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Let me back up a little. I am what you would consider a bondage addict. I have always thought of it as being taboo thoughts so I am about as much a closet bondage addict as one can get. My mom and dad never knew, my roommates in college never knew then later in life my wife never Erotic whipping stories. I had gotten so use to thinking it was so taboo and dirty that once I started dating my wife I could Erotic whipping stories figure out how to bring it to the surface to let her know my interest and share that part of me with her.

There were many times I tried bring it up in conversation but she would instantly show her distaste in such behavior and over the years I just buried that part of me into the deepest, darkest place I could hide it in our lives. So I had two lives going.

The one I call normal, which is father to my kids, loving husband to my wife, and a very vanilla sex life. And then the other, a fantasy life of a self indulged bondage whore I had become. The bondage whore would stay up late at night, sometimes to dawn, surfing the internet for bondage pictures and erotic bondage stories just to get his rocks off. He would go out of his way to find discussing, sleazy, adult sex-shops that would sell or rent bondage movies to fuel his addiction, then stroking his rod raw to the wee hours of morning while everyone was asleep until he could not climax anymore.

The fascination started innocent enough with light playful bondage scenes, and then continued to get more intense. It all started when I was a youth about 13 years of age. I always seemed to have a sexual drive that just seemed to consume my attention. I did not realize what the attraction was or interest but I would have vivid fantasies of sexual encounters with girls where they seemed to always control the situation. As a young adult of about 18 I discovered magazines starting with the typical Playboy then moving to more hardcore behind the counter magazines.

One day I found a small news stand that sold erotic material where some of the magazines had themes. I found them even more entertaining than the well known magazines, but at a cost — three times the price. I started with the playful guy and girl wrestle scenes, then as I grew older the interest changed to female dominating female action, and then one day I found female dominating male magazine and I about creamed my jeans.

When Erotic whipping stories found that FemDom action, it gripped me by the balls and took over my sexual core. That was the day that began my spiral into becoming a bondage whore as I call it. Over the years, I have found continuing ways to feed this obsession in my secrete life without letting it out of the closet and keeping, at least what I feel, a balance between what fuels me sexually with what my wife wants from me sexually while remaining committed to her without seeking a mistress or other play relationships outside of the marriage.

Over the years I have found creative ways to continually push my envelop a little further and further. One of these is I place myself into my own bondage situations, but it is more than just simple self bondage. My mind fills in all the missing pieces and I play out the bondage scenes in real life with self bondage to my own sexual satisfaction, privately, with myself, and sometimes with a few close calls at getting caught. A weekend had finally come where the kids, who have been pestering Grandma, most of the summer, finally got a chance to spend the weekend with her.

I immediately started to in-vision a possible plan of trying out a bondage idea that I had been toying with in my head for a long while but could never try since I would need time to build the contraption and be alone for a while. A Erotic whipping stories times I thought about building the device and trying it out one night but I was afraid it might be to loud and wakeup someone in the house. One was the scene would never lasted very long before it move onto something else I considered less entertaining. Another was that the slaves never seems to get hard or aroused, which I assumed would be arousing.

And last, in all the movies I have ever watched a slave is never forced to cum without wanting too. I would always end up in the end being disappointed that the slave never get his cock and balls whipped by a mistress until she whips the cum right out of him.

Every now and then these thoughts keep pressing at me from the dark regions of my mind, during business dealings at work, during everyday life, and even sometimes while making out with the wife. Over time, a whipping machine idea developed as a means of how I might be able to play out my own scene privately during one of my solo play sessions. Over the time I have constructed in my mind how the device should be built with some of the stuff laying around the garage and house. So when the opportunity came, all the thoughts rushed back into my head and I rushed out into the garage to begin my work.

I found the old weight bench and its the posts to hold the weight bar up over your head. It took less than half an hour to build the basics of the whipping machine contraption. I bent the rod at the other end and secured it in the jaws of the drill. I was shaking with excitement when I realized that this might just work. I moved it around until I thought the whip would impact the bench right about where I would have to lay. I secured the entire thing with clamps and powered the drill on again and the crack of the whip on the bench startled me and excited me at the same time. Last I had to rig up a string in such a way that when I pulled on the string it would pull the trigger in on the drill and make it rotate.

