Diaper camp story

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By lorenzopaddedMarch 26, in Completed Stories. I'd rather stay home and hang with friends". Steven complained. His mom diagreed saying "you can't be trusted staying home alone Steven". Steven and his mom arrived at the camp. His mom said. She walled him over to the building to get ed in. A nice young girl was sitting at the table smiling, welcoming them to the camp. My names Sarah I am one of the counselors here".

Steven's mom happily said "nice to meet you this is my son Steven". Sarah smiled. Steven putting on fake smile said "thanks". Steven's mom hugged Steven and said "well I have to get going, got to head back and pack for me and your father's cruise line, have fun sweety". His mom then exits. Then Sarah said "well follow me this way to your new room". Steven then followed.

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She opened the door and it was a regular small dorm room. Sarah said "well you better unpack and get some sleep, we got a big fun day tomorrow for you". Steven uninterested said "ok". He then unpacked then got into his nighttime pajamas. He then layed down and fell asleep. It was morning and then Steven slowly opened his eyes waking up. He then noticed that he wasn't in his dorm bedroom. The ceiling was a playful color. And he saw bars on his bed.

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Then he noticed he wasn't wearing normal pajamas. They were teen size kid pajamas. It was blue with clouds on it. He was so confused and scared what was going on. Then the he saw a counselor come in the room. It was Sarah. She then said "how was your nap little steve".

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Steven screamed out "what the hell is going on, why am I in kid pajamas and in a bed that looks like a crib". Sarah tapped his head saying Diaper camp story now babies don't use that kind of language if you keep it up you will get a Diaper camp story. Steven screamed. What is this place, this is no camp I ever experienced before this doesn't feel right". Sarah said "well this camp is actually for young teens like you that need to be trained to be good boys".

Steven screamed again. My mom told me nothing about this". Sarah said "she didn't want to tell you but u been a naughty boy at home not getting good grades at school and she ed for us to teach, young naughty boys like you to be good by any means necessary". Steven cried said "please let me go, I want to go home". Sarah said "it's to late now. We have u for the whole summer. Don't worry we will take good care of u and you will meet other boys your age, now let's go get u dressed for today". Steven screamed "Im not going anywhere". Steven sat down on the bed.

Oh girls we got a naughty boy". Four girls came in with a hospital stretcher. Then surrounded him and grabbed his arms and legs and lifted him up on the stretcher then strapped him down. He tried screaming but they strapped a pacifier to his mouth. Steven surprised was not ready to wear a diaper. He hasn't worn one since he was a baby. They then rolled him off to the changing room as they passed each room, he saw teen boys his age in diapers and being babied.

He didn't want to believe what was happening to him. They then came to the changing table. They untied him and they all lifted him to the table. They removed his Binkie. Then he knew it was useless to scream cause they stick it back in. Steven begged saying "please I'm to old for diapers I'm not a baby. I promise to be good". The girls giggled and laughed. One girl said "Awee look at the cute little baby begging for his teen hood back don't worry you'll like being a teen baby.

Alright girls stripe him down". The girls took his shirt off, then pants, socks, and undies. Leaving him completely exposed. Steven blushed from being naked in front of the girls. Get the powder". They then started powdering his whole body then his dick and butt. He smelled like a brand new baby. Steven disgusted. The girls gave him the rules of the place. If you don't you will wear locking plastic girl pants over it".

Final rule you will respect the counselors and not use potty language. Steven said "no way I'm not doing this". The girl then said "then you will be punished. Oh girls why don't you show him what happens when a baby doesn't obey". They then took him put him over one of the girls knee then spanked him. That hurts"!!! The girl said. Steven couldn't take it. One of Diaper camp story girls said "ok but your punishment isn't over yet, ok girls get the enema for this bad boy, this boy needs to go potty I think". Steven screamed "no please don't make me go potty in my diaper".

The girls came back with the fleet enema. They pulled down his diaper then stuck the warm enema up his butt then squeezed it. Warm water was filling up his butt. He could feel it. Then they removed it and waited. He felt the pressure of the enema. Then being unable to control it. He made a big fart then warm fresh poop filled the diaper up.

This boy made a big stinky in his diapie". Steven was embarrassed felt warm and mushy. The girls grabbed him then started bouncing him on their knees. The poop was mushy against his butt. He then let out a big fart again and pooped. He couldn't help it the enema wasn't done.

He needs a bath.

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Go take him to the bathroom". One of the girls picked him up and carried him to the bathroom. They took off his diaper then wiped his butt was baby wipes. Steven embarrassed. Diaper camp story all took a sponge then soaped up his body. They grabbed his feet and starting polishing them with the sponge then washed his butt and little pee pee. They took him out of the bathtub then dried him off. They took him back to get changed into new diaper. He's never been this humiliated before. His belly then rumbled with hungry. The girls heard. Time for lunch". They carried him to the lunch room where he saw teen boys in diapers with bibs on getting fed in high chairs.

They then put a bib on him that said stinky butt. He closed his mouth trying hard not to eat the food. One girl said "now now big boys need to eat there food". She then pinched his nose and couldn't hold it. He opened his mouth and got a spoonful of baby food. It was torture it didn't taste good. When they were done. One girl said "I think he's thirty!!

He drank it but then spit it out and didn't like it. The girls giggled and said "ok then, oh Sarah we got a baby boy over here who wants something else to drink". Sarah said "I know just the thing that will be nice and fresh". She then took her shirt off and untied her bra. He then knew what she was going to do. She then smiled while he tried to wiggle out and resist. But it was worthless he wasn't going anywhere.

She then forced it into his mouth and said "If you bite my nipple you will be sleeping in a dirty diaper for the whole night so drink up". He then did what she said. He hated the taste. He then thought now the baby formula was Diaper camp story better then this. After his drink.

Diaper camp story

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