions? All the greatest internet heroes argue here every day about physics and dnd, rise again when slain, and enjoy a dining hall which serves them unlimited quantities of heavenly food like ramen, soda, alcohol, and birthday cake.

Originally Posted by Emperor Tippy. Yes, the underwear of my epic wizards are more than capable of conquering your average world on their own. So the party was captured and had all their nice magic items taken away.

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They all died in tons of fecal matter. In a Rifts game the GM who was known for is funny but very monty hall games had us go into a bar where a bottle of the best wiskey was like credits but a gin and tonic was 5k.

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So when one character ordered the gin and tonic it turned out to be a dejin and tonic. The dejin gave him a wish.

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He wished to have a rune sword. Since the wishes are not powerfull enough to make a rune sword it took one, right out of Athena's yes the god Athena hands. Needless to say she was less then impressed about it since she was in the middle of a duel with it.

We ended up with an angery god that took her sword back, destroyed the bar, and punished the player. What type of Fae are you? Re: Tell Your Wish Stories Towards the end of a hard fight, which was not going quite to the parties advantage someone said "I wish that we were all back home and in one piece". Luckily someone else had a wish to sort that one out. Another campaign, in the desert, similiar situation, The whole group went silent.

I just teleported them miles north to a small village in the great northern forest, it was the first time they had seen snow and they were dressed for the desert. Another time, I'd given out a Luck blade in some treasure, only they didn't bother identifying it. Instead they just handed it out. Sometime later the player whose character is carrying it says "I wish we'd brought some deck chairs".

Re: Tell Your Wish Stories. D&d wish stories Posted by nedz. Revan avatar by kaptainkrutch. Originally Posted by Cirrylius. That's how wizards beta test their new animals. If it survives Australia, it's a go. Which in hindsight explains a LOT about Australia. For people who enjoy reading or writing.

Play chess? Look me up! We playing a homebrewed version of 3. I walk over to her and tell her not to worry, I use the wand, wishing all the creatures of come back to life.

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So yeah, one of the other players have talked about his character is going to start refering to me as "the one who walks amongst us" for doing magic that is beyond almost all mortals; Resurrecting multiple creatures at once.

Awesome Avatar by Ceika. I was playing a sorceror in 7th Sea using an ancient lost sorcery homebrewed of Illusion magic.

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This particular sorcery had the odd property that as long as the illusion held, it was fully corporeal and it was basically broken if the of observers exceeded a skill rank. So you could use it to do things like build a bridge across a chasm as long as you were alone. Sort of neat.

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It also worked off of art - sort of the, I have a scroll with a painting of a tiger and it becomes a tiger. My character's version was via song and music. We were in the ruins beneath the capital of Montaigne and we found some kind of Syrneth ruin suspended from the ceiling of a huge cavern. The ruin involved these corridors that seemed to go at weird angles turns out D&d wish stories was a whole anti-grav thing you could turn on. In any event, I fell down one of these corridors. In a panic, I sang out 'A million pounds of feathers beneath my feet! Game paused. Everyone looked around. Someone asked the question that was on all of our minds: 'Uh, just how much is a million pounds of feathers?

We ended up getting out of it by exploiting the anti-grav and some Syrneth disintegration weapons, but I think its a good example of a wish going awry just by being granted exactly as asked for. There were 3 players, all were the sole-surviving members of an ancient and powerful race well, other than their kingall could use magic as fluently as they could speak arcane and divine. The campaign began with the characters coming out of a thousand year hibernation to find their civilization destroyed, their people dead, and their existence to be nothing but myth and legend.

A great war between their kind and the Dragons had preceded them going into hibernation, and through the campaign, they found that the Dragons had lead their "children" the Elves to destroy them whilst they slept, only for the Elves to turn on the Dragons afterwards and almost wipe them out as well. Anyway, the characters king had survived the carnage, and had gone insane from the knowledge that his people were all but wiped out he was life-linked to them all.

The king became the major, recurring villain for the group, but they were torn when having to go against him. He was trying to destroy all sentient beings by beginning devastating wars and by D&d wish stories powerful natural disasters. In one major confrontation, it lasted 2 whole game sessionsthe three characters fought their king over the spires of the Elven capital. The characters were almost done, the king was almost done, the fight was coming down to the wire. One of the players called down a wish, but linked it with the other characters we were using homebrewed rules for D&d wish stories spells to created more powerful oneshe believed that to have any effect on the king, the would need the wish to hit with the power of 3 wish spells.

His wish. He was putting his hope on the fact that the wish would make the king sane again and end the conflict then and there. The king being sane before he went into hibernation. It was a good idea, and could have worked. Unfortunately, the king had slept the night before. He healed all his wounds. He regained all his spells. The other two characters swore and teleported out. The wishing player was like "wait Re: Tell Your Wish Stories My first campaign ever We ran into a crazy gnome who took all of our gold and gave us two three wishes.

The more expirience yet terrible meta gamer wished for the best magical bow for me We got the bow but it was made of ice. So he decided that if I drank the melted bow I would gain its bonuses inherently The third wish brought me back to life

D&d wish stories

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What are your best Wish spell stories?