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Author's Note: This fiction was written via RolePlay two or more people writing back and forth to create a story. In this case, it was written by myself and my rp partner Kira. It has not been proofread, and is being posted exactly as played. Ratings have been listed according to events that have taken place as far as we've already played out 3 chapters thus far but are subject to change with later chapters.

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Background Information: Story takes place in a "Eigth Year" or repeated 7th year situation. All information leading to this roleplay remains cannon to the books. He'd teach her a lesson. Draco wanted to know who it was, the guy who was lucky enough to get an all access pass between Hermione Granger's legs. And on top of that, he wanted to embarrass her, to let her know she was caught, that the gig was up! Draco could hear her from the other side of the door, moaning, gasping, even though the sound of running water. He went for the door, finding it locked.

A simple charm did the trick, and the lock clicked out of the way. Draco entered quietly, not wanting her to know he'd entered until he could get a look at the lucky bastard who was making her make those sounds. But as Draco came around to the shower, he was shocked by what he found, or rather, what he didn't find.

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Hermione was alone! There was no on in the shower pleasuring her. Well at least, no one but herself. Confusion set in, but soon it was followed by realization. Hermione Granger wasn't a whore at Draco malfoy sex stories. She was just horny. Hermione felt herself close, so close, two fingers working ceaselessly inside of her as she leaned against the cold tile wall. Her thumb ground into her clit nearly violently, body shuddering. Then, she heard his voice, like ice injected straight into her spine just as she toppled over the edge.

Her legs quaked, even as she went rigid, fear gripping her. She prayed she'd imagined it, for some completely mad reason. But, when she turned her head, she could make him out beyond the foggy glass. Draco had to admit, finding Hermione canoodling herself was even more amusing than the idea that she was having secret sex. When she hid herself and ordered him to leave he just laughed.

You think I'm going to watch you cream all over yourself and then just walk away? Hell no. Not now that I know your big secret. He'd never let her live it down. Even under the heat of the water stream, Hermione could feel her face burning. Like, really burning. She'd never been so mortified, so embarrassed, in her entire life.

He'd literally just walked in on her mid-orgasm, alone, after all. Draco couldn't help but laugh. Put a towel on, I think Draco malfoy sex stories and I need to have a little chat. Draco left the bathroom and headed into her room, which he'd only stepped into a few rare times over the course of the term. She kept it tidy, and from the look of it, one would never know she was as big a bloody pervert as the average teenage male. That was right about the moment Hermione honestly could have died. Died from sheer, overpowering embarrassment.

And, really, it only got worse. All she'd wanted to do, after a long, trying day of homework, studying, and Head Girl duties was shower, get off, and curl up in bed for the night. Now she had to deal with Malfoy, making her life hell just because she indulged herself, like any normal person. After a minute or so more under the stream to calm herself down, Hermione decided it was time to face the music.

She turned off the water, toweled off, wrapped her hair in a towel and her body in another, and fixed her best 'die Malfoy' look on her face. Then, mustering all of her Gryffindor courage, she headed back into her room, wondering if she'd be able to get away with Obliviating him…. Draco was sitting patiently on her bed, the bed that he'd heard her pleasure herself on countless times. The bed he'd imagined her being shagged by a faceless bloke while he jerked off in jealousy to just as many times.

When she came in, he offered her a smirk. What she didn't know was that he'd heard her going at it almost every day for months, having disabled her silencing charm behind her back. Hermione crossed her arms defensively, eyes falling on her wand. Which, of course, was a few feet behind him on her night stand.

Bloody ferret. But Merlinshe went completely red just saying it. Not only because she'd been caught, but because it had been Draco Malfoy who'd caught her. Draco nodded his agreement, considering her words.

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No girl was that horny. Hermione gaped at him, jaw flexing uselessly as she tried to come up with words to reply with. She, unfortunately, had nothing. Her jaw snapped shut sharply, and she fixed him with her hardest glare. Draco chuckled. You really help me get off at night, with all those delicious sounds you make. It was like magic, the way her climax brought his about. Hermione curled her lip in disgust. But then it was in her head. Thinking of him, Draco Malfoy, bigot extraordinaire, laying in bed, wanking desperately to the sound of her pleasuring herself.

She was getting goosebumps already. Draco hadn't thought it that far through, truthfully. After all, finding out she was taking part in solo play all this time was as much of a surprise to him as being caught was to her. Why not find someone to shag you senseless every night? Hermione blushed deeply, averting her eyes rather shyly. But, he'd force the answer from her one way or another. So, she decided to bite the proverbial bullet.

It just Didn't work, alright? Krum, McLaggen, and Ron They just hadn't gotten her off. Men couldn't satisfy her like her hand or the two sole toys hidden in the bottom of her trunk could. Draco was shocked. He felt bad for the Gryffindor. No one should ever have to experience bad sex. Hermione's blush deepened. It just hasn't Draco couldn't help but feel bad for her. He couldn't imagine it if no amount of girls could bring him release. Hermione felt the slick sensation between her legs grow.

Merlin, she'd considered it, considered him. Hell, she'd had a few fantasies about him since they'd started living together. She snorted after him. He had claimed to have been wanking to her sounds, after all…. Draco stopped at the door and turned to her. You've obviously got the solo action down to an art. Merlin, she was practically stewing in her own juices here! The very thoughts she was having of him now were Maybe because he offered so much, and he was so close. No girl ever claimed to have left Draco Malfoy without having been shagged completely rotten.

She absently twirled a damp curl that had escaped her towel. Solo action does get Rather lonesome, after a while Merlin, she wanted it. Wanted intense, powerful orgasms. Sex so good she couldn't walk straight for a week. Draco turned again, this time a smirk curling on his lips. If she wanted it, she was going Draco malfoy sex stories have to ask for it.

Then he'd gladly rip off her towel and show her what a real man could do. Hermione's Draco malfoy sex stories deepened, and certainly she must have turned purple from it by now. She kept her eyes pointedly on her toes, but damnshe could feel her own desire dripping down her thighs. She needed it suddenly, needed more than her own hand. Maybe you could actually do it. God, if Draco Malfoy couldn't get her off, then maybe she was just broken? His skills were the stuff of legend around Hogwarts. Draco's smirk grew feral.

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Merlin, you must be seriously jonesing for a good fuck.

Draco malfoy sex stories

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