First time cum in mouth stories

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User Name Remember Me? Password Forgot Password? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Today's Posts Search Help. Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to First Time a guy came in your mouth - First time you swallowed. What did you really like about it most - the hard, throbbing cock squirting cum in your mouth? How many times did you take a guy's load in your mouth before you swallowed? How did you like the taste? Did you love the taste your first time like I did or was it an acquired taste?

Was it a big load? Were you able to swallow it all? How about the first time a guy shoot his jizz on your face? I started sucking cock when I was 15 and everytime I sucked a guy about a dozen timesI would take his cock out of First time cum in mouth stories mouth before he came. One time, I wasn't quite fast enough and the guy shot his load all over my face, which was a real turn on. The first time I tasted a guy's cum is when we were jacking and sucking each other. I was laying on my back and he was jacking his cock right over my head. He told me to open my mouth and when I did, he shot his load in my mouth.

Only got a few drops in my mouth and most of it landed on my face but it was still really hot! The first time a guy came in my mouth, I was sucking him and as he was getting close, I started to pull away. He held my head tightly and wouldn't let me take my mouth off his dick. He fucked my face furiously and after a few minutes he blew a huge load in my mouth. I took it all but quickly spit it all out.

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The next time we had sex, he shot his load in my mouth and I swallowed it all. It was a big, thick, creamy load and I loved the taste. I swirled it around in my mouth, enjoying the taste and texture before I swallowed. Then I loved the way it felt as his thick jizz slid down my throat. I've loved cum and swallowing ever since and especially love big, thick lo. I enjoy the taste and feeling of a creamy load much more than a watery one and really love when a guy shoots such a big load that I have to swallow twice to get it all down my throat! I've found out that usually the younger the guy the sweeter the cum.

And I still love when a guy blows his load on my face and I can feel the cum dripping down it and catching it with my tongue as it seeps down my face. My first load was a neighborhood buddy. He was 13 and I was a little older. We were sucking and jacking initially but weren't taking it in the mouth. I finally told him I wanted to try. He did too. We cummed in each other's mouths, but didn't swallow, we would spit it out. I eventually swallowed his cum a few times, it was never a big load and it didn't have First time cum in mouth stories of a taste.

I've since swallowed others. Some tasted good and others had kind of a bitter taste. My wife says my cum changes taste from time to time. I think what I like best about having a guy cum in my mouth is the feeling of his hard dick head, you know he's on the edge, I usually hold the base of his dick so I can feel the contractions and then you get your reward while he is completely loving it.

Job well done.

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My first time was when I was 38 years old. I was in a less then perfect marriage, divorced about a year after this happened. I would stop by an ABS on the way home from work most every night and usually, no always, get a blow job. After doing this for a while I got to thinking that I wanted to suck a cock. The feelings kept getting stronger and I was thinking about it a lot.

One night I stopped for a few dinks on the way home and the courage of the booze had me determined I was going to do it that night. I stopped at this ABS and looked around. I spotted this young guy, about years old, just hanging around. I went up to him and asked if he was looking for some action. Well he lit up like a Christmas tree and said he was. This place we were in had only curtains to cover the booths and I was nervous as hell about getting caught so I told him we would have to go down the street where they had doors that locked.

We left and First time cum in mouth stories I was driving the three blocks I saw him running down the street, guess he was ready. When we got there I told him to pick a booth and I would follow. I reached over and touched his package and found it nice and hard. I undid his pants and pushed them to the floor. His briefs followed and out sprang this nice hard 7 to 8 inch cock. It had a downward curve to it, only one I have ever seen even after all the ones that followed his to the same destination. He sat down and I went down taking the head into my mouth. I slowly sucked it in and loved the soft, yet hard thing in my mouth.

Guess I was meant to be a cock sucker. I found with the reverse curve it was pretty easy to take it quite a ways down my throat without gagging, got better later.

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I started moving up and down on his cock and sucking for all I was worth. At one point he wanted to give me some and I told him no, I was going all the way. It must have been 10 minutes of my nibbling and sucking that he grabbed my head and started moaning.

I could feel his cock twitch and start to swell. I sucked harder and then it happened. He let out a grunt and a moan and exploded in my mouth. Shot after shot of his cum was flooding my mouth. I started to swallow as he continued to provide me with cum. I swallowed and swallowed and thought it would never stop.

But, alas, it ended. He got his clothes back on and left. The taste still lingered in my mouth. It tasted just like my own and I figured it all tasted the same. I found out after a few more times that it does taste different. I was in college, and a frat brother and I were sharing a room. We talked alot about sex, and there was quite a bit of sexual tension between us, and he was very attractive, dark hair, big Bambi eyes, rail thin, and very smooth.

Also very athletic, he was a speed skater and had legs to die for. One afternoon, we were sitting around the dorm room, shooting the breeze, and he stated that I guy could never get him off, and I agreed, that no guy could ever get me off either.

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One thing led to the next, and we were sitting there jacking each other off. He had a long, though very thin cock, with big balls, and I was working him good, and was getting close to blowing a load, and I didn't want to be the first to shoot a load, so I joked how I wasn't going to let him outlast me, and went down on his cock. About three seconds later, he shot his load in my mouth, and three seconds after that, he got me to blow with his study motion.

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We laughed about it, and jacked off together from time to time throughout the semester, but no one sucked anyone. That summer I took a drive out to his home for a weekend he lived downstate, and I lived in the city. His parents were gone all weekend, and we started playing that evening. He suggested I suck him again, and I told him he should suck me. He said he would if I swallowed his cum, so he jacked off into a shot glass we were drinkingand went down on me. I shot all over his face, and he handed me the shot glass and told me to drink.

I did, and tasted it all the way down, and I liked it. From that time forward, whenever we got together, I sucked him off and let him shoot down my throat, which was as often as we could that summer. The following fall we were no longer roommates, and we only got together once or twice a year after that, until he got married.

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That was the end of that.

First time cum in mouth stories

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