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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Tue 30th of December Report. Introduction: The unexpected things from visiting the familiar swamp. After years of testing, the scientists had failed to locate the elusive X Factor that would make the drug effective.

Abandoning this batch of aphrodisiac, they had it dumped into a local swamp, outside the small town of Peach Tree, Eel sex stories on the southwestern border near Texas. The discreet and illegal dumping earned Bo big bucks. Bo will die of good moonshine and bad decisions five years later, terminating his presence in this story.

June 26, Colleen McPherson goes for a swim. Her profane assessment of his character came about as the result of an unfortunate discovery: the boyfriend, in bed with two other girls, a buxom blond servicing the boyfriend's cock and a young slim brunette who was eating out the blond. What really pissed her off was: a the ex never told her about it, she would have ed in; b the brunette was the mayor's daughter?! With her?!!

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She opened the bedroom door and there they were; she looked at them, two pairs of shocked expressions and one blond smirk stared back. Colleen slammed the door and stormed. Her newly ex-boyfriend followed, clad in a blanket, clumsily trying to explain about open relationships, moments of weakness, and other bullshit. She punched him in the face and left him laying spread eagle and naked on the front lawn, his boner sticking straight up like a flag pole. She spent the rest of the morning gunning her Ford F along the back ro near her house.

She stopped the truck, got out and paced the dirt road, fuming. Colleen Eel sex stories around; Eel sex stories place was familiar. It was a beautiful spot on the edge of the local swamp. This very water fed to a stream by her house, providing bath and drinking water at her place for all of the years she had lived there.

The swamp itself had a calm blue-green water in a lagoon surrounded by reeds and cattails framing a small grassy clearing with big gnarled Cyprus trees offering cool shade from the heat. It was a good place to think, very private; no dangerous animals, just a few frogs and critters. Colleen took a look at the calm cool water and thought, "Why not? It was approaching noon on a hot, humid day, "May as well cool off. There's no one around. She took off her clothes and put them on the seat of the truck, enjoying the warm sun and gentle breeze on her smooth skin. Her tender feet warmed by the sandy dirt road, then cooled by the soft grass as she strolled unashamed down under the low hanging trees, the sexy woman was exhilarated to be naked and so free out in the open, even if there were no one around this Eel sex stories country road to see her.

To a casual observer if any were to be found she was a redhead through and through, from her neatly trimmed red bush to the dancing crimson hues of her tresses. Her 23 year old body was firm and athletic with cute 34B breasts and long, slim limbs.

A smattering of freckles dotted her arms and shoulders. Her eyes were bright green and flashed with her temper. Her sensual face sported a cute upturned nose and a wide, sensuous mouth. Colleen tiptoed between low hanging willow and Cyprus tree branches and padded over the thick patches of grass before moving gingerly to the water's edge. The slim girl waded up to her waist in the refreshing cool water of the swamp, her toes squishing into the algae and mud as her motions moved lily p and water reeds in her wake.

Colleen glided about the small pool for the next half hour, letting the soothing waters calm her jangled nerves. Occasionally, a large splash here or there caught her attention, but as the crickets and other wood sounds continued undisturbed, Colleen knew she was safe. As she lazily made her way towards the bank to sun herself in the warm shafts that broke the leafy canopy overhead, she felt something brush against her leg.

She lay her head back on the cool muddy bank, thoughts drifting as she planning revenge on Judy, unaware of the eyes watching her body. The observer wasn't human; Colleen's movements had caught the attention of something altogether different. It swam towards the reclining redhead with just one goal. Colleen's revenge fantasies were ended abruptly by a splash and a splat. A mysterious something had reared up out of the water and plopped wetly onto her stomach. Using her arms to push behind her, she sat back up, sputtering, aware of a wet, slimy weight upon her body.

One look widened her eyes in shock, "What the fuck?!! That's a big lamprey! It was the biggest she'd ever seen. Normally they were only as big around as two fingers, but this one was thicker than her clenched fist and at least three feet long! More horribly, its oval mouth was fastened solidly onto her right boob. Lampreys were parasitic creatures; usually they targeted fish, clamping their sharp teeth onto the skin and sucking out the meat; for some reason this creature was interested in Colleen.

Get off me! The lamprey's skin was wet and slimy; its mouth was stuck to her like glue. It slipped in her frantic grip and she couldn't get purchase on the greasy things body. It won't budge," Colleen thought after a moment's futile tugging. Oddly, she felt no painful bites from the creature, just the inconvenience of having it attached to her. This is so embarrassing. It'll get around and Judy will have something else to laugh about. Likewise, each time she would expose the creature to air, it would wriggle violently, pulling painfully at her breast and forcing Colleen to lie back down, submerging her chest under the shallow water.

She got the message: the creature didn't want her to leave. I can't stay like this forever. Its mouth covered her entire nipple and a good deal of her Eel sex stories. How did it get this big? Her questions were interrupted as she became aware of a tickling around her tit, "What's this thing doing? A fucking lamprey's giving me boob action! The creature's teeth were soft and gentle. The play of its tongue was shockingly arousing.

