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It started with the fast food, just picking up something fast after work, no harm in junk food once in a while, but then it was everyday, just a quick snack and no longer a meal, the inability to say no to the enticing colors of the packaging. Then came the laziness, why walk when you have a car? Why pay for a gym membership every month if it was a pain to get there every week? You get on just fine without a workout everyday so why even bother?

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Then of course the obvious consequences of your actions began pilling up. So you start wearing tank tops underneath all your clothes, black is slimming right? Until you have to start backing up your seat in the car to make space for yourself. The embarrassment of seeing old friends never stops though, sheepishly trying to hide your distended gut as an old highschool friend approaches your table at the local buffet trying to hide their judgment.

The day the stairs became too hard was the day you said goodbye to ever being thin again. Standing in the mirror you start to observe your reflection packed into unbuttoned jeans when you hear the door slide open. You frantically try to suck in your recently expanding belly and you try to button your pants unsuccessfully. At that moment your partner Alice walks in seeing you in your pitiful state pants hanging open with a belly causing a divide of several inches in the gap.

Your small boobs contained in a strained sports bra and nothing else to cover yourself. Alice obviously notices your embarrassment and goes in to tease. You obediently put on the shirt and look at yourself. It came a couple inches down your gut, thankfully stretchy, but It required you to pull it down occasionally to keep it in place.

The shirt was an off the shoulder cut with longer sleeves but the fabric cut into your shoulder fat and the sleeves made noticeable indents on your forearms. Looking down your pants were still unbuttoned so you grab a hair tie, wrap it around the button, and loop it through the hole and straining get it back over the button to make a makeshift close for your pants. You then grab your purse and walk out to the car. Alice is waiting in the car and you hop in, her grin widening as you approach the door, reaching its peak when you take a seat watching your belly expand.

This shirt is so tight on me babe. In almost no time Alice pulls Feeder and feedee stories to the local diner, and gets out standing in front of the car watching you struggle to get out of the seat, and then walked you inside. You plop your widening ass into a booth seat towards the back as you notice how close your belly is getting to touching the edge of the table when your back is all the way against the wall behind you.

You sit and patiently wait for Alice to come back until you see her with a for your food looking around for you. You wave at her and when she catches sight of you she begins to walk back shaking her head laughing. A seat all the way back here? Alice pulls out a chair and you take it, sets the on the counter space and takes the seat across from you.

You notice a middle aged couple and their adolescent children about a table across from you, the parents eye you judgementally but keep to themselves. The only other patrons in the restaurant were a group of teenagers in a booth you spotted on your way over. In very little time a waitress struggling under the weight of her tray was looking around for the table she was supposed to be delivering to, and kept looking at the families table until she realized you had the and she approached confused. Alice not lifting a finger to grab anything to eat leans back and gives you a smug look and you realize she expects you to finish it all.

You tentatively pick up a burger from the massive hoard of food in front of you and begin to eat it, slowly at first before realizing how good it is, and more importantly how hungry you are. Alice watching you with delight intermittently chiming in with benign small talk to fill the not so empty noise of you stuffing your face unable to control your hunger. Licking off your fingers to get every last drop of food you go in on a club sandwhich, taking massive bites and drawing attention from the near by family, watching you in your pacified bloated body and getting judgemental glances at the already cleared plates.

Taking a deep breath you slowly jam the rest of the burger into your mouth leaving sauce and meat juices dripping from your Feeder and feedee stories and take another long sip from the coke before dutifully finishing off the fries and finally leaning back in your chair exposing your entire belly to the world.

You decide to start on your way back to the car, and you take off your pants rubber band because it is far to tight now and heave your bloated body upwards stretching infront of the family and letting your massive gut hang out before again completely unintentionally letting out a massive burp and covering your mouth in shame as the family stares in judgement. You realize your car is parked very close to someone else and realize you have to shimmy between them to get to the door. Their shocked faces start at you until one of them rolls down a window.

You stumbling over your words frantically apologize, and scoot towards your door sucking in as much as possible and finally managing to open your door and painfully squeeze in and heavily seat yourself before the teenagers begin to drive off but not before yelling.

