Embarrasing spanking stories

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Subject: Most Embarrasing Spanking. I was 11 and was spanked in front of actually they walked in on me getting spanked by my mother But by far the most ever embarrassing story was when I was 17 and brought my boyfriend at the time home for a family dinner and all of the family stories came out My mother told him amongst other at that time that she realized I was too old to be spanked when I stopped crying when she would spank me I remember wanting to crawl up and hide as she told this to my boyfriend at the time who just sat there with a kinda half smile on his face lol Author: Derek [ Edit View ].

Not in the same context but having to sit and hear my mom talk about a recent spanking in front of others felt more embarrassing than the actual spanking. Part of it was the story but more of it seemed to be the Embarrasing spanking stories in her voice and how proud she seemed to be that she spanked. It would seem like she was bragging and wanted her friends or neighbor moms to know she spanked. Plus she didn't use the word spank but would describe it.

Like saying well little smart pants Derek did this or that so I had to pull down his pants and turn him over my knee to turn his bare bottom red. She didn't just want them to know she spanked but exactly how she did it. I hated hearing those stories told. Author: Johan [ Edit View ].

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I was invited to my girl friends home for a Sunday family dinner, first time ever. Her parents had met me before, but family dinners are the occasions when you really want to make a good impression of yourself. It was a big table full of parents, sisters, brothers and their boy- and girlfriends. Everybody else pretty laid-back and in informal outfits. I felt first a bit awkward in my formal white shirt and tie outfit among them, that is how I am brought up at home. However, everybody was really nice to me probably seeing how nervous I was.

Then somebody at the table brought up some memories from my girlfriend's childhood, and then some pretty innocent spanking memory from her early school years came up. I did not feel comfortable when ever a spanking was Embarrasing spanking stories in public curious for sure - Then my biggest fear happened: It came out at the table that my girlfriend had shared her family what I had told her about my family earlier: Also the fact that I had been brought up with the strap, way in my teens and pretty often so. She did not want to embarrass me in any way, it just came out from her mouth as naturally as she was talking about anything else.

First I froze totally and blushed beet red. Then it became only worse, someone at the table I think it was her mother asked even some more detailed question about my spankings at home, and then someone made a comment about the benefits of the strict parenthood - obviously I was a good example of the of such in their eyes.

The atmosphere at the table was very friendly, and all the questions and comments made of me were definitely benevolent. I did feel a bit embarrassed about it first, but due the friendliness of everyone I started feel better. Soon enough the talk turned into something else. I could not even be angry with my girl friend for unveiling my dark spanking secret.

I guess I kind of grew more a man that night from a nervous boy. Author: Paul [ Edit View ]. For sure if that happened now, I would have better social skills to change the topic. But then I was still a nervous and restrained late teen-boy who was trying to make a good impression to my girlfriends family. I all I could really do then was to do what I was told and answer all the questions I was asked.

I knew that my girl friend and probably everybody else at the table had their own spanking-history so it wasn't that an alien subject, had it been a zero-spanking family it would have been more awkward to everybody. Now looking back, I wouldn't do that to anybody. Author: Shyemz. Such as the first time I was smacked by a baby sitter, or the first time I was spanked by a teacher. Author: Rebecca [ Edit View ]. Author: Stephen [ Edit View ]. But the one that immediately comes to mind was in the summer of I got spanked in the backseat of the car, in the parking lot of a Woolworth's store.

It happened because of something I did in the store. I was told to go out to the car, get into the backseat and have my pants and underwear down. I did as I was told. Gram came out of the store with her purchases and she put the bag in the front. She opened the back door and got in, closing the door solidly. She slid into the middle of the seat while pulling me down across her lap. She then proceeded to spank me by hand. When it was done and I was allowed to sit back up, I saw a lady about 8 feet away from the car. The angle had to have been perfect for her to have seen my bare bum getting slapped.

If that wasn't enough, when Gram got out of the Embarrasing spanking stories, she got a full view of my sitting on the seat, still with my pants and underwear down below my knees. Author: Lisa [ Edit View ]. My dad would call me in the house and give me a spanking. I hated going back outside with red eyes and a red face. Everyone knew I got spanked. That was so embarrassing! Author: Em [ Edit View ]. It didn't embarrass me too much at that age because in my experience all kids got spankings and it was just usual discipline for naughty behavior.

