Embarrassing first bra stories

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Or maybe it was you didn't wear a bra but needed one! That lead an embarrassing puberty talk.

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Share Facebook. What are your embarrassing bra stories? Add Opinion. Yeah, they gasped. One girl wasn't paying attention and thought Iifted up my shirt. No one asked me again about that until one time when I was sneezing like hell outside and one of the girls who I was sorta friends with had to bring me inside because of all the pollen and she asked me "so since when do you wear a bra? Also when I was in 8th grade at a different school public and we were waiting for the buses and my bra unhooked so I was going to go to the bathroom to fix it and this one 6th grader I was sorta friends with from the bus since there were no 8th graders also on my bus or 7th graders decided to talk to me about something so I was just standing there with my back Embarrassing first bra stories the wall with my hands behind my back just nodding and smiling and saying okay a lot and just trying to get him the hell away from me so I could fix my bra before I had to go on the bus.

So after he Shut up, I went to the bathroom and fixed it.

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I had a feeling it was unhooked or something while I was playing my guitar. Hopefully no one noticed. Uh I guess the morning after getting drunk and taking off my bra in front of a group of guys and then my friend, who hosted the party but wasn't present during bra removal, handing me my bra the next morning when I was looking for it.

Wasn't really embarrassing, but I definitely felt like I was viewed as some easy chick after that. And was glad I didn't see any of those guys on a day-to-day basis. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls, what are your embarrassing bra stories? Embarrassing stories!

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Girl version! Sort Girls First Guys First. Jrizzy Xper 4. My friend and I were obsessed with bras at like 12 or I was hanging out with my two best guy friends n I got huge boobs, and they started talking about it and one of them asked what my bra looked like n I told him it was pink so he lifted up my shirt to see it. Did you even like him though? Related myTakes. How the bible helped me cope with my moderate level depression.

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