Diaper life story

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Diaper with girlfriend life story. Thread starter mmhjy Start date Nov 6, Hey - This is kind of like a free space for me to say whatever, cause no one knows me! Here's a few notes you'll need to know before reading this, "Yeet" Is what it'll be calling my partner that's what they'll be reffered as too.

And ill be Yoot I'm currently 23 and have been a "proper" DL since 9 however known i was into diapers when i was very young Grade 3 years old. Myself and yeet have been dating for just over a year as of I guess it all started from my earliest memory when i was a super young kid around years old, i had a friend who was a Diaper life story.

One day as a joke she wanted to play some weird game where i had to put a diaper on, i had no idea how too. Her mum had to put me into one, i remeber it being a super hot day. My dad was out the front working on the house, mean while im across the road being put into a diaper. The feeling soon as i put it on i recall being comforting and nice the feeling of it and just how tight it was. I went home to go get a pop top a juice drink from my dad. He saw me in it and questioned it however he laughed and didnt really care at the time.

I went back over to my friends house, where in front of her brothers friends she Diaper life story my pants down and said "see Yoot does wear diapers! This didn't really hurt my friendship with this person and i moved on from it.

About a year later i started wetting the bed so my mum, natrually got my pull ups that i had to wear before bed. I didn't want too a first and was forced too. Secretly whenever i got forced into it i ended up loving it.

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I loved the feeling of when i wet them and waking up in them. I got past the phase fairly quickly and never had a thought about them for years. I ended up moving towns at this stage i lived in a remote town - I moved into a main city I started school at a private school ages away from where i was oringally, so i had no friends. I was only in year 4 and no one really liked me.

I tried to seam cool and over acted it, witch kind of ruined it for me. Thankfully i ended up making friends with two people from there witch are my best friends too this day. As time went by i started gettting bullied a bit, i got called names and was told i had no friends and no one liked me. This made me feel pretty shit house. I was really into computers at the time so my mum bought me one.

I got into games and made friends online witch was great. During this time, i missed the comforting feel of diapers and using them and wanted to get them back. I had bearly any money as my mum had no need to give me money i was around 12 years old.

I ended up saving for months, i remeber going down to my local Coles shop, buying a pack of Goodnight pull ups. I was so excited to go home and wear them, just the smell of taking them out of the packet made me feel amazing. This is where i started using diapers cause i loved them. I'd try hide them in the bin or even throw them over the fence.

Unfortunatly one day, my mum had cleaned my room and found them. She questioned me about it and said it wasnt right and i didnt them. I didnt tell her why i had them I was too young to even understand why i wanted them. I just knew i wanted them This is when i started coming up with a game plan to get back into diapers. From that month onwards i started forcing my self to wet the bed. I'd drink as much as i could before bed and some nights id wet the bed by myself in my Diaper life story. Sometimes i'd do it on when i was awake I oddly kind of likes it.

I'd cover the bed with my old towl in the night so i wasnt sleeping in pee. Then in the morning i'd take off the towl and mum would see. I'd act scared as if i didnt want her to know shed buy me more pull ups. She questioned it as if i was faking it cause i was.

She didnt know i was though, i said it must have been a one off accident. I keept it up for a whole week until one day when we went shopping mum got a pack of them again. Once again YAY i was so f ing excited! But thats when things changed, in the car ride home mum told me these could only be worn at night.

Not during the day, i told her of course thats what theyre for. Soon as i got home i knew something wasn't right, i went into my room with new diapers and opened up the packet, loved the smell of them. Put them into a small box under my Diaper life story. I was going to put one on right then but i decided not too cause i could tell something wasn't right.

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I went out of my room then my mum came over and checked if i was wearing it This suddnely made me realised its game on. She knew i was into them, i had to hide it from Diaper life story for now on. So for a while i had to use them at night, once they had all ran out she didnt buy me anymore. She said i didnt need them and id have to see a doctor. Scared of that threat i had to stop From this point on, i had to use my mums money to walk down when i'd walk my dog to go buy more diapers. I told mum i'd buy lolies or food, she didnt supect a thing for ages.

I started earning pocket money at this age as well i was around 14 now. So ever week id go down and buy more packets of diapers. I was loving life at this point i'd go home from school take off my clothes put on a diaper, get dressed and play games and go to sport.

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I was living well, Diaper life story felt like my mum would never find out as i hide them so well. I had cut a hole under my bed as it had a fabric matting. I thought i'd never get caught until my dog some how had got one from under the bed, i had came home and mum didnt clean it up so she could confront me about it. I didnt know how to react i got scared and just went into my room and cried. She came in and hugged me and told me it wasn't okay and demanded to tell me where the rest was.

I said that was the last one and didnt tell her where the rest were obvously. It wasnt till about a week later till she moved my bed and they fell out. She grilled me harder than ever for it about lying, and using them. From this point i stopped it a bit. I went into high school, i instantly made heaps of friends.

I was really worried id have no friends but all my friends i first met are still my brothers with me day. I didnt really have the need to wear them for a while. It wasn't until year 8, where a girl from my old town started talking to me. Long story short for this, she ended up being my first girlfriend and we dated for around 3 years in total. It was on off for a year and it was long distance. We'd see each other long weekend or holidays so it worked out okay. In year 10 we ended up breaking up, it sent me in a weird spiral. For reasons i ended up dropping out of high school, leaving my friends.

My school made me see a councler i refused to see one. They ended up calling the police to Diaper life story a welfair check on me and the house.

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They came and had a chat to me, it was very scary having two police officers asking to speak to me in my house at years old. It was okay and we talked they said i need to see a physc. I told them i would and i did. I told them all about the diapers and everything that was going on.

Diaper life story

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