Erotic catheter stories

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Published 8 years ago. I called the older sub that had participated at the party and told her to meet me at the club at I instructed her to cleanse herself, figuring she knew what this meant. We were alone which was rare, but allowed me the use of any equipment available.

The first order of business was to check to see if she followed my instructions. After she was shed of clothing, I motioned for her to climb onto the table and place her feet in the stirrups. As she did this, I noticed she was already aroused. Her labia Erotic catheter stories swollen and moisture evident. I wondered if it was the stirrups that triggered this or the prep, which consisted of multiple enemas. I figured it was both.

With her feet strapped into the rests, I pulled her torso down and adjusted the stirrups so her knees were pulled back and her legs spread as far as possible exposing her entire lower region. I took a cotton swab, coated it with alcohol, a proceeded to clean her inner labia. She quivered thinking I was going to pierce her lips, but that wasn't the case.

I wanted them dry and void of her moisture. With that accomplished, I placed a clamp on one lip and tightened hard enough to insure it wouldn't come off. I pulled it all the way to the side and taped it in place. I repeated the action on the other lip and when I was finished all of her orifices were exposed and available, all three of them.

With the preliminaries out of the way, it was time to check her colon to see if she had followed my instructions. I took out my specially deed rod for anal inspection. It wasn't anything exotic, merely a rod I had made that was 10 inches long, slightly tapered, about the size of a quarter at the largest diameter, and had small grooves along the length to collect any waste present.

She had never experienced this, so it would be an adventure for both of us. I made a production of coating the device with lube, which I knew she enjoyed watching in anticipation of the penetration to come. When it was coated, I squeezed a fair amount on her anus, and then began working the paste into her sphincter and inner bowel. We both enjoyed this exercise, the penetration of my fingers to introduce the lube as well Erotic catheter stories explore the inner walls of the passage. She was aroused and loose, pushing out to assist me in my task.

I took the rod and placed the tip on the orifice. With gentle pressure I coaxed it through the sphincter. The first inch went easily in and then some resistance was felt. I moved it about, changing the angle so that it was Erotic catheter stories more towards her stomach, and found the opening. Now it was unobstructed. Groove by groove disappeared through wrinkled opening, each one making her squirm a little more. I could imagine the feeling as the rod went deeper and deeper into her.

Her other orifice was responding as well, muscles clenching as each groove entered. When she relaxed between the penetrations, her vagina was wide open in arousal, a portion of the inner wall visible. That disappeared quickly when the penetration caused another involuntary contraction. Too soon, the rod was buried up to the handle.

I waited, wanting the folds and crevices to relax so the device could perform as it was devised. When I thought it was time, I steadily pulled the rod out of her, not fast, but at a steady pace, actually more quickly than I wanted, but necessary to achieve the. The rod exited devoid of anything but the lube, she had prepped herself perfectly. There was a reward, not earned, but resulting in the extraction of the rod.

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The grooves rattling through her sphincter triggered an orgasm, which I figured would happen, I let this pass, she would be denied other orgasms soon enough. Satisfied that she had done as I requested, I took a large inflatable dildo and prepared it for insertion. I worked it into her anus until it was completely inside her, with only the tubing visible which was attached to the squeeze bulb. I left it deflated, and started inserting another inflatable dildo into her vagina.

Soon, there were two tubes with squeeze bulbs hanging down off the edge of the table. I think the uncertainty of what I was doing squelched any arousal in her, but that didn't matter; Erotic catheter stories was my scene to enjoy. I took a small syringe with no needle, filled it with lube, and then placed the end against her urethral opening.

Holding it against the flesh, I depressed the plunger and injected the lube into her urethra.

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She moaned and squirmed, having not felt this before. When the lube oozed out around the syringe I knew the passage was full. To make the scene more intense, I took out my latest acquisition and showed it to her. These are used for urethra stretching, but in this case, for erotic stimulation.

Whether she became aroused or not was to be determined, I was already getting aroused just thinking about it. I picked up one of the smaller sounds and placed it at the oozing orifice. It required no Erotic catheter stories at all to ease it inside. I slowly pushed it inside until I felt a resistance, obviously the sphincter at the bladder. I left it there for a moment, then slowly pulled it out which resulted a copious amount of lube oozing out past the tip.

I took the syringe and refilled the passage. I picked the second largest sound, wondering if she could take this since it was fairly large.

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It took some time for the tip to spread the opening, and some discomfort as well. Once the orifice had been breeched, it slid deep with minimal effort. Removal resulted in wiping the passage clean of excess lube, but I was sure the walls were still coated. I decided to try the largest sound. I took it slow, easing the bud into the opening, the penetration was impossible, I didn't think she could handle it. As a last effort, I twisted the sound to aid in the insertion, it finally popped Erotic catheter stories the orifice and I let her rest. I tried pushing it further inside and it did with medium effort.

When it reached the end, I left it in and took out the next prop for the scene, which was a catheter kit with bag and a Foley catheter. I prepared a syringe with distilled water to inflate the balloon, and then pulled the sound out of her. The urethral orifice was awesome in its dilated state. The catheter slipped in easily and traveled unhindered to the bladder sphincter. I maintained pressure and finally it slipped inside the sphincter.

The instant it did, urine began to flow into the bag.

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There wasn't much, not as much as I wanted, but I had a remedy for that. I took the syringe filled with water, found the vein for the balloon, pierced it and filled the balloon with the water. I knew it was successful because as I filled it, I saw the catheter being pulled deeper into her as the balloon expanded. I pulled the catheter back until it stopped, sealing it against the orifice.

Now there were three tubes hanging out of her.

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The next step was to fill her bladder. I clamped the tube to the bag with two forceps and cut the tube between them. I retrieved an intravenous bag of distilled water and connected it to the catheter. I wrapped the bag with a pressure cuff and removed the forceps. I pumped the bulb on the cuff until the water started flowing through the catheter into her bladder.

I placed the apparatus on her stomach so she could see what was happening. Her mouth opened in surprise when she saw it. I started inflating the cuff, which squeezed the bag forcing the water into her. Now her eyes were wide as she watched the bag deflate and felt her bladder expanding. I took it slow, watching her for discomfort; I didn't want to injure her. When she began to pant, I stopped, figuring she was up to capacity. I clamped off the tube and removed the cuff. Now that she was full, it Erotic catheter stories time for fun and extreme discomfort.

Erotic catheter stories

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