Destiny story sucks

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Nobody said anything for a few long moments as I thought about what other story elements of Destiny 2 might be relevant to the mission we were about to run. As I thought about it, two things dawned on me. First, that anything I could tell them about Destiny would be relevant because their introduction to the story and the world was so thin. When Bungie released Beyond Lightthe latest expansion to Destiny 2, it added new content to the game while removing a whole lot of old content.

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But because of that, tons of old missions are now gone from Destiny 2—like the vanilla campaign that introduces you to the world and its characters. Central to Forsaken is Cayde-6, with whom Destiny 2 players had spent a full year interacting with and for Destiny 1 players, even more time. Just beyond that is the story of the Dreaming City, which suffers a curse that repeats time every three weeks.

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Without the old content, how are new players supposed to know any of this stuff? But Bungie is getting better and better at weaving together weird narrative thre and incentivizing digging into the lore while bringing those beats to the forefront. Slowly, Destiny has gotten deeper than just shooting a random new huge alien thing every couple of months. And that means their interest in Destiny will stay fairly shallow, reliant on its solid gameplay but with no investment in the larger world.

And that probably means that their stay in Destiny 2 will ultimately be short-lived. Why would they care about seeing the ultimate plans of Savathun or Xivu Arath, or whether Eris Morn and the Exo Stranger can resist the Darknessor what will happen when the Crow finally learns who it was that killed him before his Guardian resurrection?

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They barely know who any of these characters are. But right now, it sure seems like it sucks to be new to Destiny 2. It feels like such a waste to have so much deep, fascinating, weird storytelling in the game, and have it continue to be so difficult to reach. Otherwise, it will probably lose them. up or in now! Disclaimer: This story is auto-aggregated by a computer program and has not been created or edited by Clicknow.

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In , is it worth it to try to start Destiny's story mode?