Fanfiction spanking stories

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Disappointed that the Harry Potter series were a bit thin on that score? Don't worry, you can write your own! Well, I wouldn't on principle but there's plenty around. What is the LSF policy on spanko fanfiction? I've written some, one of which, Jeeves and the Cunning Plan even found its way Fanfiction spanking stories the Library.

I'll resubmit the others. I rarely read fanfiction stories, but not because I have any kind of downer on them. I'm just often not familiar with the original work - for example, I've never read a Harry Potter book, nor seen a Harry Potter movie - and clearly to get the most out of the fan stories you need to be familiar with the source material. I can definitely see the appeal, though. You have a ready-made cast of characters, so can get straight to the action without worrying about a lot of exposition, but you still have the challenge of retaining the truth of those characters - and fans will always be intrigued to see what you do with their favourite fantasy universe.

It can be a route to big things as well - I gather E L James started off writing Twilight fanfiction. Opinion is divided, of course, as to whether she should have stuck to it.

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I had an idea for a Mass Effect fanfic its just too tempting; remove the "M" and you get a perfect spanking story title. Not sure if there's a single other person on this site who's familiar with the Fanfiction spanking stories matter though, so perhaps not worth it? Well, I liked the Potter books and movies.

Never especially appealing though for spanking fanfiction. But in general I like it, if I liked the original show or movie. May as well plug the one and only story in the category I wrote. Of course Weeds actually had a spanking. And most of all Baywatch. I have mentioned from time to time what a pity it was that show never had any spankings in it, with all the bratty beach bunnies parading around in their floss bikinis. Way I see it spanking fanfiction has the same appeal that concocting fantasy spanking of celebrities does. I must admit I can't see past edb for celebrity spanking stories.

I've done a couple of things I guess you could say were fan fiction, except that in my case what I did was to take the original and rewrite it completely, retaining some of the famous lines or plot elements. I found that this had much better opportunity to make it entertaining as opposed to creating a new story using a pre-made set of characters, settings and back story. As for EL James, yeah, the writing is silly. And I fear Hollywood is going to make it worse.

True love requires being cured of the need to engage in such practices.

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In the end Christian and Anastasia are in a "healthy" relationship because he has changed and no longer needs to be a "dom" and she no longer has to be his "sub". So there you have it folks--we're all "sick" and need to be "cured". Coming soon to a theater near you.

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Watch for it. Like school stories with lots of caning and slippering? With regard to? There is plenty of fan fiction on the site, including various Harry Potter based stories These are given a disclaimer stating that all characters are fictitious and that no profit is made from such work etc Underling Author England Posts: As I understand it, there's a question, based on the quality of her work, whether she should have been permitted to write or at least have published ANYthing.

I have no first-hand knowledge though, nor do I intend to acquire it.

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Apparently, enough people bought her books to make her a "popular" author and a wealthy woman though. There is just no explaining some people's taste. Online now: Members - 2 : Guests - 7 castorcassteve

Fanfiction spanking stories

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