Diaper rape story

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I thought nothing of it at first. As I kept walking down the sidewalk, I saw the same van again. The van turned at the end of the block again, this time it turned right instead of left. Then as I neared the end of the block, I saw the van again. It turned right in front of me then stopped. The sliding door opened and someone dressed in black with a ski mask on pulled me inside.

The door shut and locked as I tried to get up. My attempt was stopped as another person wearing a ski mask helped the other person hold me down.

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The Diaper rape story sped down the streets for a little while, turning then driving real fast, then turning again. Before long, the van stopped at a warehouse and drove inside. The sliding door opened and I was dragged out easily and carried into a part of the warehouse that had offices in them once, but now were just empty rooms except for the crib, the changing table and a stack of boxes in one of the corners opposite the crib and changing table.

I was carried into the room and laid onto the changing table. I was then tied down to it as one of the people that carried me, began to pull my pants off, exposing my diapered bottom. Just then, some one else came into the room pushing a tall diaper pail full of old wet baby diapers. They pushed it over near the crib then left the room. The next thing I know, my shirt had been removed and tossed into a trashcan next to the changing table. Diaper rape story one of my captures unfastened my diaper and tossed it into the pail next to the crib.

They went over to the stack of boxes in the corner of the room and got one of the boxes down, then opened it. The person took out a clear bag of adult diapers and opened it. They took one out and carried it over to me then opened it up. They then slid the diaper under my bottom, added some powder, then pulled the diaper up between my legs, then fastened the tapes. Then one of the other capturers, brought over a clean white t-shirt and began to put it on me.

Then I was forced to get down from the changing table and walk over to the crib. The crib was opened up, then I was lifted up by both of the capturers and laid down inside on top of the crib mattress. Then the side was slide up and the top was closed and locked. The two people then walked out of the room and closed the door, and turned out the light. The room had no windows in it and was very dark.

It was also sound proof.

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About a half an hour later, an older soft-spoken man in his late fifties or early sixties came into the room with a woman and a young man. They all came over to the crib then peered in at me. We know that you wear diapers during the day and at night, and we know that your family has lots of money. We thought that if we kidnapped you, they might want to pay us to get you back. The t-shirt is to keep you from getting a cold.

Now if you misbehave during your little stay with us, the young lady will change you into one of these nice wet baby diapers that we brought in here then put you into the trash cart in the other room, before locking the door. You will stay in there, in the cart until some one decides to come get you out of the cart and Diaper rape story into a clean diaper.

We will be on the go a lot and the young lady here will be the one responsible for keeping you in dry, clean diapers. You will not be allowed to talk to any of us, even to tell the young lady here if you are wet or not. She will just have to keep checking your diaper for s of wetness.

You will be treated like a baby, fed like a baby, and dressed like a baby the whole time you are with us. Each offense will add fifteen minutes to your time spent in the cart. Now you can spend your time here in your crib.

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The young lady here will be in here with you to keep you fed and dry while I try these s. The older man in the business suit and the younger man in jeans and a t-shirt left the room and closed the door.

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The room was painted white with sound tiles in the plenum. Some time later, a tall man came into the room pushing another pail full of wet disposable diapers and another pail full of cloth diapers. The pail had the name of a diaper service on it and the diapers inside looked as if they were on their way to a customer when the truck was stolen.

The man left again for a second and came back in pushing another pail of cloth diapers into the room. By the smell coming from the pail, the diapers were wet. The pails were pushed over next to the crib I was locked into and left there. I laid down on the mattress and began to take a nap.

The next thing I knew, I found myself on the changing table, Diaper rape story my diaper changed. Then I was taken back over to the crib and put into it, before the top was locked again. A bottle of cold milk Diaper rape story handed through the bars in the crib. The man in the Business suit and the younger man came back into the room. The lights were turned on as the woman who was taking care of me stood up and faced the man in the business suit. Then I want you to fill this duffle bag with some wet cloth diapers from one of those pails over there. Then I need you to take the diaper bag and the duffle bag to the van and load them inside.

Then I want you to get some bottles ready for at least a two-day trip. Then when you are finished doing that, Get into the van and wait for us. Then the man in the suit told the man standing next to him to get me out of the crib, take me over to the room next door and put him into one of the carts full of wet diapers then put a lid on the cart then lock it.

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Said the man in the suit. Get inside and wait for the driver". The man went into action the minute the man in the suit was done giving him instructions. The driver came over to the van a few minutes later and got in. He shut the door, started the van, and then pulled around to pull out of the warehouse. He drove out Diaper rape story the crowed streets and into traffic.

It was lunch hour and there was a lot of traffic out on the streets. The driver headed towards the freeway then turned to get onto the freeway. The driver merged into traffic on the freeway with ease. The driver was dressed in a gray uniform with a picture of a baby in a diaper embroidered on a patch on the right breast and his name on the left.

The driver drove for a long time then exited the freeway. He then drove for a little while longer, going towards the downtown area. He then drove into down town and went down an alley where he turned and stopped in front of a steel sliding door. He honked twice, the steel door then began to rise open. As soon as the door was open wide enough, he drove into the opening then parked the van. He then turned the engine off, and got out, shutting the door behind him. Every one got out of the van leaving the rear doors open.

Four other men then came over to the van and began to unload the cart and anything else from the back of the van. The cart was taken through a door that went into a hallway, then it was pushed Diaper rape story the hall to the end before turning and going into a large room.

The woman, who was supposed to take care of me, came into the room and unlocked the lid on the cart. She then reached into the cart and pulled me out.

Diaper rape story

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