Double vaginal stories

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I've never really seen myself as a threesome person honestly until recently. So it was Double vaginal stories of weird the first time it happened with me. I apologize for the length, this is two separate stories so that's why it's long! The second part of it is my double penetration experience, the first one is just use having our first encounter.

I didn't realize how long it was until I submitted it, sorry! I was sitting with my boyfriend Kyle and his friend Rob, we were at my apartment drinking and having fun when the conversation turned a tad bit sexual. We started getting into me and Kyle's sex life and what we liked doing. Kyle is bi so we talked a bit about that as well and Rob seemed curious. We talked about threesomes and Kyle mentioned he liked the idea and I shrugged, sure why not.

We kept drinking and finally we started joking around, Double vaginal stories each other to do things. Finally Kyle dared Rob to kiss me, I giggled and Rob came over and put his arms around me and gave me a big peck. But he never really broke the kiss, it was starting to get a bit awkward, either you stop kissing at that point or you go further with the kiss.

So I pulled him in and kissed him back. Kyle watched us and Rob kissed me for longer and longer. Finally Kyle came over and laughed saying "well I want some too! Kyle moved in, took Rob's place, and started undressing me. Peeling off my pants and shirt he kissed me. He took a second to take off my shirt and bra and finally my panties. I stood naked before Rob and Kyle. I turned my attention to Rob, unsure where to go.

I felt like I didn't want to leave him alone for too long. I pulled him close and took off his pants, his cock flopping out hard. I began to kiss him as my hand went to it, gripping it tightly. I saw Kyle in the background stripping. My mouth went down to Robs cock, I teased him a little, licking the tip before letting it slide into my mouth just a tad bit. Looking up at Rob I could see him staring at me. I let him into my mouth just a tad more. He shuddered and I smiled. His hard cock twinged a little in my mouth. Once inside I laid down on the bed and watched as Kyle pushed Rob down next to me, continuing my job for me.

That cock slipped in and out of Kyle's Double vaginal stories, again Rob shuddered. I could see it poke against Kyle's cheek, I rubbed myself, feeling myself getting wet. Kyle sat up and smiled at me, he leaned over and kissed me, pulling me close to him.

He sat me up and then had me sit on my hands and knees facing him. Now it was his turn. I let my tongue play over his penis, feeling every bit of his cock. He was so hard, staring at me and Rob. I could feel his cock throb. I felt so wet, so wet. I could feel myself dripping when Rob came up behind me and put his fingers on my pussy.

I spread my legs slightly, keeping Kyle in my mouth. Rob pulled himself to me and slowly sunk himself into me. I let out what I could of a moan as he grabbed my hips, pushing all the way in. I could feel Kyle slowly starting to push himself in and out of my mouth as well. One of his hands on my head, the other on my shoulder. I could feel both cocks in me. I had two men to pleasure, I could simply stop and not one but two men would be powerless to do anything.

All it would take would be a quick pull away from both of them. But instead I raised my hips as Rob pulled them up. Oh god I could feel Rob fill up my pussy as Kyle picked up speed. I sucked hard on Kyle as I squeezed against Rob. I could feel Rob push deep into me as Kyle throbbed inside my mouth.

I sucked as hard as I could on Kyle, tasting a little bit of precum on my tongue. Rob thrust. I could feel the veins on Kyle's dick with my mouth as I sucked. Rob pulled out. I felt Kyle grip my hair a little more, the rest of my hair was crazy, all over. I could feel Kyle clench as he slide his cock back into my mouth I could feel him start to quiver. Suddenly Rob thrust hard and fast, he grabbed at me, pulled me up and drove himself in.

He plunged himself inside me so deep and rapidly. I could hear Kyle moan a little. Rob pushed in again and again, my entire body rocking back and forth.

