Erotic horror stories werewolf

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The full moon was glowing among the stars, the whitest of whites against the blackest of black. Paws were patting the dirt path that snaked between the grass and trees that surrounded the estate, from whose second-floor window this lupine brute had jumped. A nose was sniffing for human flesh to eat.

A man and his wife were walking in that very forest. He wore a suit, she a dress, diamonds, and pearls. How romantic.

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How bourgeois. How unfortunate. Some nearby bushes were rustling, something hiding among them, waiting for the couple to approach. Lampposts, set far off from each other, gave just enough light for people to walk through at night, but left it dark enough to keep lurking dangers unseen. Her fear was vibrating all the way to those bushes. At one point, she thought she saw eyes peering at her from them. She gasped and twitched, then looked again…the eyes were gone. Did she just imagine it? No one ever found a wolf anywhere. Those people were probably killed by that psychotic who was arrested last week.

They also claimed it was a werewolf, of all things. Can you rely on such testimony? It was a full moon that night, as tonight. How is that proof of a werewolf?

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His liver and kidneys were the tastiest, his blood being their gravy. He screamed briefly, till my claws, having already Erotic horror stories werewolf his rib cage aside, scraped against his lungs, flooding his throat with red and stopping his voice. He would then only cough blood. His intestines lay like a red snake on the grass. She was frozen with fear, yet shaking all over, her feet seemingly rooted to the ground. She continued weeping a few seconds longer as I feasted, then I looked up at her, licking my lips.

She fought against her panic with spastic jerks of her legs. Too many people knew about us after the last full moon. Chisad was right. I had to pounce on this bitch as soon as possible. Our souls wandering aimlessly in limbo, never able to avenge the deaths of our people! Unbearable banishment! Frieda kept running, the edge of the forest coming closer. I had to get to her before she got there and drew attention to us. Everything is a battle of opposites. In this forest, Kleinwald, no one can hide from me. I could hear her shaky breathing. We spirits knew her fear, and her thoughts, as if our very consciousness was hers.

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It was like visiting the inside of her head, seeing through her eyes. What fun for me! Nor would Chisad have, so worried was he of us being caught and killed. My task was to kill quickly and run to safety, that was all. Her eyes were darting about, left Erotic horror stories werewolf right, trying to find me.

Then she glanced over to her right, and saw my yellow eyes amid the black of the shadowy bushes. Our eyes met briefly, then mine disappeared from her sight. Where is it? Is it gone? Did it lose me? Oh, I hope so. She kept looking around and listening, not making any noise, even breathing as quietly as she could. With the sun starting to peek over the horizon, Sades was finally restrained, and the wolf, exhausted from running all over the town of Klein, just southwest of the city of Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria, fell asleep by some bushes near a playground in Kleinpark, on the side of town opposite the forest of Kleinwald.

Now he was Wolfgang Georg Alexander Bergbauer, 38, and naked as the day he was born. He looked around, blinking and waiting impatiently for his eyes to focus. He felt chilly all over. Then he knew. He noticed and recognized the nearby playground, correctly guessed it was about in the morning, and saw only a few people, no more: a mother and Erotic horror stories werewolf baby in a stroller, and a pretty blonde, about eighteen from the looks of her even now-passive Sades sensed her desirability.

Besides, he was freezing. Luckily for him, the mother pushed her baby stroller out of the playground, so if there was to be a struggle with the girl, no further attention would be drawn to him. Actually, I willed the mother to go. The girl was absorbed in what she was looking at on her phone. My spiritual connection to everything around me allowed me to know what the girl was reading on her phone; I read the text as if her eyes were mine. She and her mother had been exchanging text messages.

We forgive you for being with that boy, and for what you did to your father. In the next few seconds, Wolfgang was right behind her, his right hand almost on the coat. But he got curious, and looked at what she was now reading on her phone: a news story about the second wolf attack near his estate, in the forest south of Klein!

She was smiling with wide eyes as she read. He gasped, drawing her attention away. She looked over at him as he snatched her coat. She grabbed it by the other side, and they began a tug of war. Having not put it on yet, he looked back at her briefly, grinning at the lustful amazement in her eyes at the sight of his muscular body. Indeed, that lewd awe she felt kept her in such a trance that she forgot to scream for help. She just sat in the dirt and stared at his pretty arse. What most fascinated her about his body, even more so than his good looks, was the deep scar scratched from his chest—on the right—down his right side to just below his right buttock, a brown swirl of four claws.

Though perfectly healed, it seemed a permanent indentation in his skin. What a sexy naked man, she thought, licking her lips. People think those locals are crazy to believe in werewolves. But I believe. At least, I want to believe. I'm merging the variety of topics I've blogged about--which include literary and film analyses, anarchism, socialism, libertarian-leaning Marxism, narcissistic abuse, and psychoanalysis--into a coherent philosophy centred on dialectical materialism, dialectical monism, and object relations theory.

Now, one dialectical opposition is that between the erotic and the ascetic, so accordingly, my writing encompasses the sexual as well as the philosophical; the former can be found in my publications on the Literotica website, as well as my self-published erotic horror writing on Amazon. View all posts by Mawr Gorshin. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter.

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Mawr Gorshin horror novelwerewolf June 15, December 22, 9 Minutes. Soon, it found some. Fresh air. She froze. The two of them looked around for the source of the voice. They never found it, of course. Another, louder growl. She shuddered. A ten second silence, then a howl. I brought him crashing down on the dirt, his hair covered in it.

Erotic horror stories werewolf

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