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I first found "The Secret" on a small table in our public library. I read the book in a couple of days and cannot believe how it's changed my life. I've always known that if you have enough faith and patience, you will receive what you asked for, when the time is right, but to have this knowledge, knowing you can manifest the future is such a powerful feeling.

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My husband was laid off last in November, fortunately from a job he hated. He wanted to get back into procurement, which is what he knows and loves best.

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He went for a few interviews, but nothing concrete. I kept telling him to be patient and give it time, the right job was being lined up for him and when the time was right, he would be given the perfect job. At the beginning of March, he started to get depressed, he was afraid his benefits would run out and we would be in a tough financial way. He finally got an interview with a company 20 minutes away.

He came back from the interview so excited, I had not seen him like that for months. He walked the company with the owner, got along great with him, had all the requirements and it had been a 2 hour interview. He gave it a week and ed the company.

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He was told they would make a decision by the end of the week. They were down to two candidates, himself and one other person. I felt so bad for my husband, he was so let down. His self confidence slipped. Every day I took that picture in my hand and pictured my husband getting the dream job, sitting behind the desk, placing orders, negotiating with vendors, making phone calls, walking into our home each night telling me about his day, etc.

I would look at it during my ride to work, Feminized men stories it into work with me, hang it on my wall and all throughout the day I envisioned him in his dream job. About 5 weeks went by. He said he received a phone call from the company that hired the other candidate instead of him.

It did not work out, and was he still interested in the position?! He went in the next day, negotiated his salary and has the job of his dreams!

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He loves it, the people are great and he has opportunities to move up in the company in the near future. I fully understand how visualizing is the beginning to manifestation.

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Thank you for opening up the rest of our lives for great things. Search Topics. Faith Inspiration Job Life.

Feminized men stories

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