I was spanked for discipline until about age Embarrasing spanking stories and around ages 10 to 12 I did begin to feel quite embarrassed at the idea of others knowing I had gotten a spanking, I think because I was beginning to feel too grown up for this type of punishment.

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Of course by that age I was only spanked in private and only by my mother I got plenty of bare bottom spankings over daddy's lap as a younger child though! However, the embarrassment would come when my mother would recount my misbehavior and punishment over the phone with her own mother. My mom and gramma were quite close and spoke by phone almost every night. My mother would use phrases like "Well, I had to paddle Emmie's fanny again this afternoon If she wants to act like a 5 year old I'll keep spanking her like a 5 year old There's nothing like a hot bottom to cite a hot head" and so on.

Back then, being a good parent was considered being a strict parent and that meant administering a good hard spanking when needed.

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So my mother was proud to show her own mom that she was being a firm disciplinarian with me and my sister. But oh the embarrassment at overhearing those conversations, especially since my father and sister could also hear!

Author: Bobbie [ Edit View ]. My friend and I got our Sunday clothes really wet and muddy. His parents were furious. He Embarrasing spanking stories his grand parents and aunt and uncle and two cousins visiting after church. When we got home we were told to go inside through the garage and leave all our clothes and wet shoes there to dry out. His mother brought us towels to dry off with. She told us to go straight to the den where dad was waiting with the strap. We walked naked to the den and got a serious spanking in front of the whole family.

We were so embarrassed that we stayed in his room the rest of the afternoon. Author: Bernardo [ Edit View ].

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Author: Jimi [ Edit View ]. Now when my Mom was spanning me wit just and I present it was not so embarrassing. But at school it was very embarrassing. Especially in grades 6 up. This was when being "cool" was important. In my 6th grade class no one returned from a paddling not crying but still it was embarrassing. In 8th grade I tried to be tough when takenmout for a paddling for class clowning.

I had a Crushe on a girl in the class. I was nervous but intent on not crying. Well Mr. Thompson had other plans. He gave me 6 very hard smacks. I held my slef for 3 but broke on four letting out a loud moan. He ratcheted up and Embarrasing spanking stories me in tears. I went into class redfaced and crying softly. Totally mortified and with a hot burning bottom. A [ Post a Reply to This Message ].

Author: Dan [ Edit View ].

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The teachers Brothers could dole out licks but the main things to avoid was the PE coach and the assistant principal. Unfortunately, I had experiences with both. Twice during my 9th grade freshman year our PE class got paddled by the coach. The entire class. Those were the only times I got it from the coach but other individuals were not so lucky.

The first time it happened we were told that after we exited the showers we were to grab hold of the hooks on the wall and stay there until he said otherwise. He also said we were all going to get paddled. What I found embarrassing was what happened to four of the about 30 students in the class. These four kids were on the smaller side and I guess were still waiting to get a growth spurt.

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He told these four kids they were not big enough to take the paddling he was going to give us and they needed to stand in a corner off to the side. I remember thinking how unfair that they were going to get Embarrasing spanking stories just because they were not as big as the rest of us. Honestly, I think you could have mistaken some of them for 6th graders instead of 9th graders. Actually I think they got it worse than the rest of us, especially in terms of embarrassment.

When the coach finished paddled the rest of us he sat down and called each of the four boys up one by one and then turned each over his knee and hand spanked them. He spanked each of them much more than that but again only with his hand. They like the rest of us cried their eyes out. After it was over I actually felt sorry for them and since I was friends with one of them I really felt bad. When it happened again somewhere in the middle of the second semester of the year, only two boys got this treatment. The other two had grown a bit and the coach decided they could take the same paddling the rest of us got.

The only thing I was embarrassed about was since the paddling took us all about 20 to 30 minutes into the next class schedule they made an announcement on the PA system. It told the teachers that the coach had discipline issues with the 2nd period freshman class and that we were arriving late for our third period class and to please allow us into class. Everyone knew what that meant.

Author: Steve [ Edit View ]. And he hand spanked the smaller guys over his knee? What did you all do to deserve Embarrasing spanking stories

Embarrasing spanking stories

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