Desi crossdressing stories

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Post a Comment. Khushboo was driving back home after an relaxing session at Dr. Mehta's clinic. He had helped her a lot. With each session they had she had started to feel better. As her nightmares had started to disappear.

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She was becoming free from tension and worry. Even her anxiety had reduced a lot. It had been the strangest dream she had which had lead to her complete devastation. It had been 12 sessions ago which meant it had already been 3 weeks when she had woken up in a state of complete panic. She had started screaming in the middle of the night as she saw a man lying beside her.

She felt terror pass her mind as she realized that she was a woman. She should not be a woman, she was a man. She remembered being Sameer her whole life. Waking up in a female body had shocked her to a core.

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Whole night she spent time just thinking about how she got here. She checked herself in the mirror. There was nothing masculine about her. She had been utterly and completely feminized. She just had to know how. Desi crossdressing stories avoided talking to Vikrant until the day he convinced her to go to hospital and find out her problem. He let her take gender tests to convince herself. It was clear from the that she had a woman's anatomy. Vikrant kept telling her that she worked as a secretary at his friends law firm for three years and even called him up as proof. Yet she kept remembering her life as Sameer who worked in a small restaurant and at night in a bar.

Yet people there did not remember any person named Sameer who had worked with them. Finally she allowed Vikrant to take her to a shrink for consultation. Mehta was one of the finest psychiatrist in town. She spent a few hours with him that day. The doctor listened to her entire story of her life as a man. She told him how he was a man. He worked in day and drank at night. He had the perfect life. Until one day he was kidnapped and send to Thailand. There he thinks they performed the sex change operation and tried to condition himself to behave and think himself as a woman.

He was forced to forget his prior life and mentally give in to become Khushboo. At the end of the session he told her that he would need to have a hypnotherapy sessions to resolve her inner conflict. At home Vikrant acted as a gentleman and shifted to the spare room until she was comfortable with him again. He even called her office and got medical leave for her.

He even called Khushboo as Sameer as calling her Khushboo only made her tense again. During the morning Desi crossdressing stories would wait for Vikrant to leave for office before waking up and doing the household activities. Her sessions with Dr. Mehta were getting more and more relaxing. Mehta just told her that due to the shock of being asked to marry her mind had created a split personality that opposed the marriage.

Thus she created a character from imagination called Sameer.

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Every day he would tell her that the entire thing was just in her head and not at all real. She would have given up but Vikrant insisted that she should continue her sessions and treatment as they relaxed her. Some nights Vikrant would take out photo Desi crossdressing stories of their time together. He would show they had been so close to each other and even told her told of stories of the time spent together and fun they had. Finally as she drove the car inside the door. She finally realized that indeed she was Khushboo.

She did not know if it was Vikrant or the doctor who had set her mind right. That day when Vikrant arrived home he found the home very clean and a nice smell of home cooked food coming from the kitchen. He had missed home cooked food for a long time as they had been ordering food from restaurants every day. The moment Vikrant realized that Khushboo was cooking the dinner. He took her into his arms and hugged her pretty hard.

He looked into her eyes and kissed her. She would feel her breasts being pressed by his body as they hugged and her heart longing for the kiss to be longer. Finally he let her go and asked if she was felling fine. She told him she was back and she now knew that it was all her imagination and she was never a man. She was a woman, actually she was his woman. She asked him to forgive her for forcing him to put up with her tantrums. He just told her to forget the episode and have dinner together.

The couple was finally together after long time. Instead of the dining table they sat on Desi crossdressing stories sofa so that they would be closer to each other. They saw a few romantic flicks on the TV while snuggling together. When the movie was over Vikrant out of habit started to go towards the spare room. But Khushboo took hold of his arm. She smiled at him, kissed him and took him to their room. The moment they went to bed they started to kiss each other. Moments later they were in bed caressing each other as Khusboo lay beside Vikrant, after spending time beneath him while they had sex.

The sex had been due from a long time as she saw how he unloaded his ecstasy after spending such a long time without it. While she lay looking into her fiance's eyes in the dim light of the night lamp. She knew in her heart that she must marry him as soon as she can before he realized how perfect he was and left her. She was a woman after all and she can not let her man get away. She had her last trip to the doctor today as she was now cured. She could live her life happily married and be the best housewife to Vikrant. This BlogThis!

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Desi crossdressing stories

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