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By SarisHappy, February 25, in Stories. The muscled brute seriously couldn't understand what was going on. He wasn't the bookish type, but he was pragmatic. He was awed as the morning light shining in through the window made his fully lubricated penis glow. I mean, If you can still call it a penis. His mind fought to comprehend that he had the biggest penis that has ever been attached to a human being.

It throbbed with such power, such thickness, that he could feel it in his legs and abs and ass. His large, powerful muscles, tempered for over a decade, all devoting some effort to keep the member aloft and erect. His body was in a state of a runners high, without any strenuous effort. It was like he was having a soft, perpetual orgasm. Dick expansion stories had favored him up until this point, though. Taller than a majority of his peers, his muscles appeared in definition well before puberty, and have been growing since.

At a slower pace at some points, at amazing speeds at others. Well before this event, he was already big. And proportionately, his dick always looked monstrous on him.

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He remembered in his college years, he was growing so fast, and getting so much sex, his partners would comment on it's larger size as he grew over WEEKS. And he loved every bit of it. He worked out for even more size. He loved the looks people give him. He loved being the strongest, biggest, sexiest person around. And he always wanted more.

So doing his research, he investigated penis enlargement techniques. He saw the mixed reviews, and almost abandoned the idea, until he discover penis pumps. The idea of enlarging one's size, even temporarily, was appealing to him. And it took to him. Man, did it take. He watched in amazement as his penis swelled inch after inch inside the tube.

He worked well past the advised limit, pumping for hours and hours.

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His monstrous penis filled each tube, larger than the last, with very little amounts of pressure. Then, he had a busy week. He had concluded that he'd have to put pumping on hold, since working out was a more valuable way to spend his free time.

Then, last night, he had a date with someone amazing, even by his standards. I mean, have you seen me? I'm easily in the top 10 hottest people to ever exist. So, he decided to get a little drunk. In his stupor, he pulled that pump out, his massive hands grabbing the biggest tube, and began pumping. He woke up as the sun rose. He felt an incredibly throbbing from his groin. A feeling that was equal to amazing stimulation, the pumped feeling after a great workout, and an amplified heartbeat, all condensed into his penis.

It had a Dick expansion stories stronger than his own heart beat, and it pulsed through his very core.

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He yelled obscenities that began as fearful, switched to happy, then transformed to awe. In his drunk haze the night before, he poured lube all over his Dick expansion stories, and this was a newly invented lube that didn't dry out or something I don't know. He released the pump, but still had to tug the tube away. His monstrous hands grabbed the tube, the slabs of muscle flexed as he pulled the tube upward. As the tube slid upwards, his newly exposed penis was exploding outward, free to expand to it's new limits.

His heart began to race as he saw that, even as he pulled the tube upward, his penis head still pressed against the top end of the tube. He wondered how much meat could be packed in there, and almost as if it were answering his thoughts, his cock began to force it's own way out of the tube, pushing it upward on without the use of his arms.

A moment later, the tube popped off his cock away from him. And so he looked. Frozen, his eyes locked on a magnificent sight never before seen on this planet. All he could focus on was not only a constant pleasure, but pleasure amplified and multiplied across a much MUCH larger area. He grabbed it, and that alone brought another wave of pleasure across his whole body, emanating from his cock, causing it to, somehow, swell slightly larger and harder.

And that's when I walked in. Oh yeah! Have a little stud worship every single muscle of this monstrous behemoth! Awesome, cannot wait for more!

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Hey, edited it a bit. Tried to keep the narrator gender neutral. I'm also not a fan of, or motivated enough, to write longer stories. Sorry guys, you'll have to just enjoy this and my other short stories. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your Dick expansion stories.

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Dick expansion stories

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