Diaper boy regression stories

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Yeah, this is a pretty dark story. Otherwise enjoy. The sun was setting on a late Spring evening. The air was crisp and a gentle breeze had settled. The man sat in his car, gently tapping the steering wheel to a song in his head. He was calm; so calm you would never expect what he was about to do to the unsuspecting boy who was about to turn the corner of the quiet alley on his usual route home. He smiled to himself as he counted down the seconds.

Bradley Ryan Turner rounded the corner at that moment, his headphones in as usual. The man smiled, put his rubber gloves on and grabbed the chloroform and cloth. Every day he was always there. He just kept walking, his music blaring in his ears. The surprise was such that Brad could only struggle for a few moments before he inhaled deeply and everything went black as he went limp.

Diaper boy regression stories man smiled as the boy immediately fell unconscious. It was all so perfect. He effortlessly carried the boy to his car and strapped him in the back seat. No one saw, no one heard, and no one would notice Brad was missing for a few hours now. The man looked at the unconscious boy for a few moments in eager anticipation, as all of the things that were awaiting Brad were running through his head. But first, the trip home. The man drove on for a good half hour before he arrived home.

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A large two-storey house with a big green fenced in backyard, in the middle of a leafy forest. The man pulled in and got his new boy out and carried him into the house. Brad was still very much unconscious, and would remain so until morning. The man carried him upstairs and stopped at the end of the hall; the securely locked door was opened wide so he could take the boy in. At first glance, the room might seem a bit odd for a boy like Brad. It was, after all, a nursery - complete with a crib, changing table, highchair and rocking chair.

A myriad of babyish toys were strewn across the floor, the wardrobe was stocked full of clothes onesies, shortalls, sleepers, and cute baby shirtsand the shelves were stacked high with bottles, pacifiers, and of course diapers.

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The walls were painted a gentle baby blue and covered with Winnie the Pooh des, matching the curtains and the crib as well. But on a closer glance, you would notice that the furniture is much bigger than normal, and that the clothes and diapers are much more suited to someone the size of a young adult. You might also notice some of the more interesting items, like the restraints on the high chair and crib, or the thick padded mittens and pacifier gags sitting on the shelves.

The man wasted no time in setting to work on his new boy. He laid him down on the changing table and strapped him down. He stripped Brad naked, putting his clothes in a trash bag to be disposed of afterwards. He admired the naked boy for a few moments, inspecting his cock and balls, before grabbing a razor and cream and setting to work.

In no time at all, he had Brad Diaper boy regression stories completely smooth from the face down, including and especially his smooth round bubble butt and hole. He had quite the impressive package; it was a shame it was going to be useless as the man quickly fastened and locked a chastity cage around it that would keep it shrunken for good. The man had to admire how the shaving and chastity cage already transformed Brad from a young adult man into a little boy so easily. He smirked as he grabbed a diaper and baby powder - it was now time to complete the transition into a baby. They poofed out and made the most wonderfully infantile crinkly sounds whenever Brad moved.

He just about melted looking at Brad, once a proud young man and now reduced to an adorable baby boy.

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He just had to admire how the pacifier made his cheeks bulge out and made him look all pouty. He knew from the second that he laid eyes on Brad that he was just begging to be taken back to infancy, whether he knew it or not - and now it was happening, whether he liked it or not. He brought Brad over to the crib and laid him down, strapping him in and tucking him in snug.

He smiled once more at Brad gently sleeping, and stroked his hair. The baby was so peaceful; soon he was going to kick up a huge fuss, but the man was prepared for a fussy baby. Diaper boy regression stories shut off the light and pulled the curtains shut. This is kind of cool. He did it in a funny way without actually making fun of it. This desensitizing people. I hope none of my roommates open my closet and see what a big diaper boy I am! The cuteness, the comfort, the crinkle, the sense of inner peace and happiness.

The pandemic had meant, quite rightly, that important material supplies had been diverted away from the manufacture of adult baby nappies. As a result Jonathons stocks were alarmingly low but Mummy still insisted he wear one every time they went out, in particular as most public toilets were currently still closed. Rummaging around at the back of the cupboard Mummy pulled out an original Tena Maxi and decided it would be perfect for Jonathans trip into town. Once considered the Rolls Royce of nappies, Jonathan - who hated wearing nappies at the best of times - quickly longed to be in bulkier, more modern padding as his pee was already running down his leg and this was only his second wetting.

With his shorts and socks now saturated and the absorbant nappy gel clumped in all the wrong places he moaned incessantly all the way home. Mummy, fed up with his whingeing, whipped his shorts down to carry out a nappy check in the local park in full view of any passers-by. Jonathon cringed in shame only to then hear the high pitched chatter of a bunch of girls approaching. Desperately glancing back at mummy for sympathy she simply smiled and told him to put his hands on his head. Feel free to comment anything you feel needs to be added or is missing!

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Hope this helps somebody as much as it has my own Daddy! I will update this Compendium as I add more stuff and make new revisions! Fix the belt on his jeans. Adjust his diaper so that it shows just slightly above the waist and then pull his shirt down carefully over it. Give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him how wonderful he is and how adorable he looks. He might complain that someone might see it or find it. Assure him no one will ever notice. Call him later in the day and ask what time it is.

Or have him do 2 random sporadic things a day that a cub would do impulsively and reward the behavior. Time Outs are a great and reliable alternative to Spankings. Not a noticeable one anyways… accidents still happen. It also Keeps him reminded of what a little boy he is for not being able or choosing not to to keep his diaper dry or clean. Make sure his plushie is in his arms and his paci is in his mouth!

Your little boy might Smoke, Drink, Vape, or be a recreational drug user. When they do, do not scold them but tell them you are proud of them for trying to be a big boy and then change their clothes and clean them up and if possible, put them in a clean Diaper! Unless he did it on purpose! Remind him that he was a good boy for trying to hold it like a big Diaper boy regression stories. After you change him, just wipe up or dab the wet spot with a clean damp towel and turn a fan on in the room. No matter WHAT a daddy does he should never get angry at his son for a wet couch, carpet, or clothes.

YOU should have asked him if he had to pee and if so how much. You should be ready to discreetly change your little boy anywhere at any time. Or at the very least ask them where they are. Its both of your job to find out what they are and how to meet them! Most ABDL boys long for a full time, living together companion who can be there day and night to Diaper boy regression stories to their mood shifts and needs as they go in and out of phases and different emotions.

If every day was the same or predictable, that would be the same as flat-lining. Hiccups are a life; Disagreements happen, fights are a thing, and growing pains are common. Never forget that beyond all these roles are two human beings trying to grow closer. Trust in yourselves to find a balance that works for both of you! Remember not every relationship MUST be monogamous to be healthy.

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Work together to decide what is right for YOUR relationship, be flexible, never judgmental, and always love your little unconditionally. Remember wherever he might go play and no matter what he will -always- love you the most and come back to be with you! Make a schedule that works for you both. NEVER go to sleep for the night without having talked with him, and sleep with your ringers on. In pencil. Would you like this to be you? Diapered, pacified and lying in your baby bouncer when the babysitter arrived? Posts Likes Following Archive. Reblog if you also are a gay diaper boy!

Uncovered shortage The pandemic had meant, quite rightly, that important material supplies had been diverted away from the manufacture of adult baby nappies. That would teach him to moan. Some of these would turn me to goo. I want a Daddy like this. Bonjour les abdl. Anonymous asked: Mistress, my mommy wants to start punishing me for my bed wetting and day time pull up wetting.

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Can you please give us suggestions? Regretfully, A toddler anon. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked. Of course you would!

Diaper boy regression stories

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