Erotic castration stories

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I am a male postgraduate engineer with interests in sexual fantasy that range from the Erotic castration stories to the bizarre…. Jenny was a year-old divorcee doctor. Her first marriage had been a terrible failure. She always found men boring and wanted to get even with the man who deceived her. Her husband had made it with one of her nurses — She had promptly got rid of her.

Her simmering anger with her failed marriage always used to tell on her composure. Her urge to prove herself better than the average male used to drive her mad. She lost her temper frequently with her male subordinates and companions. She owned a huge farmhouse just outside the city. She had forgotten all her sexual feelings, or so she thought, after her divorce barely eight days ago. One Erotic castration stories, on her way to the hospital, she found a young man who had had an unfortunate accident.

His hand was a mess with a truck having run over it. He was in great pain. He told her he was an orphan from a small village about 60 miles south. He trustingly gave her his telephone so that his school could be informed and limped into her car with his bleeding hands.

For a fifteen-year-old boy, he really could withstand a lot of pain, thought Jenny. Jenny had a full-fledged setup of surgical equipment in her house complete with a small sterile room for minor operations. She decided to give the boy first aid and then take him to the hospital. Aaron was in great pain. She shot a vial of morphine to dull his pain through his good arm.

The boy dozed off to sleep. As she was cleaning the wound, vague thoughts started to trouble her mind. The boy was obviously well built, square chest, good arms. He was large for his age of fifteen.

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She touched his body. His youth made her tingle down there. Erotic castration stories pussy messages were surprising her. She peeled his pants down. Aaron was fast asleep. His jocks outlined his oversized penis. Jenny stared wide-eyed in surprise! My God! What a stud! She peeled his jocks down. And the girth! It could grow to a minimum of 10 inches in length and would be as thick as her wrist if Aaron could be well and truly aroused! She wondered who the lucky girl was going to be as she tweaked his penis one last time before completing his dressing — she knew that his right hand would not be of much use any longer.

She gave him another sleeping dose and retired for the night. Visions of his cock haunted her dreams — Jenny could not sleep. In two hours, she hatched out an evil plan to get herself what she wanted: She could also have the pleasure of wreaking her vengeance on her husband. She got up and went back into the surgery room. Aaron awoke from his dizzy sleep with a fantastic headache. He remembered having been saved by a young woman. His head was splitting with the effects of the sedative.

Saline drips were being fed into his shoulder by a needle….

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Why shoulders? He was shocked as he noticed that his arms Erotic castration stories gone and there were only two bandaged stumps in its place — and so was the case with his legs. He twitched in agony as Jenny came in. She was dressed in a skimpy negligee but wore an opaque bra and panty. She had literally doused herself in perfume. Jenny spent hours every day talking to Aaron of her job and her work in the hospital. She told him of her various achievements and her skill in surgery.

She found out from him that he was a football player before his unfortunate accident. She would read to him every night — mythological stories filled with strange love and lust. Each day she would dress in alluring garments. She would also ensure that she always strapped him to his cot with his back to the bed whenever he slept or when she went to work. This she told him was to prevent him from rolling off the bed. She told him of the phantom limb syndrome — where a person with recently lost limbs gets conflicting als to his brains. At the same time he could do little to relieve himself of his yearnings, being strapped down on his back.

In two months, Jenny had nursed Aaron back to health and vigor. She had also found out that he was a virgin, ripe for the plucking. Jenny decided it was time to put her plan to action. She had waited long enough. She changed into a flimsy negligee, with nothing underneath at all. Aaron did not understand. She bent over him and kissed his mouth with full force. She leaned over to let him smell her shaved armpits.

Being a lady, I cannot waste it. Aaron squirmed and screamed. Limbless, Erotic castration stories looked like a bed bug. He rolled of the cot and fell on the ground. Jenny watched in fascination.

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He was hers, to do with as she pleased. She danced around the screaming boy. Then with all the room lights on, she started kissing him all over his body. She fondled his heavy balls and licked them. Jenny almost fainted at the thought of fucking his cock. But she wanted him degraded further. She put him back on her bed. She restrained him with a straight jacket-like bonding strips. She fixed a clip on his nose and opened his mouth with metal jaws used for her tonsils operations. She could almost see his tonsils. Her pussy tingled with anticipation. She continued to feel him up, to keep his virginal erection from coming down.

She watched as pre-cum squeezed out of his cock. Aaron moaned with fear as she straddled his face. Slowly she lowered her bald pussy over his mouth.

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She let him smell it for some time. His erection grew harder. Erotic castration stories with a cry of triumph, she squeezed her first jet of piss into his mouth. As Aaron spluttered, she reached for his erection. She told him that if even one drop of his piss was spilled onto her expensive carpet, she would castrate him. Aaron nodded as he saw her pussy deliver its second load.

Jenny pissed in a steady stream and kept up her volume just so as to allow Aaron to breathe and swallow in big gulps. Aaron watched in horror as the first turd made its appearance and entered his mouth. In sheer ecstasy, Jenny mouthed his cock, as she dumped her goo in his mouth. She turned around and watched him swallow her shit in his effort to breathe. As she straddled his cock, she knew Erotic castration stories was just the beginning. Jenny was impregnating herself! Amanda meets Aaron The cool breeze wafted down the road as Amanda walked down the road.

Amanda was years-old and was a stunning blonde who was developing into a great looking chick. Jenny had forgotten to close her doors in her ecstasy and was screaming in orgasmic throes. Amanda peeked into the house. The moans got louder. She tiptoed up the stairway and peeped into the bedroom.

She could not believe her eyes! Aaron was lying on the bed with Jenny riding his mouth with her cunt. The room reeked of shit. His tongue was licking her exposed butt off her soil and she was pissing in spurts into his mouth… Her mouth descended in time to her thrusts on his engorged cock and she was sucking on it with such frenzy…. Being a virgin, Amanda had never really seen a cock before. Her boyfriend had tried feeling her up once and she had touched his crotch through his pants, but that was it. She was a Roman Catholic with a strong Christian upbringing.

She had never seen Jenny before, and neither did Jenny know her. She went through a troubled night, tossing and turning in her sleep. She awoke early in the morning and found her crotch badly wet. She made up her mind on what she had to do. She dressed in her Catholic church gown and wore black stockings and a hat to match. She applied a hint of scent to her armpits.

She was going to meet Aaron. And she walked up to the door and tried it. It was locked. She walked up behind the house and tried the kitchen window with her penknife on her key chain — it slid open without a sound. She was shuddering with anticipation at the thought of meeting Aaron. She poured herself a large glass of milk to steady herself and wolfed it down. She poured out another for Aaron into a cup, took a saucer and walked into the bedroom. Aaron had been bathed and fed by Jenny and was relaxing on his bed.

Aaron was startled at her appearance.

Erotic castration stories

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