Diaper slave stories

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Gromet's Plaza Bound Stories. Did I really do this to myself? Is Madam L. And I knew that the answer to both of those questions was a resounding "Yes". I had no idea what time it was for there were no clocks in the dungeon. There were also no windows so I would not even be able to tell when dawn arrived.

Time passed very slowly. I had dreamed of being confined in a cage for years, but not like this. I was now very, very sore and worst of all I had no desire to continue with this fantasy. When Madam L. I was now forced to live out a Diaper slave stories I did not want.

After what seemed like days I heard the door to the dungeon open. Madam walked in looking refreshed after her nap. I watched her as she sauntered over to my cage. When she reached the cage she snapped her finger once. I looked at her quizzically. From now on whenever I snap my fingers once I want you to get down on your knees and bow before your Madam L.

If I snap my fingers a second time I expect you to give my ass a long and loving kiss. Is that understood?

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And as before, she backed her ass near to my cage and gently slid her leather panties to the side revealing her ass hole. This completed, she snapped her fingers again. I pushed my face as far through the bars as I could and gave her ass hole a long and tender kiss.

When she was satisfied she pulled away and adjusted her panties. Will you pleeease drain my dick and make me tell you right before I come so that I won't experience any pleasure. When finished she put the top on the bottle and snapped her fingers. I assumed the position and waited for the second snap.

I could not believe that I was bowing before my once timid wife waiting to hear her merely snap her fingers in command. When Diaper slave stories heard that second snap I kissed her as I did before. I will be back in 4 hours. I was dreading the inevitable "milking", but I needed her help to go to the bathroom. It had now been over 10 hours since I last went. The door finally opened - "Snap". I assumed my position. I kissed her ass. I again begged her to milk me and deny me any pleasure in the process.

May I pleeease go to the bathroom? You can't leave your cage for at least another 16 hours and you can't even touch him with your hands behind your back. But don't worry, I told you I would make your decisions for you. And not only was it a diaper, but it was hot pink with little yellow stars. I want you to be still as I put it one you. Lay on your back. She then reached through the bars and once again attached the dreaded nipple clamps. This time there was a string connected to each. She pulled each string to the bars at the top of the cage and tied them off.

I could not move without inflicting much pain. And they will assure you will cooperate, for they won't come off until I have your diaper on. When she was finished she removed the clamps and stepped back to admire her handiwork. I hope you noticed the little yellow stars.

These will stay bright yellow if you stay dry. If you wet in your diaper the little stars will fade away and tweaky will be sad. So try to be a 'big boy' for mama and keep your little diaper dry. After Madam L left I looked into the mirror and could not believe the image I was seeing. Here I was, a grown man, and owner Diaper slave stories a very successful business, sitting in a cage wearing a pink diaper trying not to lose my little yellow stars. I felt the urge to come for as long as I could, but eventually I had to pee.

It is such a strange feeling to pee in your pants. After I relieved myself I looked down and saw that all my little yellow stars were gone. I knew Madam L. And I also knew that I would have to sit in a wet diaper until she returned. The door finally opened again.

Did baby have a little accident? Were you a bad little boy? And talk like a baby to answer me? Tweaky went wee wee.

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She removed my diaper, powdered my ass, applied lotion and put on a new diaper. All done.

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Does that feel better? I could not believe that I was literally happy to be in a dry diaper - the wet one was driving me crazy. Madam wants to see those pretty little yellow stars when she returns. If you can't show me how big you can be you'll never get your 'big girl' panties. And you do want those, don't you. I hope to one day wear my 'big girl' panties. After she left I once again saw myself in the mirror. I cried once again when I realized that the brightest hope of my future was to one day wear "big girl" panties. You are such a 'big girl'. I Diaper slave stories see all your pretty yellow stars.

Madam is so proud of you. I have a special surprise for you being so big today. As I did so Madam L. I have some ribbons and bows for your hair and a pair of earrings. Lay on your back so I can put your nipple clamps on. I promise not to move. Did I give you permission to talk? I am sorry. Don't you remember that I am the one in complete control? That is what you have been begging me to do for months and I intend to do it. I couldn't care less what you want. Of course you wouldn't move if I didn't put those clamps on, but I want them on anyway.

Do you have a problem giving me what I want? You are sucking on a piece of soap because I told you to.

Diaper slave stories

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