The farther I pulled the string the more it pulled the trigger of the drill and the faster the drill would go. If I let the string out the drill would slow down. This I figured would allow me to speed up and slow down the drill to whatever speed I wanted. Every thing seamed to work as expected so I weaved the string through the frame and made sure it was accessible under the weight bench.

I figured once I am laying on the bench on my back the only place there will be for my hands is under the bench.

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Everything was now in place in the basement and ready to go. The basement only added to the atmosphere of domination. It has unfinished and unpainted concrete walls and floor. The basement has a damp feel all the time and is always on the cool side. Who knows maybe that is the reason for shivers instead of the excitement, or it is both. As the realization sinks in that the machine looks like it could work I am now begin to get a bit nervous about using it.

How should I lay on it? What should my fantasy be? Are the doors locked… are the doors locked? I better go check them. I run up stairs and check to make sure the attached garage door is down, check.

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Then I quickly check the front and back doors to the house, check, and check both are locked. Feeling a bit safer and more secure I quickly head up stairs and dig around in my dresser drawer for a boot string I Erotic whipping stories hidden in there. The kind of lace you find on hiking boots that is round not flat and approximately four feet long. I grab the boot lace and slid the drawer closed.

Think, think, think, anything else I need. Panning the room I see a bath towel and think I might want that to clean up, as I reach for the towel I spot the video camera case on the chest of drawers. Then I would not have to continue to waste my money on disappointing porn when I could watch a video of exactly what I was complaining there is a lack of in my adult entertainment collection.

But what are the risks if I did video tape it? Someone could possible find the tape and that would be really embarrassing. The wife finds the tape that could be fatal.

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But what if I am really careful and make sure that before I am all done today I hid the tape where no one will ever find it? That might work. But I better make damn sure I remove the tape from the camera or my ass is history in this house. So I grab the video camera and tripod and a new blank tape. I remove the tape in the camera and place it on the floor where the bag is so I will remember to put it back in the camera when I am done. After making one more stop for another bondage item I had purchased a while back Erotic whipping stories hid in a very secure place I head back to the basement and the waiting whipping machine.

I set up the camera and tripod. Not taking any chances that the battery is not fully charged, I Erotic whipping stories the power pack on the camera and plug it into the extension cord I am using for the drill as well. Fumbling with excitement I finally get that dame shrink wrap cellophane off the video tape case and get the video tape into the camera. Not knowing how long this is going to take maybe a few seconds as excited as I am now to an hour or so I set the camera up to use the extended time over quality. Quickly aiming the camera at the bench and figuring out where I will be and where the whip will be hitting me I do a little zoom and focus and place the camera unit on stand-by.

Grabbing the remote out of the camera case I place it on the bench as a reminder not to forget to switch the camera to record before any action happens. Looking around, everything looks to be in place. Oh, except I need some rope to make this seem a bit more real for me. I quickly run back out to the garage and grab some heavy cotton rope we use for the boat and return.

Now I am set. Still nervous and shaking feverishly I began to peel off my cloths. I fold them and lay them neatly out of the way so they are not on the cameras viewing area. I have no idea why I folded them and all that, its not like anyone is here other than me. I guess I thought it might make the video look a bit more real when looking at it again sometime if the clothes were not in the picture.

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Only thing left on me were my Jockey bikini briefs that I was wearing. Taking one deep and final breath I peel them off as well and place them on the pile of cloths. Nothing more foolish feeling than standing totally naked in a chilly basement with a very cold and harsh looking contraption sitting in front of you and a video camera behind you and your cock and balls hanging out.

As I stood there the anxiety was building from all the sneaking around and secretly trying to fulfill a taboo fantasy. The coolness of the basement was also making my ball sack tighten. Giving myself a little mental push, I pick up the rope from the garage, the boot lace from the bedroom and the leather wrist cuffs that I had hidden for years and never used and walked over to the bench.

Sliding the remote down the bench toward the bar bell support posts I Erotic whipping stories a leg and strattle the bench sitting backwards to how I normally would sit so I am facing the bar bell up-right posts. I then slid forward, as close as I could get to the up-right post.

Erotic whipping stories

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