Diaper nursery story

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General Rating. Download Submission. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. The Abandoned Automated Nursery Commission. Try harder to keep up. There was an edge to her voice that indicated more eagerness rather than annoyance though. The streets are rather crowded. Maw merely grinned and faced forward again, attempting to quickly lead the way before Miloti changed her mind about accompanying them.

For you see, today was going to be a very special one for Maw. She had the perfect playdate all set up for her friends in the form of a light prank. It would be one that would last an entire day for the sake of getting as much out of it as she could, of course. Rena was always the adventurous type so it was easy to get her to go along with it. She had a good reason to be because the fact of the matter was that it was true.

However, she relented anyway. Now she was giving Maw continuous glances of distrust. It was indeed a very strange looking structure. The outer walls were made of brick and there was a large glass window on the front side of the building as though it were a huge display case of some kind. Before she could even have a chance to peer inside, Maw grabbed her by the hair and practically yanked her towards the entrance. I guess I Diaper nursery story a bit too excited. Either way, stop worrying about the details.

This place is cool. Trust me. Already with the tall orders.

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We should indulge her. Miloti raised a brow at Maw before facing away and doing the same, albeit, with just her eyes rather than an overly animated and excited shifting of the neck from side to side like Rena was doing. Did Maw tidy up a bit here? Or maybe somepony was actually taking care of it behind the scenes and they had just invaded a private location.

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As Miloti contemplated all this, she unfortunately was drowning in the trap that Maw had laid out for her. As smart and as skeptical as she was, she was no match for the unpredictable, devious nature of a seasoned prankster. Maw was facing the wall, typing something into a panel that was sticking out of it. She had discovered this all by happenstance one day. A little exploration into the seemingly abandoned building revealed something astonishing to her about this nursery. Oh well. Now it was under her mercy and the prankster had free reign to humiliate her pals with it! From behind Rena and Miloti, came mechanical arms from compartments in the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Her body was being held up by four of them, each grasping one appendage in a bid to properly restrain her! She was immediately uncomfortable with having her body splayed out like this. Before she could do anything about it, both Rena and her were thrust to the floor and made to watch in shock and awe as the nursery they were in came alive, producing baby paraphilia all around them! Diapers, baby dresses, baby booties, bonnets, and pacifiers all sprung from the floor and walls, each brandishing their own color and obviously sized appropriately Diaper nursery story the two of them.

Rena gasped when he lower region was lifted up and the diaper was unfolded in front of her. A plume of baby powder from the arm on the side made her cough a bit. She turned to Miloti to inquire as to what could be happening but Miloti was too busy facing the same predicament.

The red dress that hovered over her was then flung over her head and made to fluff around her body. Rena gasped and whined as this happened to her next, though her dress was purple. As the two were then being dressed with matching bonnets and baby booties, Miloti shifted her gaze over to Maw, who was practically rolling on the floor with intense laughter! Come on now. Of course it was a prank. How do you feel? Miloti, on the other hand, was Diaper nursery story and jittering about as best she could to get away. She seemed quite excited about this. That made the crash down from the high she was on all the more horrific.

One more left.

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She knew she had put in TWO babies, not three! She blushes as she gets a clear view of the ponies all walking along outside. This was too up close and personal for her liking. Rena was unceremoniously, jammed into a baby bouncer that was by the display window.

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A light was even turned on to illuminate Diaper nursery story area better! This action caught the attention of a passerby. When they turned to look, they gasped and peered into the window with extreme interest as the mechanical hands continued to do their thing. As was the case with mob mentality, when one person stopped to admire a thing, so did another.

Then another. And another. Eventually, a crowd was forming and gazing at the very strange display of humiliation being showcased by the once thought, abandoned automated nursery. Maw was teary eyed and blushing already. She pawed her way to the panel and tried to reach for it again. She looked over what the panel said. She had to stop this! Maw had the stupidest, wide-eyed, shocked face she probably had ever had in her life.

Two arms came down with jars of baby food, a large bowl, and a wooden spoon. Miloti gazed at them with her blushy, embarrassed face, as the arms dumped jar after jar of baby mush into the bowl and scooped it up into a spoon. Miloti clamped her lips shut and tried to scoot her head back. The jabbing of the spoon at her face left splotches of baby food around her mouth, which only highlighted how much of an infant she looked and felt like. She winced with disgust but had no choice but to swallow it. Rena was busy staring at the laughing ponies and fouls, delighting in her humiliating baby bouncing.

She raised her hoofs to her face in a pointless and desperate attempt to hide her face, despite several pictures having been taken already.

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Maw saw more mechanical hands coming her way and stumbled along the floor to reach for the panel one last time. Hurry and stop that device! I know for a fact that I pressed stop! Now the procedure was set to take care of three babies… for an entire YEAR. Maw struggled and whined as she was held up, front and center, before the large crowd of people with her diaper still unstrapped. The numerous hands all got to work though. The dress was put on first.

Diaper nursery story

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Diaper story