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Kyle dick convulsed and he moaned, shooting himself into my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could. Rob pushed in and out, my tits hung down banging around, my hair was a mess. I could feel the moisture from my pussy dripping down and heard the slapping of Robs thighs hitting my hips. I let Kyle slide out of me, semen dripping off him, off of my mouth.

Rob thrust again and again. Suddenly he pulled out and I could feel him spray himself on top of me. I don't know how to really transition at this point but that was my first experience and I loved it, but there was something I really wanted to try after that, double vaginal penetration. I told Kyle and he loved the idea so we looked up some stuff on it and found out to make sure it doesn't kill you with pain I had to practice pretty much. So that's what I did, trying to make sure it wouldn't hurt. So finally there was a day we invited Rob over again with just us. We hadn't told him exactly what we were up to but before long after a couple drinks I simply leaned over and grabbed Rob's cock, massaging it.

He seemed taken aback at first but then leaned in for a kiss. I kissed him back, letting him feel me up and down. He unhooked my bra and grabbed my tits. I unbuttoned his pants once again feeling that amazing, huge cock. Kyle had us move to the bedroom. I allowed him to undress me and then watched as his head went down onto my pussy. I could feel his tongue licking all around my clit, pushing it's way into my pussy a little then coming back out. Rob nibbled on my tits. I spread my legs, allowing Kyle to get his tongue on everything. I flittered around my clit then dove other places, then back again.

I could feel myself getting drenched. Then we told Rob our plan. He seem surprised but we told him what exactly we had laid out and with a little begging on our part he finally Double vaginal stories "first I need one more drink then sure". I lubed up and I Double vaginal stories up good! I had squirted a large amount of the tube on and in my pussy. The two men were dripping with lube as well.

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Rob laid down, his cock stood hard and so thick. I sat down on him, letting his cock slide inside me. Oh god I thought. He's so huge how will this work? He felt so good by himself too, maybe i can just fuck him again. But then I leaned back, Rob helped brace me, and Kyle stood over me. He pushed himself in, pushing Rob out. So we had to try again, and again, until finally with Kyle holding Rob in place he slipped himself in as well. It hurt, not as much as I thought though and oh god did it feel good already.

I leaned back on my hands. My whole being was filled. All of me was full, all of me. They pushed against my vaginal walls to the point were I could feel every detail of their cocks. I could feel Kyle's cock rub against Robs, they were both so hard. I could feel as Rob then pushed out then back in, sliding along Kyle's shaft. I could feel Double vaginal stories head do Rob's penis slide across Kyle's head. My legs were as open as they could possibly be as my pussy stretched. I could feel two powerful cocks push against me from inside me.

Every ridge and inch of my pussy was being pressed on. Robs massive penis pressed down on me while Kyle's hard cock was forced against my upper walls, rubbing every inch whenever he moved. I could feel their shafts widening my pussy. Lube and juices flowed out of me. I was leaned back, supporting myself with my hands. I felt my tits wobbled just a bit on my chest. I closed my eyes and began to breath heavy just a bit. Every goddamn inch of me shook as I felt their cocks alternatively slide in and out.

Sometimes they would both stop when they were fully inside me for a second then continue. Their two cocks sliding against each other, I could feel both of them pulsating against each other. Two powerful cocks deep in me, grinding on each other and I Double vaginal stories feel every minute detail. Kyle pulled out then in, forcing Rob back down deep. Rob pulled out then in again, forcing Kyle to smash up against my upper wall. I squeezed down on them and gripped them tight. Rob's thick cock pushed deep and I could feel it stretching me. He was so thick and he slipped in and out slowly, making sure not to slide all the way out.

Every time he we back in I could feel his hard cock slide against Kyle's. Every time I saw Kyle clench his face, Rob forcing him to press against the inside of me even more.

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Every time Rob slide back in I hear him sigh and moan, feeling his cock rub against Kyle's and slip into me, my pussy gripping him. I could feel their cocks throb, they both softly grunted.

Double vaginal stories

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