Family discipline stories

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Want to Read. Rate this book. Family Discipline: the spanking of teenage girls In this collection of spanking stories teenage girls and an aunt are subject to discipline by members of their family: Charlie's Aunt : Charlie knows it's wrong to eavesdrop but he does it anyway and discovers that not only is his aunt still spanked, she seems to enjoy it! Doing it Right : Ray has to learn how to properly spank his niece. Val is cute and cries crocodile tears, but a proper hard spanking makes her behave so much better.

Fat-Bottomed Girl : An old man watches approvingly as a mom tans her misbehaving fat-bottomed teenage daughter with a wooden paddle.

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Grandpa the Spanker : When bratty Ana thinks she can misbehave because her grandfather wouldn't dare spank her in public, she finds out otherwise. The teen is upended over Grandpa's lap in a diner. A Strapping for Sara : A distracted schoolgirl learns to study and get good grades in her exams - all thanks to the power of Daddy's strap which helps her to focus again. Welcome to the Family : Eddie takes his girlfriend Wendy home to meet his family, and she ends up bare bottomed over his strict mother's lap getting a sound spanking.

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To Eddie's surprise and delight, Wendy keeps coming back for more. Five Daughters : The Colonel, a widower, raises five daughters, and his household is military strict.

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Often away, there is hell to pay when he returns home and discovers countless sins that need to be paid for A Daring Maneuver : A poor farmer's daughter comes up with a scheme to lure a rich man. She is ill-mannered at the table in front of their guest, resulting in a harsh strapping in the woodshed from her pa.

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Family discipline stories

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