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I just got a Station Dalmatian through breeding even if it says in its info that it's unbreedable. Now I have a Reindeer as well. I also got a Harvest Fantasy forest story discussion a month ago. However, I don't have enough animals to try the combinations that worked for others. These are both Fairy Ferrets. Hey Randomxjammer, so I think Storm8 is just giving the minimum required attention to this game, as they were able to answer your glitch report.

But I don't think they're going to update the game any further because when I installed it on an Android 10 phone it said that the app was made for older versions. This game has so much potential if only the devs actually put some genuine love and effort to it. However, right now it's just a cash cow that has died out. The Wiki hasn't updated on this since last December. Is Fantasy Forest Story still even supported by Storm8? This game's animals are beautiful and I don't want them to shut this game down. I contacted Storm8 and they havnt replied with anything. I was trying to find a discord server for FFS but I couldn't find anything.

Is any of you a part of an FFS discord server? Or does any of you want to if I make one? The game cost too many gems that I want to hack it now and then. I really like the cute animals and habitats though. Hi my sister was breeding a rock rhino and pandaffodil and it took 13 h but then when it was an egg I checked to see what it was and it was a werewolf.

The game says its not available through breeding but how?? Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Sort by Hot New. Standard Condensed. Station Dalmatian Limited Animals. Fairy Ferret.

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This is kind of sad because Fantasy Forest Story and its creatures are so unique and wonderful. This is getting off-topic so Fantasy Forest Story Wiki. Storybook Adventure. Squirrel Away. When I try to mine, if I hit a rune it crashes my app.

Wow this wiki is really dead.

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Can you breed the Station Dalmatian in ? Can you breed the Captain K9 in ? Can you breed the Saintly Bernard in ? Can you breed the Cozy Cuddler in ? Can you breed the Chocolate Lab in ? Can you breed the Cerberus in ? Breeding station dalmation. Station Dalmatian. Get Started. Fun and Games. Questions and Answers. News and Announcements. General Discussion.

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