Erotic birth stories

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This is my first submission and also my first time actually posting a story anywhere, I hope you enjoy! You step onto the set of your latest and hopefully last shoot, supporting your belly as you walk. The shoot is very minimal, just the producer operating the one camera set up in the corner of the room. The kinkier a production is, the harder it is to find crew; an intense labour and birth roleplay is unlikely to get any crew at all. On the plus side, the profits only need to be split between you and your producer.

You hike your leggings up so they stretch tightly over your bump and accentuate your ass, a thin tank top barely covering your chest. As you begin to stretch for the shoot, you cup one of your breasts gently, pinching the nipple to allow the slightest dribble of milk to leak into the fabric. Erotic birth stories up from your stretch, your back twinges suddenly and you press your hand against it.

Keep reading. I'd definitely love to see a standing birth, maybe start off clothed and really feel the strain of it before you have to get naked and push hard! I often think about a standing birth if I ever did get caught in public and had to hide the fact I was in labor the feeling of having to squeeze my thighs together through the contractions before finally having to find a place where I could desperately tear my pants off and bear down. I know I'm a little late, but for how I'd want to see you give birth, I'd love to be in a subway car with you as the contractions hit you harder and faster than expected leaving you with no choice but to give birth then and there.

I'd want to put your legs up in makeshift stirrups forcing them to spread wide so everyone can see. I'd want to be sitting behind you rubbing your belly and tits through your contractions. Pinching your nipples to get your attention back when the feeling of your baby stretching out your hole becomes too much.

I'd want to watch you become desperate and wet as you touch yourself to try relieve the pressure on your cervix. Not only the humiliating moment of deciding to spread my legs and birth in front of all of those people, but having everyone see what a little slut I am for it? You can call me Ker. This is my first submission, I hope you like!!

Your eyes are fogged, mouth dry as you go to lift your head, but gag immediately. Your legs are also spread wide apart as they can go on the table, your bald pussy vulnerable in the cold air. You flinch, feeling a gentle touch caressing the top of your head. You Erotic birth stories on your wedding night, you always said it was your fetish, your kink, your dream to be bound and tortured; but being pregnant, and feeling a slight onset of contractions, you worry. He walks around the table, gently inserting his finger into you. You are already wet. He looks at you, his familiar gaze so loving yet so pleading.

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You trust him. You trust him to please you.

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And yet, you also trust him in what you believe to be him wanting to make labor an intense experience for you. You immediately writhe, clenching your fists as the baby drops into your pelvis, becoming still.

You arch your back as much as you can, your stomach growing tight around the form of your baby. Very slowly, you feel your contractions getting much harder. Oh god, you loved it so much. But you hated it at the same time.

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You hardly knew what he had in store for you though. You breathe softly, closing your eyes as you gently doze between the contractions, your water not broken yet. You look at him, as he comes by your face, kissing your forehead. He pours water over the towel as he holds it around your face, and suddenly you writhe intensely, swallowing water as he waterboards you, your body going into panic and pleasure mode.

As your lungs and body reacted to your not being able to breath, your water broke as a large pop, Erotic birth stories gushing down the table as it flows down your back due to the angle. The baby within you is moving more than ever, kicking in sheer desperation and instinct for freedom as it can tell you are in danger; or so your body thinks. Your husband removes the towel immediately. You feel it. The time is near, and you need to push. Your husband hears you grunting as you try to force the baby through your birth canal. He unstraps your legs, before tying them not only back down to the table, but so that your legs are tightly crossed.

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I need to give birth please!! Your arms are out beside you, and you hang upright, feeling your baby in your birth canal, writhing and moving about with no way out. You feel something strange though. Between your crossed thighs, water started trickling down, and you can feel the water spraying out from the pressure building up.

Your husband notices. I need to push please!! He comes by, and lets your legs free. You find the opportune moment, and in the middle of the contraction you push with every ounce of strength you have, and the baby comes out in one push, fluids gushing out and the leg of the second baby peeking out. Your husband tucks the first baby away, before tending to you. He smirks. Your Erotic birth stories turns the table completely upside down.

Your husband comes around, and just to make sure, forces his hand into your vagina and pushes the baby all the way back inside. You are in tears from the pain, he steps back as you push hard, feeling it come out right. Slowly, but right.

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He watches, as you show him the grand finale. Your husband then kneels beside you. Your clit swells, he knows choking you out is an immediate orgasm for you, and you push hard, squirting as the baby slides out. Your husband goes up quickly to catch it, and tilts you upright. He unstraps you, and cleans you up in a warm bath afterwards with your two babies, gives you clean clothes from the dryer, and that same night, while the twins are asleep, he pounds into you as you cry out in pleasure, so ready to do this all over again.

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Long time lurker here, first time ever writing. You can call me Lemonade I guess? Alice and Vivienne had been in love with each other since they were children. They shared every secret with one another. Stealing away beneath the bleachers at their high school, they shared their first kiss too. It was only natural, then, that they shared their love of Thomas Gallagher. At first they thought they could only have each other or Thomas, and that Thomas could only have one of them.

Jealousy ran rampant. But it did not last. They shared everything, after all, so why not Thomas? It took a lot of work for the three of them to figure it out, but the moment Thomas and Alice finished their degrees and Vivienne was done with trade school, they got married as trio.

When Alice brought up having kids a year later, everyone thought it was a great idea. But, this was not an experience the women intended to share in full. Children were a great deal of work, after all, so Thomas intended to impregnate only Alice. Maternity U was a university a Erotic birth stories miles out from the capital city of the state.

It was a sprawling campus with lush green trees that backed onto the property. There was a cafeteria with amazing high quality food, the classes were taught Monday through Friday, there was even a good medical staff team at the health centre. But tuition was low and the degrees were highly valued, because in a society with a declining birth population, babies meant fertility for the nation. Mommies were taught everything at Maternity U, they got their degrees with a smile and Erotic birth stories big bumps. Some girls went on to have multiple babies during their courses, because once their womb was opened up by one baby, they always seemed to want more.

Orientation was always an event, boys from neighbouring schools come and fuck these freshmen girls, most still virgins in a giant gang bang. For days on end across campus and the surrounding forest, young women are fucked repeatedly, no consent needed. They gave their consent when they enrolled.

Every morning some one goes around giving them fertility pills, before guys come over and fuck them in various positions. By the end of the week some have a little pot belly of cum. Molly used to have a life. Molly used to have friends. She had a job, an apartment.

Erotic birth stories

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Sex with my ex brought on a 51hr labour. An epic birth story