Erotic wife seduction stories

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter EroticWriter Start date Erotic wife seduction stories 16, Tags cuck hubby cuckold first big cock first time huge cock masturbating orgasmic pleasure reluctant wife seduced uncut cock watching wife sharing. Discussion Discussion Reviews Status Not open for further replies. Only Took Him Five Minutes To Seduce My Innocent Wife I suspect that John, having a cock like that, knows that just about any woman he enters, married or not, has probably never been fucked with a cock such as his.

So I said it, and in the process letting Anne know that I was right here with her. I can see that she's very turned on, but go slow and don't hurt her. She's my precious little wife and she has never had one like yours. At the end of the story readers, I placed some thoughts of mine for you to consider.

It was a hot late July day. I was working out of the house as usual. My wife, Anne who works in town had taken the day off to go to the beach with friends. Around 10 as Anne was getting ready to leave.

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Anne was a little disappointed but said she understood and perhaps they could do it another time. I was not getting a lot accomplished myself. She might not end up getting down dirty naked, but I knew that for sure, as good as my wife looks, that men would be coming by not only to look at her, but to be looked at. They would be naked. That was what I planned most. I wanted my wife to view other men, other cocks.

I'm not sure why, Erotic wife seduction stories in the back of my mind I was thinking that might bring her out of her shell some and maybe inject some sexual talk into our marriage. Yeah, I guess, since my wife had lived such a sheltered life, that I wanted to have her to see, and to be seen. If I happened to see some cute naked women in the proces, that would be an additional extra. I loaded up two folding backrests that could be used to keep our backs up when sitting, a small ice chest with a six pack of RC Cola and four waters. Oh yes, and sun screen along with two long brightly colored towels to lie on.

On the way there Anne talked non-stop about this and that. I must admit I was getting quite aroused just thinking about the possibilities and had quite the woody as we pulled into the parking area. At the edge of the lot I saw that there were three paths leading into the woods.

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Which one to take, I wondered? Hoping for the one most traveled, meaning where the most people might be, I chose the middle and in we went.

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As we walked down the wooded path towards what turned out to be a beautiful sandy and pebble beach along an open yet secluded section of a small winding river we saw others coming and going down various paths leading to the same point.

So far, since they were in transit, they were all dressed. I picked out a spot surrounded by tall grass where we had a pretty good view of those around us yet we were rather secluded. As I was spreading out our towels Anne stood holding our books and looking around. I was watching her face, looking for s. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped.

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She turned to me and whispered, "Steve, I see people in both directions and they have no clothes on. None were all that close to us. I would say the closest for the moment were probably 25 yards away. I wanted them to be closer, but felt I needed to be pushing her a little slowly at first. I exclaimed, well you know what they say, when in Rome. I noticed that she took a quick glance at my cock.

Now I know that she has seen me many times naked and with my cock in many stages of arousal, or not. Small, quite small actually when I come out of the shower and the bathroom is a bit cold. Today, she had seen my cock slightly enlarged beyond soft before I placed it out of sight on the blanket, and I knew that image had been registered on her mind.

Today, if anyone came by, she would compare, in her mind, what she had last seen me looking like. The warm sun was feeling good on my dick and I knew that between the warmth of the sun and an occasional quick rub with my fingers when she isn't looking, that I could keep my cock looking a bit on the large side while we are sitting there. Any man walking by, because he is exercising in a way, is running his blood into his legs and arms and out of his cock. In other words, men going by would be shrunk up a bit in most cases. Let my wife look. Yeah, maybe, but that was part of my plan.

Anne just stood there still looking around. Not everyone, every female, looks the same as Anne. Men especially, would be looking for sure. Anne was looking around and sort of had her tongue sticking out and touching her upper lip like she was thinking about all this and trying to absorb it. Are you sure you want that? They're all strangers to us. Anyone that sees you, he is going to think to himself, 'nice breasts' and keep on walking by.

Her breasts, a beautiful creation, were even more noticeable since the rest of her body was already a golden tan but her breasts, almost pure white since they had never been exposed to the sun. What I also was thinking is that she might see some naked men up close as they come by and see that they look hopefully, smaller.

My cock is not one of the really big ones when hard, but it hangs looking somewhat long, between four and five inches when soft. I am circumcised which means my knob, which is wider than my shaft, is noticeable. I had never sunbathed in the nude before, and now the sun was feeling really good on my cock, and my balls.

I was sitting against my backrest, staring in both directions hoping someone would come by, and keeping my legs spread. Anne, also, was seated facing the water since the sun was coming from that direction, and I kept hoping, waiting for her to give in to the feel of the sun and get totally naked. Ten minutes later she was still wearing her bottoms.

Separately, two men walked by, and five minutes later, one couple. That older man with the whitish looking hair will never know that he had been given the honor of being the first to see Anne's rack. They all smiled and me as I nodded to them, and I noticed that all of them without exception, made sure to look at my wife and her exposed, bathing suit marked breasts.

They are exceptional tits, but being white like that while the rest of her body and face is golden tan, well, that had the effect of bringing those breasts to the forefront. Her pink nipples were looking fine too. Like I said, we had apparently entered an area Erotic wife seduction stories people gather and get nude somewhere to the left or right of us. So as a result, there were not that many going by us.

I can see naked people off to the right, and more off to the left, and none real close to where I had set up. I kept thinking, since I wanted to have Anne see and be seen by naked men, that I should have came through the woods and set up Erotic wife seduction stories more downstream. Too late now, I might try that the next time, since I now knew the layout. The only question is, will Anne come here again? If I can just get her naked today and Erotic wife seduction stories feels comfortable while others might see her, maybe. More naked people coming by and being cool about it, that is what I wanted.

Let Anne get used to it. But everyone was pretty much staying in place. Still, a few were coming by as time went on. I saw a guy approaching from the right.

Erotic wife seduction stories

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