Female foot slave stories

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This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. My First Female Slave. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 22 posts Female foot slave stories 2 Next. By: Goddess Lindsay Many of you have probably read my last story "My brother, my slave" so now I'm writing about another experience I had.

It was around 1 year after I made my brother my slave, by this point I had another 2 male slaves because obviously one slave isn't enough to tend to my needs. Anyway this story isn't about them. It was winter and I decided to go shopping with a couple of friends, as it was a cold day I wore jeans, pink ankle socks and a pair of brown ugg boots if you don't know what they are go to Google images. We spent all day walking around the shops and then went for something to eat.

We were finally getting ready to go home when I remembered I had a pedicure appointment. Any girls reading will know you wash your feet before going to get a pedicure as it can be embarrassing if they smell. I had left it so late in the day I had no time to go home and wash my feet and I knew they were going to smell because I had been walking all day and they felt hot and sore.

I didn't mind too much though since I had been going to the same place for a pedicure for years.

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I got there just in time and I was told to take a seat. The girl who usually does my nails is named Jade, she has long brown hair a nice face and she's slightly overweight not fat. At the time Jade was 22years old and I was Most of you probably know what I look like if not there's a link to my pictures at the end of the story. Anyway I sat in the chair and started to take my boots off when Jade came over "let me" she said as she got on her knees to take my boots and socks off. I warned her that I had been on my feet all day and they probably smell pretty bad, she laughed and told me she really didn't mind.

We started chatting about where I had been that day while Jade was getting ready for my pedicure, I told her about what shops I had been to and where I ate lunch. Jade looked up at me and said "for you I didn't argue, I just sat back with a magazine, lifted my right foot and said "start Female foot slave stories then" we both laughed.

She started by rubbing lotion all over my foot, then using her thumbs she started with the heel and gave me the most amazing foot massage I'd ever had. I felt so relaxed after 5minutes I had to stop reading the magazine and just close my eyes.

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I felt as she rubbed every part of my feet and even took time to give each toe special attention. At least 30 minutes had gone by, I was still sitting with my eyes closed when Jade said, in a lot softer quieter voice than she had spoke in earlier "Lindsay, can I start your pedicure now? She knew exactly how I liked my nails so I didn't have to tell her to give me my usual French pedicure. I'm not too keen on having colour on my toes I just prefer a French pedicure. It didn't take long before she was finished.

I picked up my socks and started to put them on when jade said "I feel really bad now", I was confused I only lived 10 minutes walk so I didn't have my car with me, Female foot slave stories she was right I was going to have to put those smelly boots back on and walk all the way home. I did have to walk to her car in my boots but I took them off when I got inside. We got to my house and I thanked Jade for the pedicure and the massage, as I was about to close her car door and walk into my house she stopped me and said "anytime you need a free massage, I'm here! As I was being pampered I started t think about having Jade as a slave, I hadn't really thought about a female slave before.

I am bisexual so I'm attracted to men and women but a female slave was a new idea to me. It was 2 days later and I decided to go back for a "free massage" but I also wanted Female foot slave stories try and find out if I could make Jade into my first female slave.

I've found in the past that if someone has a submissive personality and I boss them around or control them that it's easy to have them do almost anything Jade came over and I told her I was there for a foot massage to which she replied "I can't my shift is over", I wasn't taking no as an answer I glanced up at her and she looked really uncomfortable. I stretched my right foot out towards her still with my shoes on and said "come on then" It worked, she got on her knees, took off my shoes and gave me another amazing foot massage. Once she was done she asked me if next time it would be possible for me to go earlier, before the end of her shift, "no" I said, she then went on to tell me her boss wouldn't allow her to stay late every time.

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Great I thought, "Well then you can come to my house next time" I said with a cheeky little smile on my face. I just looked at her waiting for her response, "um She still wasn't my slave but we were making progress, I had seen her submissive side now and I knew she would be mine. I waited Female foot slave stories couple of days before phoning her and telling her I wanted a foot massage that night.

She came to my front door, I let her in then I sat down on my leather Female foot slave stories and put my feet on a matching foot stool. Jade got down on her knees at my feet getting ready to give me a massage when I stopped her. When she came back she handed me a glass of coke and got back on her knees. She spent just over an hour massaging my feet while I watched TV. I told her I felt relaxed and she could stop. As she was getting ready to leave I said "it's a shame I'm so relaxed, now I have to go make dinner" hinting that I wanted her to make it for me.

I waited to see if she had picked up on my hint, then as jade was about to walk out the door she turned round, "why don't you keep your feet up and ill make you dinner". I could smell Jade cooking my dinner in the next room, I started to get excited I had always been slightly attracted to jade but having her as my slave would be amazing I though, Not just the fact that she's my first female slave but she's also just over 4years older than me! Once my dinner was ready jade brought it through to me and she stood next to the wall as if she was waiting for me to tell her what to do next, I noticed she didn't make anything for herself either, this was great.

As I sat there with my feet up eating my dinner I felt a little warm, "it's hot in here" I said as I picked up a fan and started fanning myself. So here's the picture, I'm sitting back on a leather couch, my perfectly pedicured feet relaxing on a foot stool, I'm eating a dinner which jade made for me and watching T.

V while she fanned me. I finished eating and handed her the plate, she took it to the kitchen and washed it. Once she was done she came back through and stood in the same position she was before waiting for me to tell her what to do, "you can go" I said without even looking at her or thanking her for anything she had done. She got her things and left. This happened one more time basically the same night, then the third time I decided she was going to be more than a servant, I wanted a slave. I phoned Jade and told her to come round to my house, before she arrived I decided to go for a walk in the dirt in my back garden, barefoot.

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When jade got to my house she stood in her usual position waiting to be told what to do, I put my feet up on the foot stool, pointed at them and said "clean". Jade looked puzzled as to how she was going to clean my feet so I continued " She got down on her knees and took a second to think, then as ordered she started to lick my feet clean, "harder! From then on she was my foot slave.

I trampled her in all sorts of shoes, high heels, flats, barefoot, boots, wedges and whatever else I felt like. I made her eat every meal from either the bottom of my feet or my shoes. No longer did she only come round when I phoned, it was every day of the week. To his day Jade serves me every day the only difference is now I have another 4 male slaves.

Life is good when you're a Goddess By Goddess Lindsay You may me or add me on msn, I enjoy all the slave attention. : sexyygal live.

Female foot slave stories

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