Dog collar tf story

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General Rating. Download Submission. Like AliceOfMalice's stuff? Support them Dog collar tf story sending some Shinies their way! File type : Text File. She took a breath of relaxation after a busy day leaving her with very little energy to do much but take her coat off and relax on the chair. She sat there thinking about how she could live a simple life but being in such an important business every day was hectic in the office that she started to feel jealous for the office pet dog they had to keep employee morale up.

Sighing she tried to think of what to get him and began to glance around the room for inspiration. Looking she noticed something strange on the table by the Christmas tree and she looked to see what it was. Glancing at it she saw that it was a dog collar and got up to go inspect it.

Picking it up she saw something even stranger, on the collar was the name Mary inscribed into it. Was it supposed to be a hint from Joshua, a threat, an insult? Another strange thing about the collar was it looked like a perfect fit for Mary herself. For some reason holding the collar, Mary had a swelling urge to put on and try out the collar and so she began to place it around her neck.

With it on Mary thought it did look nice even though she imagined how ridiculous she must be looking right now wearing a dog collar. That's when she got the idea that she would get Joshua a pet dog for Christmas. Many times he had told her stories about a golden retriever he had as a kid and would love to get a new one.

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Satisfied she was going to take off the collar and put it back on the table and begin to find where she would get a golden retriever however she was having a hard time getting it off. It was starting to make her worried that Joshua would come back to see Mary struggling to take off a dog collar and she didn't want to cut it off and ruin it. Unknown to Mary strange things were happening to her body as her feet began to change. Gold fur started to grow on them covering them with it, her pinky toe began to merge with the one closest to it and instead of nails claws emerged from them.

Struggling Mary accidentally fell to the soft carpet floor when she gasped at what she was seeing. Gazing at her pawed feet Mary was in disbelief wiggling them. She watched in awe as her legs began to thin as the fur-covered it as well and watched the golden fur take it all over.

At her waist, Mary began to change posture as her bone structure changed. Her waist had shrunk down Dog collar tf story in fur but Mary felt her rear stretch a little as a tail emerged wagging.

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How was she going to tell everyone and how could she live her life when she had been a human for the past 25 years of her life now she was going to be confined to live as a dog. Now her spine began to change forcing her onto all fours. Her torso and stomach continued to change however she began to feel strange like there was something inside of her and a lot of something at that. Doing her best to look while her the fur grew she came to guess that she was carrying a litter of puppies so not only was she becoming a dog but a pregnant one at that.

Nearly fainting from that revelation she hardly noticed when her arms also began to turn into the fronts legs of a dog. She watched as her hands turned to paws and now she could barely grasp anything unless she held it in her mouth like an actual dog. Mary began to cry lying on the floor not knowing how she was going to live her life as a dog when she heard the sound of the front door opening behind her.

Mary froze as Joshua Dog collar tf story down at her in the process of becoming a dog before speaking. Was this all Dog collar tf story up by him? Joshua laughed a little before speaking. Live your life of relaxation as a dog. The only side effect is that it makes you pregnant.

In fact, after I finished some things up I had a collar of my own I was going to put in on and be with you. Now her head was changing as her nose and mouth grew out into a muzzle. Her teeth changed into fangs perfect for eating meat and hunting. Her eyes changed in shape and look as well and she soon realized her new nose increased her sense of smell. Begin to lick his face as a display of affection, she had forgotten all the worries of her new body. A few weeks had passed and Mary had quickly enjoyed her life as a dog she finally got the rest she had dreamed of.

Every day she grew more and more excited for two things, the first was the day when Joshua would wear his collar and the second was the day when she was going to give birth to a litter of puppies. She looked at the calendar and noticed that today was Christmas. Joshua came from downstairs to meet the eager Mary who dashed over to him. He asked Mary who nodded her furry head.

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With it in his hands, Mary could barely contain her excitement as he put it on and tightened it. The next 10 minutes were a blur for Mary who watched Joshua fall to his fours, the emergence of his wagging tail, and his cute muzzle. When it was done Mary and Joshua began Dog collar tf story play with each other for the next hour.

However, their playtime was interrupted when someone stepped inside and saw the two golden retrievers. Mary was concerned but Joshua went up and greeted the man who affectionately petted him. Mary was ecstatic at the idea of being in the care of a nice loving family and so she happily obliged with the man.

After a 10 minute drive, they found themselves at a nice large house that when the man let them inside they dashed all around the house. They both continued to explore their new homes together for the day and met the wife and daughter of the man that were both he over heels at the two dogs. Happy with each other for the day they both rested side by side excited and ready for the future to come. One month after the arrival of their new homes the day Mary had waited for finally came. Mary had given birth to five puppies, 3 boys and 2 girls and she was instantly attracted to them all.

The two dogs would watch as their pups grew older and older telling them stories about the time they were human.

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And after one year Mary had become a golden retriever she thought back at how she had panicked of dealing with the idea of becoming a dog. But after some help from her boyfriend now mate she was happy to be a dog even if she had to get used to the idea of being forced to pee outside. One thing for sure was that she was glad to have Joshua and she was glad to be a dog for a Christmas present.

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Dog collar tf story

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