You sigh and lean back thankful to be done with that when you look up to see Alice holding a bag laughing, and you realize she saw that entire interaction. She pulled out a milkshake and some brownie lava cakes. Alice puts the car in drive and takes you home as you lay back in the seat absolutely stuffed but still suckling on your milkshake in your food stained shirt exposing your round pale belly to the world.

Do you even own any clothes that fit properly anymore? What is your blubber filled backside expanding to fast to be contained? Or maybe your jiggling thunder thighs the sizes pillows are the source of the issue…. Come on fatass, what are you doing to your body? Giving me feedback on what you wanna see greatly improves the speed of which I write, plus I just wanna know what you guys like! Thank you! Dylan obliged and grabbed the Oreos and donuts and started to bring them over to Sam, when he saw her his jaw almost dropped, she was looking bigger than he had seen in-ever actually, she was certainly not fat but she was actually starting to accumulate fat on her stomach and thighs and it was clear she had been stuffing herself for a while since her belly looked engorged.

Dylan had been out of town on business and when he came in through the door he immediately heard a shrill scream followed by. Can you help me with something? She was screaming in joy it seemed, she had just taken her hip measurements by the look of it and was trying to get a read on the scale. Dylan still just stood there in disbelief, as Sam gleefully wrote down the s. When Dylan had practically dumped the entire carton into his girlfriend she motioned for him to stop and then let out a huge belch before grabbing the carton and finishing it herself. Later as Sam was laying in bed eating a donut with a glass of milk she watched Dylan come into the room and start changing for bed and Sam had an idea.

Sam grinned excitedly as Dylan opened her fat filled thighs and ran his hands up Feeder and feedee stories lifted her heavy belly so that he could grab her pussy. He teased his dick around the hole while he ran his hands along the dome of her belly for the first time feeling it in his palms.

He grabbed Sam by her love handles and pulled them closer so he could slide his dick inside her while being harder than he had ever been before in his life. Sam moaned Feeder and feedee stories rolled her head back, panting, savoring every second until Dylan open came inside her unable to hold it. Dylan pulled his dick out and flopped horizontally onto the bed in shock and Sam just sat there panting probably tired from the minimal exercise if you could even call it that Dylan picked up on her breathing and decided to comment.

The news of the new virus taking over the world and shutting down jobs and businesses was terrible news for most but not me. I finally realized I had all the time in the world to be a socially acceptable pig. I had all the means to go to the store and buy an absolute metric ton of food that I would then eat on my couch and not move from that spot for several days. The first month of quarantine I was already seeingmy hips felt doughy and soft, I was finally getting that dream belly, the fat and stored itself all over my arms and upper thighs, and was starting to settle into my face, I was estatic.

In fact to celebrate I pulled out a cake from the fridge and dove in head first all to prepared to indulge in a very hendonistic activity. I was finally getting a belly hang and it was incredibly addicting to touch. Turning slightly the rolls I had been acculmating were deepening by the day, and my face was becoming visibly fatter, I reached up to touch my new double chin and was delighted by the sensation of the new adipose. At that very moment I received a text from my families group chat saying they wanted to zoom everyone in 15 minutes, and everyone better show up.

So I went into my room to dress myself for the first time in a month and a half only to unsurprisingly find nothing that fit. I decided to go with a pink stretchy tshirt that was very noticeably squeezing my arm fat and I could only manage to pull it past my tits. I pulled on a pair of very tight underwear that creased my hips and disappeared into my ass crack and pulled a pair of very very tight old sweat pants just barely over my thighs even though it felt like it was on its last thread.

This whole process had left me sweaty and panting from the small physical exertion but my 15 minutes were up and you hustled to open the zoom on my iPad. I quickly noticed that as I had sat down the hems in my sweatpants had spilt in several places and I just had to ignore it, as well as in the view finder of your own face I noticed how smiling had made your Feeder and feedee stories visible double chin extremely pronounced and blushed realizing that no one knew about my gain yet. Coming back to my seat I barely realized anything was wrong until I looked at your screen and saw your families gawking faces.

You must be double your old weight, so again, what the fuck happened?? I giggled with glee, I really was a pig now and everyone could see it.

