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Share Story. Emma Watson: Lights, Camera, Stop! You must to do that! No ? now! Story Details. This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason.

All characters used in this story are a parody Emma watson sex story any real or fictional person. I do not know Emma Watson or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share. By Muhabba Emma Watson was a British beauty with a great deal of acting talent and she wished to prove Emma watson sex story. After the Harry Potter series had finished filming she had cut most of her wavy, chestnut colored hair off and began looking for more mature film roles.

At eighteen she knew that her future in acting was in Hollywood and that she needed to put some distance between what she had done in Harry Potter and what she knew she could do in other movies. But what her manager had brought the slender actress had her on the verge of changing her mind. Her manager smiled warmly and reached across the desk to hold Emma's delicate hand.

I told him you don't want to be nude on screen and he agreed to some camera trickery just to get you on board. It'll cost the production a bit more but the studio agreed too. Are you following me? She didn't want to say no but she refused to appear nude even if it trashed her big break into Hollywood. You will be nude for filming but for any nudity on-screen they will use a body double for you and your co-star. So why your character will be nude on screen, the nudity will be your double and non-nude shots will be you.

It'll be just like using a stunt double for the dangerous fight scenes in the Harry Potter movies, right? Hollywood, here I come! Well, not completely naked, she wore a tiny flesh colored G-string that matched her skin tone so perfectly that she might as well have been naked but it made her feel more secure surrounded by the crew. She had been offered pasties to cover up her pink nipples but she had refused for two reason, she didn't want glue stuck painfully to her and since she'd be filming on her hands and knees, her dangling breasts and the camera angles should keep her nipples hidden anyway.

The director appeared to be very concerned about her comfort and it helped to put Emma at ease. Currently he was double checking the set and equipment placement to make sure that they could operate with a minimum of crew and could film the whole scene in as few takes as possible.

From everything she saw the only crew would be the director himself, two cameramen with their cameras, the mic operator and the script supervisor who also happened to be the only other woman besides Emma. And then the director introduced her to her co-star's body double. Emma could see why he was a body double, he was ripped.

He was about six feet tall, his sandy brown hair cut to match her co-star and from what she could tell from underneath his short robe he must have lived at the gym. His every muscle was clearly defined without being exaggerated or bulky and except for his slightly crooked nose he could have been a model.

Tearing her eyes from Tim's body, Emma held out her delicate hand. As a last courtesy, if she had any problem with the actor or just didn't feel comfortable with him for any reason they would recast but he seemed really charming. He made fun of his nose, broken as and never set right, for being the reason he never got into modeling. He had been a body double for years doing the more intimate scenes for male actors and had traveled the world filming.

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He explained the difference between a body double and a stunt double and after only a little bit of talk, a Emma watson sex story jokes about the awkwardness of the situation and some coffee, Emma felt completely comfortable with him. After a few more minutes of talking to Tim, Emma finally managed to work up the nerve to ask the question she'd been dying to ask since accepting the role.

So I've got, y'know, special underwear to, ah Emma took a deep breath, her small breasts pushing out against the robe and making it obvious to Tim that she hadn't worn the pasties. Standing nervously at the side of the bed she'd be tied to, Emma took another, not very calming, breath before slowly sliding her robe off.

Her small breasts were high and tight on her chest and she started rethinking the use of pasties but shook her head, it was just best to get it over with. The G-string sunk in between her plump ass-cheeks as she climbed up onto the bed, getting comfortable on her hands and knees, her ass high in the air. The script supervisor, a nice young girl named Amy, slid the cuffs onto her wrists and ankles. The cuffs were tight enough to look convincing but loose enough to be comfortable since filming could go long.

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When Amy had finished tying Emma down she sat down next to her with a spray bottle. I'm going to spray you down with what's basically baby oil to simulate sweat and then place the ball-gag. Like the cuffs it's mostly for show but real enough to be convincing. The mic will be placed over Tim so we can't hear you but Tim can, so if at any time you are uncomfortable just use your safety word, blueberry waffles, and Tim will know to stop.

I'll place the ball-gag now, alright? Amy placed the ball-gag in her mouth and tied it around her head. She tested her breathing and gave Amy a thumbs up to al that everything was fine and then tried to relax.

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Amy left the bed and she felt the mattress shift around behind her as Tim climbed on. Is everything o. Emma turned her head back to look at Tim behind her and gave him a nod. She was far too embarrassed to look him in the eye and got a good look of the V in his lower abdomen which caused her to blush. She turned back quickly and hoped her blush didn't show up somehow while filming or that her timidness at being naked showed either. Both actors began rocking back and forth against each other, building up a rhythm together that would look good on camera.

They had blocked off the area they were filming in to make sure neither one of them would show to much but even if there was an accident Emma knew that some careful editing would take care of it.

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As their thrusting became more in sync they both began grunting in faked pleasure. The baby oil made her soft skin glisten in the simulated candle light as she rocked herself back and forth against him, her short hair swaying slightly with every thrust. His hands glided over her from her shoulders to just above her flesh colored G-string and as far as he could tell the flesh tone was perfect, she looked completely naked as he thrust himself against her firm ass.

He was amazed by how little jiggle her ass had and noticed for the first time it was nearly a perfect heart shape as he ran his thumbs along the elastic of the G-string. Both actors gave the director a thumbs up, never stopping their thrusts. There were two cameras to her side, one for her face and one for Tim, which also meant it was zeroed in on her butt. She blocked Emma watson sex story feelings of awkwardness from her mind as best as she could and concentrated on what emotions her character would be showing on her face in this situation. He had lost count of how many actresses he had seen in this situation before but this was Emma Watson, one of his all time favorite stars.

He was close to her age sure, but he had been crushing on her since he had first seen Harry Potter and had followed everything she had done for years including her public appearances and photo-shoots. But seeing her nearly completely naked was more astounding than anything he had ever imagined. He was not only touching Emma Watson, he was fondling her nearly bare ass and getting paid for it. He had strong hands and his fingers felt like they were kneading her butt a little rather than just caressing her.

It was supposed to be rough sex so she supposed that he was just moving more into character and she redoubled her efforts to do the same, grinding her up-thrust rear-end against him as he slid his hands up her sides and underneath her chest. His fingers trembling, Tim reached under Emma and lightly cupped her small breasts. Her nipples were hard and scrapped against his palms as he Emma watson sex story her firm orbs a small squeeze and continued thrusting against her. And oh God how much of her body was naked. It was only a quarter of an inch of cloth covered her and it was far to much.

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A quarter of an inch of flesh colored material was all that kept Emma Watson from being naked in all her glory. Tim shivered as Emma began grunting in time to his thrust, the flesh of her ass jiggling slightly with each wet smack of his hips. His cock was swinging back and forth in his pouch, slapping up against her groin as he continued cupping her breasts.

He was bent over her exquisite body, her voice ringing in his ears like a bell. His hips and lower abdomen was pressed against her slick body but it wasn't enough, he wanted to feel her pressed against him completely and it was agonizing to be so close to having it but being denied.

Their movements were fully scripted and if he deviated then the director would yell cut and it would be over. Or if Emma gave the al. If he heard the al. Taking a peek at the director while trying not to move his head, Tim noticed that he was engrossed in the split screen showing the cameras all with different angles of him and Emma.

Not a single one showed her face. The cameras were hoisted on trollies with Emma watson sex story one maned by a single operator looking intently at their screens.

Emma watson sex story

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