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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It was a well-planned program. X had always wanted to take his aunt as an object of sexual gratification since the time he first laid eyes on her when she was married to his uncle way back in his adolescence.

She was an average woman with nothing much ificant to be a head-turner. But eyes of lust have their own way of looking at things. To X, she was a body to be utilized, exploited and ravaged. She was fair, a slight pout on her lips, thin fingers, wide shoulders and a way of wearing her dress well below her hips. Her breasts were not something attracting immediate attention but they were adequately formed. Her body was neither slim nor voluptuous. To X all these were just right. X took his time growing up. He was 26 when he became a pretty well made man.

Then he came back one day with all the necessary items. Nothing much but just a few pills inducing drugged sleep. Kinds of sleep, which cannot be, awakened by even the hardest thing piling into a body. After informing he was coming over to visit Deep penetration stories bought a pack of dry sweets and laced their insides with powder of the drugging pills. X was never smiling the way to her house.

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The look of dogged intent and determination was what was there. He knocked on the door softly and she opened the door to welcome him. She had changed a lot with age. Her skin was loose, her belly had Deep penetration stories, the hair had thinned, and however, the breasts had not sagged. To his eyes her body was the only need. He forced her to have a sweet piece before she kept away the rest. She asked him to sit as she went to find something to offer him. She came back with tea and biscuits. X's attention was on her eyes — waiting for them to droop.

He slowly sipped on the tea and answered in monosyllables as she asked him about all these time and his family. Slowly she began to wipe appearing sweat drops gradually appearing on her forehead with an end of her drape. X knew the first s. She began to feel uneasy. I don't know why. Would you mind if you stayed and woke me before your uncle came home?

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X — 'No problem, Auntie. You sleep. Even I feeling a bit tired and would like to sleep. I will wake you up nevertheless. That was like the last gasp for X's auntie to say, 'Very well', and drop into the bed. X looked over his shoulder to see if she had shut her eyes. Soon there was pin-drop silence inside the bedroom except for the rising heartbeats in X. He slowly got off his chair and advanced towards his sleeping aunt on the bed. He touched her first on the shoulder and then jerked calling her name to check. After a few moments he nudged with his fingers on her cheeks with a bit more force but there were no s of waking up.

The last check remained he Deep penetration stories his hand on her butt and jerked her as if to wake her but still she didn't utter a thing. To be sure he pushed his hands in between her legs near her front gentile.

With no s of waking still X was assured. She was lying on her right side. He took the end of her drape and flipped it over her shoulders. The he rolled her over into frontal position. He unhooked her blouse and slowly parted the sides to reveal her breasts. They were adequately round and with dark nipples. The areole was dark brown and very distinct from the fairness of the entire breast. His right hand's fingers surrounded the right breast squeezing it so that the nipple rose up as he lowered his lips to suck it. The nipple was soft and tasted salty Deep penetration stories sweat with a smell of body odor that X had known for so long.

After sucking for sometime the nipple was erect and getting squashed under his tongue. Now X grabbed around the left breast and squeezed as much as he could in between his teeth. He looked up once to check and with no warning s he proceeded to half chew and then suck hard on her nipples. She was now bare waist up. He got off her and got off his cloths while stroking his erect dick.

He moved over to the bed and lifted both her legs together and rolled the drape and petticoat underneath over the waist. Then he held one leg in each of his hands and parted them as he put them down. Her clitoris was now clearly visible. He inserted two of his fingers to check if the vagina was dry.

Finding it was wet he climbed onto the bed and positioned his dick and legs between her legs. Slowly he lay down — his skin covering her body. The tip of X's dick touched the pubic hairs of her aunt and he felt the first grand feeling of nearing accomplishment.

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He guided his erect penis into the vagina of his aunt. As soon as the head found the entrance he withdrew his hand to support his top body and thrust hard his penis into his aunt's vagina. With a few deep, hard thrusts the penis head was hitting the entrance to her womb. He clenched her thighs and drew them up over his waist to penetrate more, as he pumped harder on his aunt's hips.

His face grimaced in the pleasurable pain. He suddenly withdrew and turned her on her right, lifting the wrap and petticoat to reveal her buttocks. Lying on his right he rolled his left palm on her left butt-cheek while gently, yet firmly, kneading her right breast by extending his right arm below her armpit.

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After caressing her butt he slowly lifted the lump of flesh, which hung over her crack obstructing his view to her anal pore. He extended his left hand's middle finger towards to two muscles that comprised the opening to his aunt's anus. Slowly applying pressure he pried open and soon half his finger was engulfed in his aunt's wet folds of flesh. He wriggled the finger, as the pressure was immense but pleasurable. His dick was now hard and throbbing in expectation of invading the depths of his aunt's rectum.

He pushed her off to withdraw his hands from under her and turned her on her chest so that her butt lay bare to him. Grabbing her butt cheeks he again pried open the crack with his thumbs to have a better look at the anal hole. He pushed her legs wide apart Deep penetration stories positioned his body between them with his cock lying over her anus. He lowered himself on her.

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It was hard to get into her opening but his dick was now hard as a doorknob and coupled with his thumbs prying the rectum muscles open, the head of his dick soon entered her folds. It was a tremendous feeling of pain due to the pressure of the surrounding muscles and pleasure of the sexual activity. He pushed harder and harder inside her butt and soon the linings of her anus were lubricated. With a last hard plunge his dick entered his aunt's rectum completely and his hands let go in exhaustion.

He raised his shoulders on his arms after a moment of breath and then pushed his Deep penetration stories, pressurizing his dick which was already as inside as it could be in his aunt's ass hole. He began pumping in frenzy and the more he humped the tighter the anal walls clenched upon his dick. After sometime he was sweating profusely as he pounded into the now relaxed rectum of his aunt. As he felt the first throb of ejaculation run through his dick he withdrew his dick and clenched its head to stop the ejaculation.

After regaining composure he turned her on her back again and parted her legs preparing to penetrate her vagina again. This time he wanted to ejaculate into her womb. Positioning his dick into her vagina he didn't have to push hard for the second time as the vaginal walls were already slick and welcoming his lubricated penis into its folds. With one hard push his penis fully penetrated her and the second beastly push hit the opening to her womb. He clenched her breasts under his palms as he almost crushed them while he let his body lie on her — feeling his skin all over her. He rocked with her body and shut his eyes in a tight grimace as the first shoots of his semen streaked through his dick and splashed into his aunt's vagina smearing the opening to her womb with a thick paste of his cum.

He held on inside her for a whole minute as he came in deep spurts and thrusts into her vaginal cove. He stayed lying over her, spent and with his gradually limp dick inside his aunt's vagina. After sometime he withdrew the slick penis from her body and proceeded to cover her up. As he was about to close the hooks of her blouse he reached down for one last time to kiss and suckle on the nipples of both her breasts. He slowly buttoned them up and slung the end of her drape over her shoulder to leave her lying on her right, as she was when she fell into drugged sleep.

Then he picked up his cloths and proceeded to Deep penetration stories shower for a wash. He was ready in ten minutes and he came back to sit on the guest room sofa, picked up a magazine and waited for his aunt to wake up.

Deep penetration stories

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