Embarassing diaper stories

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I was trying to sleep in bed with a girlfriend at the time. She was accepting of my diaper needs but was not into "playing along. Well I thought everything was OK, but a minute or two later she woke up making an "ewwww" like sound. Then she jumped out of the bed and "calmly" said the bed is wet, you should help me do something. So, I changed me, she tried to change the bed, but told me we had no more clean sheets so had to sleep with beach towels and a winter blanket. I was embarrassed that a romantic night had turned into a mess well at least a wet I almost NEVER had leaks at that point at home, but for some reason my luck was consistently bad when away.

Becky In Diapers 3 posts. June 15, My most embarrasing I already told some time ago on either this forum or another one. It's the only truly embarasing one because I've been in all types of situations but this one was particularly bad. June 19, Once I was was in nothing but my full diaper, super soaked and super lumpy.

At a time when Embarassing diaper stories was not expecting anyone. Then, the electric department guy c. June 29, I sometimes wore cloth diapers in the car on the way home from a friends house. I had stopped at a Walmart and was waling in the store. One of the diaper pins let loose and I had a major diaper sag. Embarassing diaper stories held the drooping side and made my way to the bathroom to repin it. I was very happy that I was a stranger in that store.

I had a bad leak just after a movie let out. I was with the big crowd on the way out and we were near the lobby and the lines for the restroom were long. I was going to change my diaper, but it had plenty of capacity left so I let go while I was in line. The lines were long enough that we were still in the lobby area and the line for the mens room was parallel to the ladies room line. I tried to stem the flow but couldn't I just stood there helpless and massively embarrassed.

My shorts were dark green but not so dark that you couldn't see the wet spot spreading. I felt pee running down into my shoe, but I just couldn't stop. A woman in the line for ladies room and I made eye contact and she looked embarrassed for me - I could feel the sympathy coming from her. If anyone else noticed no one gave any indication. I thought I'd be okay once I got changed as I usually keep an extra pair of shorts in my backpack in case I leak - but as luck would have it I had none. I had to put the wet shorts back on and walk out of there to my car. I was at a friends house, a good friend who knows I'm a bedwetter.

The party was coming to a close and it was late so I was getting my bed ready. After everyone left, or so I thought, my friend and I settled down to sleep. I had gotten into my thick cloth diapers and plastic pants and was falling asleep while my friend watched TV when I thought I heard voices. I was to far into sleep by that time and passed out.

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Well as it turns out another friend had been outside chillin' and had come back in to watch some TV Embarassing diaper stories. Well I was laying there in just my diaper ad T-shirt sleeping the whole time while they watched TV. I guess they talked about my diaper wearing and my friend explained that I was a bedwetter and wore them to keep the bedding dry.

They had a long laugh at my expense. The next morning the two of them were awake when I woke up. I rolled over to see them starting at me. I just said I wear diapers, is there a problem? They both giggled but didn't way anything more about them. Very embarrassing but at the same time exciting. Well my most embarrassing moment would have to be the time I had stomach cramps and decided to let loose in the diaper only to quickly realize that this wasn't going to hold in just one. I stopped midway tried to take of the soiled diaper while finishing my business and manged to drop the wad of poop down my pant leg and proceeded to make a mess of everything.

One shower and bathroom cleaning later, everything was good again. When I was 18, my parents moved a few towns over but wanted me to finish my last year of high school in my regular school, so they arranged for me to live with a very good friend of the family, an older lady who Embarassing diaper stories by herself.

I had my own bedroom and kept a small stash of AB things in one of my dresser drawers, diapers, paci, bottle, etc. I know what your thinking Or if she did I didn't know about it, but I don't think so What happened was, this lady I was staying with had to move out of state.

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My parents arranged for me to stay with a different friend. I had to work the day I was supposed to pack my stuff together, so my mother who isn't a snooper either thought she'd save me some time by getting a head start on some of my stuff. Yea, she found my stash. It was really embarrising too. I don't think she even would have mentioned it to me except she was worried that the lady I was staying with was somehow involved in forcing me into this stuff. I had to explain to her about my AB desires and what not, and reassure her that the lady I was staying with had nothing to do with it lol.