Colleen began to moan softly, as her now sensitive breast received attention. The erotic eel wriggled over her flat stomach, it's tail undulating between her creamy legs. Its body slithered back and forth across her pubic mound and ground against labia, sliding its sliminess across Colleen's swollen clit, "Oh God, I'm getting so wet!

A fucking eel is. Involuntarily, she wrapped her thin arms around the wriggling slime as she would an excited puppy and hugged the creature tightly to her heaving body. She squeezed her legs together, trapping its squirming tail at the inflamed junction of her legs and wriggled against the lamprey; her pussy spasmed, pumping her juice into the swamp water while she gasped and squeaked "Oh!

As she slowly began to come down from her climax, Colleen failed to notice another wake in the water, rippling towards her reclining body. There was another splash, another sputter from Colleen as she was knocked back. When she recovered and looked, another lamprey had attached itself to her left breast. Not another one," she groaned to herself. The creature began to give her supple breast the same attention as the other had.

Colleen was now covered by two wriggling slimy bodies, whose tail likewise pushed into her inner thighs, making Colleen unintentionally spread her legs, exposing her shivering cunt to the swamp. The flow of cool water across Colleen's hot vulva coupled with the gentle yet persistent suckling of the two eels gave her teat another pleasant feeling of growing arousal.

After staring down at her two pets for a few moments, she sighed and tilted her head back, resuming her moans and ululations; soon, another satisfying orgasm built to crescendo and with happy grunts of joy, Colleen let a fresh cloud of pussy juice flow into the water.

Unbeknown to the redhead, her scent in the water brought more bodies swimming towards the supine woman. A larger splash of water opened her eyes wide as Colleen turned to find herself facing a huge Swamp Rat! It was huge! Over four feet long and quite thick, it looked like a medium sized gray dog. Unbeknown Eel sex stories Colleen, the chemicals in the swamp had mutated it as it had the other animals there, making it much larger than normal.

Colleen turned over in the water, the lampreys attached to her now stinging tits momentarily forgotten as she tried to crawl on her hands and knees in the brackish water away from the squeaking beast approaching from behind her.

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The rat, for his part, immediately scented the source that had drawn him here; Colleens leaking, beautiful cunt! Like a flash, the nimble animal heaved onto Colleen's back, pushing her down into the bank with a "Huff! As the lampreys were pressed cruelly into her tits, they increased their biting and chewing, now drawing milk from her reddened globes.

Pinned down by the weight on her back, Colleen was near panic as she felt a scalding hot rod of iron at her back leg and before she could process what was happening, a flared tip pierced her labia and drove deeply into her with one stroke. Immediately, the stinking Swamp Rat began his rut; rapidly, much faster than any man had ever fucked her, the rat began jackhammering in and Eel sex stories of her slicked hole, gripping her hips with it's claw-like nails, digging into her sweet flesh.

Colleen could feel the cold wet fur on her upturned ass and back, could feel the rats pounding heart through her back as it grunted unnaturally while the strangely shaped dick cored out her quivering pussy. The lampreys, tasting fresh milk, redoubled their efforts and began pulling harder on her thick, tender nipples, making Colleen sob with ecstasy.

Her tears and snot ran down her face. The swamp rat bent it's head down and Colleen felt wire-like whiskers on her shoulder, then caught her breath in terror as she turned, seeing the nasty snout of the beast right by her face! Before she could react, the pile-driving creature extended a narrow tongue and began to fervently Eel sex stories the tears and snot from Colleen's beet-red face. It explored her nostrils and open mouth, making Colleen gag with it's foul breath.

Reflexively clamping her mouth closed, she realized quickly that she couldn't keep it shut for too long, as the amazing fuck she was getting made her pant with a growing arousal. Somehow, being used as a sex toy by these swamp creatures was turning Colleen on more than she had ever been before. As the heavy rat on her back increased his already blistering pace, Colleen opened her mouth with a moan and let the beast french-kiss her, her orgasm beginning to explode inside her at the utter degradation she was submitting to.

Dropping her head down and screwing her eyes tightly shut, Colleen bellowed like a wild woman as the rat came in her, pumping pint after pint of scalding, beautiful cum inside her aching cunt. Her body was wracked as if in seizures, her hands finding the he of the lampreys as she squeezed them hard, causing the sharp needle-like teeth to bite harder into her tender tit flesh. She fell forward with a splash, her head now under water as she came harder and harder, unable to do nothing but lay submerged, her arms and legs shaking.

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A feeling of panic gripped her again as she pushed up on her arms, sputtering for air as she rose again, breathing in great gulps of clean oxygen. The rat suddenly twisted and fell off of her back, greatly relieving Colleen of her burden. Looking down, she felt a pang of regret as her two eel pets floated on the surface, detached from her now purpled breasts; dead.

Shrugging to herself, Colleen crawled wearily forward a few feet and fell onto her back on the bank, exhausted and unable to move for the moment. Panting, she stared up into the branches overhead and at he deep blue sky beyond the branches.

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