Embarrassing hospital stories

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Going to the doctor is never fun. Patients get poked, prodded, and jabbed. If anyone has any embarrassing memories of these doctors office, these Redditors will make it all better after they share their absolutely most cringe inducing moment. Some of the stories have been edited for clarity. Text Source. He spread his arms, and I was a little surprised, but started to move in for a hug before he stepped back a little and a made a clearer indication that he was just politely gesturing me to enter the room before him.

Embarrassed, I put my head down and marched into the room. It was really painful and heavy, so I had to carry it everywhere for a while. So I went to the doctors, he checked my mumps and then I told him there was another problem. I dropped trow, laid on the bed, and he came over to examine.

He laughed when he saw it, because it was massive, and said, 'What seems to be the problem,' jokingly. Mushed, boiled, fried, or in things, he loved them. One day, my mom noticed that my brother wasn't going to the washroom. No big deal, she thought. It had only been a day. Two days later, nothing was coming out. He kept eating and eating, like the happy little fat toddler he was, eating all amounts of peas.

My parents scheduled a day off work and took him to the doctor together. The doctor, of course, said that Embarrassing hospital stories must be constipated. It happens to the best of us.

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At this point, it had been four days since the little brat had taken one. The doctor gave him a large Embarrassing hospital stories of prescription-strength exlax, and suggested that they should probably keep an eye on him for the next while. As he was talking to my parents about what they should do, my brother started to poop. He had eaten so many peas that the fiber had actually clogged him up, and now it was returning in force. The semi-liquidated mess started flying out, faster and faster like you see in movies. Eventually, it settled down to a light stream, but not before his demon-mist had covered the entire wall next to the examination table.

Neon green poop mist. All over the doctor's tools, his blood pressure stuff and his posters. It ruined the cushion on the table, and stank like you can't understand. My parents never went back to that doctor again. From between 13 to 18 I had it five times, which according to my doctor, is a lot. These things used to hurt BAD. I'd get them right above my tailbone and it would feel like the tailbone was broken. If I didn't get it dealt with right away, I wouldn't be able to walk from the pain.

The last time I ever got one was horrible. It was Halloween, and I was at my friend's house when I noticed it starting to hurt. I knew right away what it was. The next morning I had my mom take me to the doctor office, but because Embarrassing hospital stories was a Saturday my family doctor's office was closed, so we ended up going to a walk-in clinic.

The doctor took a quick look at it, said it wasn't the problem, and set me up for an x-ray. By the time the x-ray was over, it was hurting beyond anything I could imagine. It felt exactly like one of the cysts, but I trusted the doctor's word. Later that evening the pain was so severe I had to go to emergency room. At the hospital, the doctor took another quick look at it and told me it was nothing. He prescribed me some pain medication and sent me on my way.

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That was night was horrible. I was terrified, I thought there was something severely wrong with me. I thought I cracked my tail-bone after I fell over a balloon at my friend's house or something. On Monday, after a weekend of intense pain, I could finally go see my family doctor.

I remember the waiting room being filled with people. It hurt too much to sit, so I stood in the corner with my back bent weird because it hurt too much to stand straight. All of a sudden, I felt instant relief, followed by a smell that was quite honestly the worst smell I ever smelled in my entire life, even to this day. It smelled like death. The people around me could smell it too. Everyone started coughing, but trying their best not to offend. I could feel my pants were completely wet with the puss of my cyst. When my name was called, I was so embarrassed.

Everyone knew the smell was coming from me, and now they could see my drenched clothing. I mean it was like I had just dipped the top of my pants and the bottom of my shirt in water, that's how wet they were. The faces of the people were that of utter shock. They must have thought I peed myself. Later in the doctor's office, the doctor took one step inside the room and said Embarrassing hospital stories, another cyst? He took a look and said it was the biggest one he had ever seen. He ed me up for surgery and I have never had one since.

I spent a week fretting over it, wondering what they were and why they weren't going away, until my mom got worried enough about them that she went with me to my doctor. Upon examining my throat and tongue, he pronounced that what I was seeing were I have never seen my doctor, who is an incredibly stoic man, smile so wide before. My family is never going to let me live it down.

