First time gay gloryhole stories

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I was out shopping one afternoon and had to hit the mens room. I went to a mens room at the end of the mall, that didn't get much traffic. The place was empty so I sat in the last stall which luckily had a large glory hole. I was sitting there for a few minutes when I heard the mens room door open. Someone came in and walked toward the stalls and entered the stall next to mine. I watched through the hole as he pulled down his pants and boxers. I was enjoying watching him because he didn't look older than He saw me watching him and stood in front of the hole and stroked his cock.

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His body was smooth but he had a pretty thick bush and a seven inch cock. As he stroked, I whispered for him to let me suck it. He slid his cock through the hole and I licked around his head and then moved up and down his hard shaft. I heard him moan as I started sucking him. He pushed his cock through the hole further, and I was able to play with his balls as I sucked him. I felt the underside of his cock throbbing in my mouth as he pumped his young cum inside me as I swallowed. As he pulled up his pants he looked through the hole and thanked me. I told him any time, and he was gone.

I savored the taste of his young cum in my mouth as I stroked my cock. I was getting close to cumming when i heard someone enter the mens room, so I stopped.

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The guy walked back to the toilet stalls and he went into the stall next to mine and locked the door. I saw him look through the glory hole before unzipping his pants. He unzipped his pants and sat on the toilet. I watched through the hole as he spread his legs and stroked his cock. He stroked his cock hard and his head was throbbing. He whispered through the hole asking if I wanted it. I said yeah. He stood up and pulled up his pants. I thought he was leaving, but he knocked on my stall door so I opened it and he came in.

He looked to be 19 at the most, and pulled down his pants thrusting his thick cock in my face. I felt his smooth ass and thighs as I sucked his cock, enjoying the youthful scent and feel of him. He thrust his cock in my mouth hard and fast, and started to moan. I felt the underside of his cock throbbing hard as he shot a huge load in First time gay gloryhole stories mouth.

As he pulled up his pants, he said it was good and asked if I wanted to do more with him. I said I would. I said I didn't know, so he said if I wanted to, he would be waiting outside the mall entrance at 9am on Saturday. He left, and I went back to stroking my cock. Some one came in, but I kept stroking gently.

The door to the stall next to mine opened, and a guy came in and watched me stroke through the hole. I let him watch me as I stroked my cock. He got up and knocked on my stall door. I opened and let him in. He was young, but locked the door and started stroking my cock. He motioned for me to get up so I did and he sat down on the toilet and sucked my cock. He played with my pubes and balls as he sucked me. I told him I was going to cum, and he held on tight as I shot my load in his mouth.

I pulled up my pants and left. Sucking all that young cock reminded me of when I was in high school. Most guys knew I sucked cock but never said anything but they came over after school and let me suck their cocks. I sucked a lot of guys and had a few fuck me as well.

I went back the next day at the same time, around the time school let out. It didn't take long before a guy came in and stood at the urinal. I was in the stall, and looked under, First time gay gloryhole stories saw him move to the stall next to mine. It was a young black guyand he dropped his pants and stroked his cock until he saw me looking through the hole. He stood up and slid his cock through the hole. I started sucking him as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth through the hole. He moaned and shot a huge load in my mouth.

I swallowed his load and he whispered a thank you, and left. I waited about 15 minutes, and another guy came in. He was older about 24, and had a thick hairy cock and I sucked him through the hole. He stood up and zipped his fly and came to the door. I let him in.

It was the mall janitor. He had hairy legs and thighs, and I deep throated him as he fucked my mouth. He held my head as he pumped his load in me.

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As he pulled up my pants, he said if I wanted to take care of him on a regular basis, he lived alone. He gave me his and said he finished work at 5. I told him I was free today, so I First time gay gloryhole stories for him. We went back to his place, and got undressed. He said he loved fucking and asked if I would spend the evening with him. I lay on his bed licking his hairy pits and told him I wanted him as he slid his big hairy janitor cock inside me. I moaned in pleasure as he thrust his cock in me as far as it would go. We moaned and sweat together as he slowly thrust his rod in me over and over.

He asked how I got fucked the first time. I told him it was when I was in High School. I sucked off most guys in my school, and we were on a class ski trip. I was in a room with four guys and was sucking them, when one guy with a thick hairy cock said he was horny and wanted to fuck me. The other guys stood around stroking their cocks as they watched him lube his cock and slide it in my ass. It hurt but I didn't cry.

He moaned as he fucked me hard, and after I got used to it, I started to moan too. After he shot his load in me and pulled out, the guys were just staring so I said who's next? Another guy got between my legs and fucked me long and slow until he shot his load. They all took turns fucking and cumming inside me. The janitor's cock started to swell and throb and I felt him shooting his warm thick load inside me. He stayed in me a long time, and I squeezed his cock with my ass muscles.

He didn't get completely soft and kept moving until he got hard again. He said he hadn't fucked a guy like this in a long time and thrust harder in me. He slid in and out of me for at least 15 minutes before he shot his second load in my ass. I sucked his cock clean before licking his sweaty balls. He asked me to be his fuck buddy. I told him I was free most afternoons.

He asked if I liked having more than one guy in me an I said I did. He said if I wanted, he could get a friend or two over once in a while. We get together a few times a week. I guess I took the breakup hard and felt like if that relationship didn't work, then none other would. I was 32 when I decided that if I couldn't find a guy to fall in love with then I should just find one or more to have fun with! So I got on line and started looking at for cute young boys toys.

Lanky long haired guys for some reason had always turned me on. I found him quite hot. They had purchased an old hotel in the Catskills, where we would go for training seminars in the main rooms, and we were each given a private hotel room. This was an older type hotel, with private rooms that had ading bathrooms. We kept the doors closed and knocked before entering. Luke is 20 and comes from a money family. I think it was his dad's influence that got him into college. It sure wasn't Luke's brains. A typical dumb jock, it was amazing he ever made it even to his junior year of college, yet somehow he did.

Listening to me, you probably think I hate Luke. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yeah, he's basically a macho pig, but a cute one. I was sitting by the window watching my parents riding in the buggy into town. They wouldn't be back for a few hours. I glanced to the left and saw the slaves working on the field. I had never thought much of blacks, nor had I ever talked to one. I just thought whatever my father told me to. But I thought I'd go out to the barn and see what's going on. Marty is one of those computer geek guys. He's good looking, sandy brown hair, green eyes and a mustache.

I know that he's been cruised by girls and guys alike, but he's just been oblivious to it. He never had sex with a girlfriend or boyfriend for that matter. That was kind of scary. I had become worried that my conservative family and friends would discover that I had been sexually submitting myself to a black man. I tried but could not First time gay gloryhole stories thinking about Derrick working me over with his hot black dick and gave in to my animal desires.

First time gay gloryhole stories

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