It was one of the most embarrising things that ever happened to me. My mother is cool though, it's the only time we ever talked about it, but while she said it was really strange to her, she understood. When I was first wearing diapers, actually it was adult pull ups to work, I got involved on a job with a workmate one day and we were welding some stuff that we had made the day before togther.

He was holding these parts and I was tacking them together with the welder. I felt the urge to pee and though ok, just ease it out and the pull up will hold till we are done. Soon as I started my bladder decided it was going to empty completely and the pull up had no chance of absorbing all that pee.

My workmate Embarassing diaper stories nearly straight away the growing dark patch on my coveralls and said did you know about that he said pointing, I was red with embarisment and said I did and I was sorry it just sneaked out.

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He said whatever do you want to go get changed or finish taking these first, I said can we finnish taking these first them I'll go get sorted. When I came back from chainging I though I would have been the main topic of dinnertime conversation but no one even looked at me. I sat eating my dinner with the bloke I had been working with and said you din't tell anyone then? I was at the movies buying popcorn at the concession stand.

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This was around 10 in the morning so i had just changed and my diaper was competely fresh, except a tiny tiny little pee session i had earlier. I was at the front of the line and dripped a quarter on the ground. I bent down to pick it up and my pants themselves ripped along the seam in the back, completely exposing my diaper's back to about 15 people behind me and everyone else int he theatre who happened to look. It was my mistake for wearing rather tight pants that form fit my body.

You could tell I was diapered anyway, but the actualunintentional exposure was bad. Then the bad part came.

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Some how the shock of my sudden exposure triggered some sort of trigger in my brain or something. Whatever it was, the shock released my bowels and I had a massive mess crouched down at the front of the popcorn line at the movie theatre. Now, mistake two was putting on a diaper that browns really easy. So when my bowels released it took about five seconds to empty my bowels and a huge brown stain literally browned out the back of my diaper.

I stood up, hole in the back of my jeans, and turned around to see the people behind me. A few 20 something females were staring open eyed and half smiling.

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A few others noticed but were like staring in awe at me. One guy gagged. I covered my back pant hole as best as I could and just walked out of the movie theatre in complete disbelief. On my way out one girl gave me a pity smile and stebbed back as I walked past.

So my most embarrasing moment was having a massive messy accident in front of 15 or so people at the front of a concession stand. Kids: if you are diapered incontinent, don't wear form fitting jeans and don't use diapers that brown easy. Just the usual- an undiscovered leak in line at a convenience store- the embarrassment came at home afterward on my discovery and to a lesser degree when I next went back while that clerk was working- I'm sure she saw the 'diaper smiles' because I saw her looking in the reflection of the glass door as I left.

I was stopped at the border entering Canada. The chose me to do a full a search of my car. I really had to pee at the time, so I consented to the search but said I just need to use the restroom, well they didn't want me to flush any contraband, so that that request was denied. I was squirming and dancing a little but didn't have an accident or anything. What it with the camping gear? Are you planning to camp in Canada? Your paper work says a day trip. No I just keep the gear in my car for when I am using, this is a day trip. Sir, do you have a baby? I said I wear them at night, and always keep some with my camping gear.

The young pretty agent kind of blushed put them back and told the older agent he wears them at night. The second agent said what? Not finding anything illegal they welcomed me to Canada and gave me permission to use the restroom. The didn't comment on those. I am sure they had me figured out but no crime was committed, and they sent me on my merry way. I've had a few, but I think the most embarassing was standing in line at the supermarket with a molicare covered by baby print plastic pants under my sweatpants. A kid behind me tripped over his own shoelaces or something and tried to catch Embarassing diaper stories by grabbing the leg of my pants.

They came right down to my knees and I had to rush to pull them back up. It was pretty crowded, so must've been about Embarassing diaper stories people that saw what I was wearing

Embarassing diaper stories

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