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You walk past a mirror and suddenly need a second look, you see a belly straining the waist band of your stretchy sleep shorts, underneath the flexible band you touch a bulging belly roll which is mirrored above the waistband as well. You find yourself sitting on the couch enjoying unemployment while you passively look for a job. You had submitted a few s but no news yet. You reach over and grab a handful of popcorn, and then another, and then another, passively stuffing your face in a way that was almost second nature nowadays.

You feel you hand scrape the inside of the bag and sigh disappointedly at its emptiness and start to get up to find something else to munch on. You stretch your arms above your head and let them fall back down before wandering over to your kitchen and grabbing a package of brownies and a can of whip cream from the fridge and you make you way to your bed to lounge around some more. In your bedroom you turn to face your full body mirror and observe yourself. It even hung over Feeder and feedee stories front of your panties to the point you could barely tell you had them on, your belly still remained very spherical probably due to the never ending food you supply it or maybe genetics.

You look at your thighs and notice how much extra fat is on top of them, turning, you see bountiful rolls of back fat and your arms, holding a package of brownies under one, that have doubled or tripled in size, now looking awfully like pillows. As you gaze into the mirror you realize you some what enjoy what you see…. Your belly rumbled and suddenly remember your food and plop down onto your bed, you tip open the brownies and shove one in your mouth and top it with an ungodly portion of whipped cream and swallow it all.

That was when you realized you had become a pig, and there was no going back. Look at that gut! How did you go from a flat washboard surface to that blubbering pot belly? Look at it hang! It almost completely covering your genitals! And my my look at those love handles! Look how round and pronounced those things are…. Speaking of your ass, it takes more than double the space it did before! If even!

And god your backs even all doughy, look how it makes those adorable rolls. Ugh dear lord, those arms! Look how flabby they got! Jessi stood in her mirror assessing her costume, A pair of very short light pink cotton shorts with a curly tail affixed to the back that clung to her slender hips perfectly, and a skin tight tank top of the same color that hit perfectly just above where the shorts ended. Higher up she had done her makeup in a more natural way but used an extra amount of blush Feeder and feedee stories put emphasis the color and attached a silicone pig nose to hers and a pair of pigs ears to her head.

Suddenly her phone resting on her dresser came to life and the pang of her text alert rang out, Jessi glanced over at the screen seeing a few texts from her friends complaining she was taking too long. Jessi rushed and grabbed her light pink ankle socks and hurriedly slipped them on and followed them with her regular white Adidas and stuffing her phone in her purse and rushing out of her room and out of the front door. She could already hear her destination, and making one turn she saw the house and her friends standing out front in the cold.

And Jessi walked in behind them. She immediately lost them as soon as she walked into the house, between the loud house music and utter swaths of people the party was too chaotic. Since she was holding it and it, to be honest did taste good so Jessi took another bite of the cookie, and then another, and then another until it had disappeared.

Slightly shocked at herself she stood up and randomly she felt a pang of hunger so she wandered over to the snack table and started grabbing an assortment, crackers, pretzels, sugar cookies and cupcakes, and shoveling them into her mouth seemingly uncontrollably and the washing it all down with punch at the table. Even then Jessi only got momentary relief from hunger and was craving food again almost instantly, so she went at it again putting anything she could find into her mouth until she had eaten nearly the whole snack table.

Feeder and feedee stories Jessi was completely unaware of the physical repercussions, She was slowly filling her costume out more and more…. Her thighs got thicker and her hips got plumper, her stomach started to push out of her shorts stretching the fabric and exposing her new belly and continuing to grow… Then in a stroke of bad luck, Samantha appeared behind her. Jessi walked through the house and found a hallway with a bathroom and rushed inside and locked the room and flicked the lights on, and Samantha was right, what happened?

Jessi examined her body, just looking at her face it had grown a thick double chin that coddled her face, Jessi brought a hand up to touch it staring at her pig nosed face, only to be shocked at the sight of her chubby little fingers and wrist, examining lower down her stomach was juicy and plump and a now prominent pot belly, it stuck out further than her tits and was about to escape the confines of her costume, it was already freed form the shorts, forcing the hem of the shorts down underneath her belly, and her tank top was struggling to stay on it, and needed Jessi to pull it down.

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Her thighs were the size of her old waist each and they were eating the fabric of the shorts inseam causing it to disappear into her now cushiony crotch area.

Feeder and feedee stories

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