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Ever since Mark Twain wrote The Prince and the Pauperand probably long before then, people of all ages have been wondering if the grass really is greener on the other side. But as many of the characters in these stories discover, the perfect life we see on the outside is not always the truth. Here are some of our favorite books about characters swapping places and sometimes swapping bodies!

Tom Canty, the lowly pauper is almost identical in appearance to Edward Tudor, a Family body swap stories. Unbeknownst to those around them, the boys strike up an unlikely friendship and soon realize that with their similar looks they could easily pass for one another. Lottie Pumpkin is an ordinary girl who has spent her life longing for the extraordinary. Ellie Wolf is the crown princess of Maradova, who wants nothing more than a chance at an ordinary life.

But at Rosewood, a secret never stays secret for long. Someone in the school is on to them — and if the truth is revealed, the may be more treacherous than they ever expected. But when a mysterious mirror allows Hannah and Maggie to switch places in time, suddenly Hannah is racing to stop the heist from happening, while Maggie gets an introduction to iPhones, soccer which girls can play!

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Can the girls work together against time — and across it — to set things right? Or will their temporary swap become a permanent trade? A Prince and a Pauper. Prince Brat and his whipping boy inadvertently trade places after becoming involved with dangerous outlaws. The two boys have nothing in common and even less reason to like each other. But when they find themselves taken hostage after running away, they are left with no choice but to trust each other.

In a time when girls are forbidden to be warriors, Alanna of Trebond wants nothing more than to be a knight of the realm of Tortall. So she finds a way to switch places with her twin brother, Thom. Disguised as a boy, Alanna begins her training as a at the palace of King Roald.

But the road to knighthood, as she discovers, is not an Family body swap stories one. Alanna must master weapons, combat, and magic, as well as polite behavior, her temper, and even her own heart. Trevor and Sam look alike. Trevor is a movie star, living the Hollywood life in a huge mansion with his own limo, pool, and bowling alley. And he really wants to see his dad, a struggling screenwriter, realize his own dream. But what happens when the boys take their game too far?

Andie loves sports and hanging out with her friends — Caitlin is passionate about music and loves learning at school. Now that junior high is starting, the girls will finally get a chance to pave their own way. Annabel thinks her mom has the best life. If she were a grown-up, she could do whatever she wanted! Katie is jealous of her best friend, Melody. Turns out that Melody is jealous of Katie, too. When the two girls wish for the exact same thing at the same moment-to redo the summer as each other-their wishes are granted.

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Lavender and Scarlet are nothing alike. Scarlet is tall, pretty, and popular — the star of the soccer team and the queen of the school. Lavender is. But this year, because of two wishes that turned all too true, they are about to swap something much bigger than presents. Tad Spencer lives a life of luxury: a mansion, servants, exotic vacations, and all the toys he could dream of. But when his father denies him a trip to a theme park, Tad wishes he were someone else. The next day, he wakes up as Bob Snarby, a carnival worker living in abject conditions in a criminal world.

This terrifying body swap is just the beginning of an adventure that will lead Tad to uncover a secret that will change his life forever.

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JACK thought girls had it easy — no fights with bullies, no demanding d, no power plays — but facing mean girls at sleepovers and getting grilled about your period is way harder than taking a hit to the face at sports practice. The author of The Swap, which is now a Disney Channel Original Movie, delivers another hilarious, heartwarming, and empowering story about a girl who relives the same day over and over again—each time as someone new. Ali has always acted like a copycat to make friends, but when she unexpectedly inherits the ability to change her appearance at will, fitting in seems impossible!

Luckily, with the help of her family, new friends, and a touch of magic, Ali might just survive middle school after all.

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Rising star author-illustrator Ethan M. Aldridge delivers a fantasy adventure with all the makings of a classic. Illustrated with over two-hundred s of watercolor paintings, this epic graphic novel is perfect for fans of Amulet. Reader Favorites. Browse by Subject. Are you So sorry! This browser is not supported.

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