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Jun 26, 1 T Jun 27, 2 T Jul 11, 3 T Jul 11, 4 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 4 posts. Anger surged through Ray like a physical force. His face contorted Feet humiliation stories he snarled as he gripped Helen by her throat.

The tendons on her neck stood out and her breath Feet humiliation stories in wheezy little gusts. He hovered inches away from her ashen face, his cold blue eyes watching her the way a cat would scrutinize a mouse. Do you understand you fucking whore?

He glanced at her red neck his handy work standing there proud and unashamed. His finger prints were bruised deep into her pale milk white skin. Helen covered her face as shame and embarrassment caused her to blush. A mixture of love and hate rushed through her as she covered her face, the feelings so different and yet so similar in many ways consumed her as she slumped to the floor crying. Her husband stared at the crumpled woman in front of him, his eyes dark coals deep within his head and felt a deep satisfaction.

He pondered that looking after a woman was similar to keeping a dog. You could sometimes give it affection but the dog had to learn who its master was otherwise it would loose all respect for you. She knew what he did to her was wrong, but she loved him more than life itself. She made a resolution as she slid up to a standing position her back still supported heavily by the wall of the hall.

The next day passed slowly for Helen she spent most of her time meticulously cleaning the house from top to bottom.

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Her fear of a re occurrence of the night before kept her busy. She loved Ray more than she had ever loved anyone and most of the time she did believe that it was her fault the way he behaved. Although there were times, and today was one of those days where a different stronger side of her personality came to the fore.

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When this side of her took charge it was filled with hatred and malice all of it directed and focussed on Ray, the man who beat her. The strength of hate that poured from Helen surprised her as she imagined Ray beaten and cowering on the floor as she rained blows upon him. The images that flashed in her imagination filled her with pleasure and she began to smile. As the day wore on the anger that she felt began to drain away, replaced with a deep emptiness and longing for Ray to come home.

She was just placing his sausages and mash on the table when she heard the front door slam open as Ray walked through it. From his stumbling walk she could tell that he had been drinking and her body Feet humiliation stories tensed as she poured the thick onion gravy over his food. The door to the dining room crashed open and Ray half walked, half fell into the room. He looked round the room his predatory eyes locking onto his wife as she finished laying out the food.

Helen turned slowly to face her husband, a welcoming smile fixed on her face, concealing the fear that was bubbling in her stomach. Helen watched flinching involuntarily as Rays face twisted into a snarl and he began to lurch towards her. Helen began to shake as Ray continued his advance his lurching steps making him seem more animal than human.

Rays face contorted in rage his normally pale skin flushed red and as he roared. Ray moved faster now, swaying towards her. He then grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back until her tear streaked face was looking up at him. He shook his head slowly to add effect to his words.

Helen broke down under the torrent of abuse and began to sob her eyes shutting in embarrassment as Ray continued to pull her hair. With a final growl Ray finally released Helen, who dropped and Feet humiliation stories into a ball on the carpet trying Feet humiliation stories control her sobbing. Helen slowly pulled herself together and struggled up from the floor her eye was stinging and her heart felt like it was breaking in her chest.

With a great effort she cleared the food from the plates and cooked him another meal which he then sat down at the table and ate with her. The conversation that passed between Helen and Ray at the meal would have looked totally normal to any onlooker that was watching.

When Ray left the next morning Helen got up as soon as she heard the front door close and made her way downstairs. Her mind had been set by the events of the night before; she was going to change things. The mixed feelings that she had had about Ray were gone, in their place was a deep coldness and detachment which drove her to want a better life away from him.

The strength of feeling and hatred that began to pour out of her as she sat there browsing the internet shocked her. An Feet humiliation stories had passed and Helen was about to give up and start on her chores for fear of angering Ray further when he returned home, when a small advert popped up from one of the smaller sites that she had found. The advert showed an almost naked man wearing nothing but a leather thong kneeling on the floor kissing the booted foot of a woman wearing a pvc outfit and holding a whip.

