Erotic superheroine stories

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Chapter 1 Jordin Tyler had dressed hurriedly that morning without putting on a bra, but since it was the weekend she figured she could get away with it. She had to work on aSaturdaybecause she had taken Friday off for personal business, which was not unusual for employees at Hasselhoff Electronics.

When you were in constant competition to produce the next g Continuing the theme of trying something new, this is a completely different idea and approach to that of 'Vegas', but one that has fascinated me for some time. And in writing this, I have taken on board feedback on my first posting, which suggested a tinge of disappointment with the balance between poker and erotica All place names, hero names and registered trademarks belong to their rightful legal owners and are not intended as copyright infringement in any way.

This work is purely meant as a piece of entertainment, and not for commercial purposes in any way, shape or form. Chapter V Amanda walked down the hallway and stopped in front of a non-descript door. With every breath she took, she felt the silver chain around her neck, reminding her of her shackled will.

She felt so much more owned when dressed in this skimpy "uniform". Opening the door, she entered the room. Amanda recognized the woman standing in front of the scree Clairiel was in a wonderful place, indescribable, but wonderful nonetheless. Delicious sensations seemed to flow over and through her, neither stopping nor starting, just being. She was perfectly content, and would have Erotic superheroine stories so had it not been for the sudden, unwelcome thumps.

First a small one, but soon the thumps came with more frequency. Suddenly her A beautiful and athletic woman is alone Erotic superheroine stories the top of a building. She is dressed in a superhero uniform. The superhero uniform is black leather and very tight. The woman is blonde and has a black mask. The woman's name is Nightshade and is a famous superhero. The woman is voluptuous and very tempting though it is thirty-eight years.

She has big tits with big Chapter ONE The moment Jordin Tyler got inside her apartment, she stepped out of her high heels and began unbuttoning her blouse. In the bathroom she loosened her ponytail, setting her luxurious brunette tresses free as she tossed her blouse to the floor, revealing the lacy white bra which confined and supported her supple bosom. With a sigh, she unzipped h Chapter IV Sparkler felt fantastic. Not only had going to that massage parlor given her the break in the case she needed, the massage had done wonders, too.

Even now there was this core of mellow arousal inside of her, keeping her from getting impatient or distracted. She took another survey of the building. The parlor only occupied the ground floor; the Black Falcon and the Returning Hero This is a superheroine story themes including fighting, beaten up and lots of girl on girl sex action if you don't want to read stories of this nature don't.

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The setting sun cast an orange glow over the rooftop. Grace took in the downtown scenery briefly before turning back towards the man next to her on the roof.

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If I didn't know better I'd say the setting is almost romantic," Grace said with a smile. She was talking to the River City Police Chief.

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He was a li SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Superheroine Stories. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off. Victory Is Mine by ladyjane on Sep 19,

Erotic superheroine stories

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