Embarrassed naked female stories

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Essentially, I write stories with some sexual themes. Stories that tell the tale of a girl who more often than not ends up exposed or completely naked. These stories can range from girls ending up naked through accident or prank, and having to trek to safety while avoiding detection. Sometimes the girls themselves chose to get naked, for thrill or some other reason, but might end up in over their head.

Other times there perhaps is just a very convincing character who insists on the removal of some clothing. Essentially, my stories touch on the subjects of:. Be it by strangers, close friends, or whoever. On top of it, there will be other things that will embarrass the women of my stories. Things like arousal, sexual acts, and other general emotions. These situations are merely an attack on their modesty, and more often than not they come out of their tales better Embarrassed naked female stories they were at the start.

Speaking of enjoyable…. My characters, although not show offs, will almost always get a sexual kink out of their mishaps, dares, or whatever has them exposed. Be this for a of different reasons, it will usually result in their bodies having different opinions than their blushing cheeks.

Either they love it, hate it, or most likely a mixture of the two. Sometimes it will be the thing that keeps the girl willing to try new things. Point is, I will have characters who are enjoying their adventures in Embarrassed naked female stories ways than one. This arousal can be handled in a of ways of course. Sometimes you might see the girl take matters into her own hand. Other times, and this is the rarest, I might have the girl being with another girl. The main story is about the girl and her dealing with some type of exposure.

I did say my stuff was soft-core erotica after all. NiP Naked in Public, or public nudity in general : The girls in my stories end up naked. There are many times in my stories the women of my stories are out in public. They are at the park, in a store, or even somewhere like their backyard. The exposure might be long or short term. If there is a sex scene, you can bet there are probably two women, and no men.

I have a preference for writing lesbian couples. I like writing about woman. In general, this CFNF idea shows up in my stories. Exhibitionism: Now, this theme exists to extents. I have characters who do become aroused when other people see them exposed. My characters as stated before are shy.

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They get embarrassed. They find probably half of their arousal in that embarrassment, and not just from the exhibitionistic thrill. There is a line. My girls are rarely show offs. A little more about me:. First off, my gender: not important. I like to be a little coy with my fans. Sometimes, they take a guess at my gender. They just assume one way or the other. I like to think of myself as both a realistic and light-hearted author. I get that people are reading it for the sake of sexual thrill be it just mental or physical.

I try not to take my medium to seriously either.

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Again, I try to write what I would like. It would be great if there was just a writer out there who understood me the best. I made it so there was a writer who was into the same things I was. However I like to think that my stories are a lot of fun for people of a like mind.

It makes me really happy when I assume there are probably some like-minded individuals out there who really get a kick out of my work. Speaking of my audience, I love critique and comments.

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As much as I write what I like, I also realize that writing is practically a performance art. However I will keep things in mind, and in general love anything you guys have to say. I hope you all enjoy the stories I have here for you all! Essentially, my stories touch on the subjects of: ENF Embarrassed Naked Female : My characters are not shy to… oh wait, they are quite shy!

A little more about me: First off, my gender: not important.

Embarrassed naked female stories

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