I went in, got my blood drawn, paid and started to walk out. I got to my car and realized I didn't have a note to get my absence excused so I went in and got in line to get one. I was standing in line and started to sweat, and get cold and started to get really dizzy, all the sudden I started to have tunnel vision and stumbled into this lady that must have weighed pounds and was like 5'2. She turned around and looked at me like I was an idiot and then I started to go down fast.

I am 6 feet tall and fell over like a tree, face first right into this lady's giant sweater kittens, bounced off her and hit my head on the floor. Woke up 2 minutes later in the back of the doctor's office. On the way out I made eye contact with my motorboatee.

She was not amused. He used a proctoscope, which they use to pump your colon full of air and then take a look. The doctor proceeded to pump air up my butt, and it started to gurgle like a huge fart coming. I giggled about it, not really thinking about the fact that I had this guy looking up my butt. He finished, and I went to the bathroom to wiped up. Not really thinking about the fact that there was lubricant up my bum, and there was still air trapped in there as well, I walked through the waiting room to leave.

About halfway across the waiting room, it got ugly. I ripped this massive, wet fart that sounded like I'd just soiled my pants. I'm not sure who was more horrified: me or the people in the waiting room. Being a broke college student, I ignored it for awhile, and finally got it looked at while visiting home for winter break. I had never been to this doctor before, but she conducted what seemed like a normal examination, remarking that it was really unusual for someone my age to have Embarrassing hospital stories solid-feeling lump.

She apparently wanted some consensus before she sent me for more testing, Embarrassing hospital stories she called in another doctor. This guy says 'Hello, I'm Dr. So and so, and this is my resident, and these are my medical students.

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So I got to spend the next few minutes felt like an eternity in a tiny examination room, laying on a table in only my underpants and socks, with 5 or 6 can't even remember now other people, who all take turns palpating my love sacks and going, 'hmm Middle aged man comes in presenting with severe constipation. Doctor examines him and discovers that there is something in the patient's rectum.

The doctor gives the patient an anesthetic to make removal less painful removes the object and then leaves the patient to recover for a bit. On examination, the object in question turns out to be a souvenir model of Nelson's column a large granite column in London with a statue of the 19th century navel commander Lord Nelson on top. Normally, patients volunteer some sort of excuse for how things accidentally get stuck up their rectum often claiming that they fell on them while in the birthday suit but, this guy hadn't.

He is holding the model at the time. Instead of coming up with some explanation as the doctor expected, the patient grabs the Nelson's column model from the doctor, turns round still wearing his hospital gown and quickly re-inserts it into his rectum. He then matter of factly explains to the doctor, 'That is Nelson. He lives up there. A bunch of us are sitting in teaching rounds in the middle of the day and the head of general surgery trauma walked into the room unannounced he's a comical type of character with a funny South African accent. He was wearing a grin of the smuggest variety as he surveyed the room, we were all looking at him wondering what's up when he posed the one liner, 'So, who here has the smallest hands?

All he went down except the keen first year female gen-surg resident who squeaked, 'I'm a size six! The boss simply smiled and said, 'Follow me. We later heard it was a morbidly obese female Embarrassing hospital stories a still-vibrating toy so far up the butt the poor first year was in to her elbows. My wife, who is awesome, accompanied me for support. The doctor was at a teaching hospital, so he asked if a couple med students could observe the exam. I said OK my dignity was already at a new low anyway, so why not? I dropped trow and the doctor started yanking and pulling on me.

He took some notes and then directed the two med students to cop a feel right where he did. I looked over at my wife who was trying to stifle a smile while watching three dudes essentially whack me off. About ten years ago, I had a very He would sleep with anything 'warm, wet, and willing,' and half the time didn't use any protection. One day, he started having a burning sensation when he peed, more than your average UTI.

He'd had hooked up with a new random person a few days ago, so he went to the doctor's office to have some tests run. Two days later, the doc's office called him, and said that he needed to come in Embarrassing hospital stories.

Embarrassing hospital stories

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Reddit, what's your most embarrassing doctors office story? I'll start