She stared at the screen intrigued with position of power that the woman held. She spent the next four hours reading and watching material from the world of female domination amazed and disgusted at some of the things that she found. After she had done this she felt some satisfaction that she was finally making a change and closed down the computer. She spent the rest of the day madly dashing around the house trying to catch up on the missed hours of house work. He came home on time that day, sober and in a much better mood than the day before. Ray was shocked as he walked through the door. His wife was standing there wearing nothing but a red lacy bra and thong and red high heeled strappy shoes.

Her normally slightly curly dirty blonde hair had been straightened and her face was made up looking completely unblemished and glowing. Helen batted her long eyelashes at Ray as he stood there staring his mouth hanging unconsciously open. He mumbled as he tried to speak, cleared his throat and whispered. I love it. Helen moved with grace twisting slightly letting the hallway light lap over her feminine figure.

The moment passed too quickly as Ray regained his control and began to do what he did best and took charge of the situation. Helen took the abuse and pretended to cower in fear but secretly she held onto that feeling of power and knew that she was now on the path to freedom.

Ray made love to her that night hard and fast ravaging her more passionately and with more feeling than he had in a long while. The following day she rose once again as soon as Ray left for work and went downstairs to access the computer. She spent the next half an hour reading the s only Feet humiliation stories feel disappointed, most of the women sympathised with her and gave her tips and tricks to start to control ray but there was no one willing to come and help her personally.

Disheartened she was about to turn off her computer when the bleep of another received stopped her. She opened the read it quickly once and then re-read it more slowly her hands shaking slightly with barely contained excitement. The e-mail read as follows:- Dear Helen, Thank you for recent asking me for help. I have read and re-read your and it really does fill me with sorrow to know that there are still women in this day and age treated as you are. So at the bottom of the is the telephone for my younger sister. She also has the similar but much stronger beliefs that women are superior to men and has acted on that belief in a unique way.

I have already spoken to my sister and upon hearing your story she has agreed that her group will do everything in their power to help you. At the bottom of this you will a contact for my sister who is called Ruth. I hope this helps you dear. She copied the from the into her phone with shaking fingers and pressed the call button. Before the rang she disconnected gasping as a surge of panic ran through her body. It rang four times each time it rang, her heart beat louder and louder in her chest.

The rapport that grew between them was quick and heartfelt and by the end of her tales Helen felt that she already had a bond with this woman. They continued to talk for the next 15 minutes in which Ruth laid out the full details of the plan. Once all the details had been finalised they said their goodbyes and Helen set to cleaning her house as she always did during the day. For the rest of that day she moved through the house with the grace of a dancer. Her body seemed to be charged with boundless amounts of energy and chores which had seemed boring and pointless now filled her with pleasure.

This was really it, after so many years of abuse she had made what she hoped was a life changing decision and could finally see a light at the end of the dark long tunnel. Ray had been drinking again and subjected Helen to another beating making her sleep at the side of their bed on the floor.

Helen did cry and moan as she was abused but their was no despair there instead she kept the fire that had been sparked burning deep within her heart and any small doubts that she had were burned away. Ray awoke that morning stepping over her and left the house without even acknowledging her presence. As soon as he had left the house as instructed Helen went downstairs and rang Rays work.

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He had been employed at a builders firm for the last 3 years and the call was answered by Tony the foreman. Helen had met Tony before and he seemed a decent sort of man and was more than understanding on the phone.

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He told Helen to let Ray know that he could take off all the time that he needed while he was tending to his mother. With that done Helen went to sit in the living room in Rays comfy armchair something which she had never been allowed to do turned on the TV with a satisfied grin pasted on her face. Ray was driving his red two door hatchback to work. The road to Rays work was secluded as the site they were working on was in the countryside. Suddenly he saw a lithe figure dressed in black at the side of the road. The person ran in front of his car, he tried to swerve and felt the steering lock up as his car slid sideways down the road.

His car skidded to a halt in the middle of the road Ray quickly looked for the figure. The figure was no where to be seen but looking out of his side window he saw a black transit van come slowly down the road its headlights turned off almost invisible in the early morning light. A buzz of panic hit Ray as he watched the van draw nearer. There was something wrong, he could just feel it as the van carried on with its ominous approach. He considered getting out Feet humiliation stories his car and though better of it. The flight or fight instinct kicked in and Ray tried to start his car to get away from the approaching van.

Feet humiliation stories

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