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Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. Comment: Five to Go Hamner's Cellar : by ClarkBonner Synopsis: A young girl is held captive in a man's basement where relentless tortures await her. Comment: Teen. Hell Island : by HT Synopsis: A group of schoolgirls and their teachers are abducted and taken to an island, where they are to be sex slaves for any wicked perversion that the owner's customers want.

Housewife rape : by Red Doggie Synopsis: a lady gets raped by gang members and then her friends are unlucky enough to be taken by the gang too. Comment: Doing Babe : by Honda Kushimoto Synopsis: Babe is a young blonde starlet who has been offered the lead role in a new movie.

She arrives at the set and finds out that she had ed up to star in a snuff movie and reluctantly does her part.

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Comment: Axe Chop to Head Dungeon Meat : by Llabmik Synopsis: A cock-warming tale of the Spanish Inquisition featuring depraved priests, perverted nobles, vile torturers and hapless female victims. There will be future instalments ending at the auto-da-fe. Comment: The Snuff Movie : by Llabmik Synopsis: A group of wealthy hollywood perverts view a snuff movie featuring three luscious female victims.

I discovered this story while looking for a story I wrote about the Hitler Youth vicious teenage thugs, the males at the peak of their sex drive supervising nubile female victims in 'work details'. I haven't yet found this exercise in political incorrectness, but I did discover a few which I will tweak up and submit.

Comment: Her Last Resort : by C. Smith Synopsis: Poor Caitlyn. No one told her that on Paradise Island running up an unpaid casino debt is a capitol offense. Nor did anyone mention the Islanders' bi-weekly feasts and the special Extreme snuff stories reserved for convicted females.

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Particularly beautiful young females. Now she's in deep, deep shit. This story features worldwide tales of torture, rape and snuff all leading to the big extravaganza in Hamburg that gives the series it's title. Thanks to Norm for the basic idea that grew. Comment: From Muff To Snuff : by Llabmik Synopsis: White Slavers bikers and yakuza gangsters kidnap young beauties, force them into prostitution, and make torture and snuff movies with their hapless victims. Comment: Midieval times : by Shyloch Synopsis: A 17 year old girl is publicly tortured and executed because she insulted the princess.

Graphic story.

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Cerntainly not for the squeamish. I apologise for my poor english. Comment: Deathshow : by Shyloch Synopsis: Two girls are invited as guests to an island. They are entertained by the rich inhabitants of the island, until Comment: Backlash : by Vrykolakas Synopsis: There is danger when a snuff writer gets kidnapped. The question is, for whom? Comment: Debbie's View : by Vrykolakas Synopsis: This is what happens when a gynocentric group of public figures dismisses and humiliates one of their own. Hell hath no furry. Comment: Cunt Hunter : by Llabmik Synopsis: This story of a violent serial rapist is put together from some violent rape fantasies I e-mailed to a deeply inspirational female who kept wanting more.

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I have detected C's influence on several other authors who post stories here. Comment: A Cellar Full of Screams : by Extreme snuff stories Karlson Synopsis: Older man trains willing girl to be his partner in rape and torture scenes with unwilling females. Comment: A Message from the Cartel : by Thomit Seno Synopsis: Wanda makes a serious mistake, and the drug cartel punishes her in typically brutal fashion.

She submits, however, under duress of drugs and discovers that demise le to pleasure. Comment: The Apprentice : by Bobo Synopsis: A woman discovers a way to bring her sadistic feelings out into the real world Comment: Celeste's Pacific Downfall : by Lex Ludite Synopsis: Celeste, the news anchor, comes a cropper when she is kidnapped, assaulted and humiliated by a band of serial rapists who threaten to ruin her career if she reveals what happened. She obeys, taking the first step that le to her ultimate demise as the star of a snuff film shot on a remote Pacific island.

Comment: Final Stone : by MystiCat Synopsis: Stone gets his revenge for all the women who objectified him in the past. More Links.

Extreme snuff stories

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