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Moderator: Archiver. Post by Soraka » 2 years ago. Remember to give credit where credit is due! Post Reply topic Next topic. Dena finally wrote the story she told you about earlier. Here it is! I added in the emoticons at Dena's request! It's Dena! Here is my story. I tried to put in as much detail like Jess does! This story is from when I was in college and Jess was still in high school. I realized Jess had been keeping some secrets from me. Also a boy I had dated who was now at a different college but still was sometimes in touch with Jess again, everyone liked him had told him some things about this new girl he was seeing, and a couple things about me.

I wanted to know who this girl was. When you are used to getting things your way you expect it all the time, I guess!!! Last and certainly not least, Jess was allowed to use my car while I was away at school. But someone else had used it to. A little birdy told me. And I wanted to know who. So he had three secrets he was keeping from me. But he was about to. I arranged it with Marissa ahead of time. I would invite Jess to my house to help me assemble some workout equipment, or so I told him. This would mean no suspicion — except for rare occasions I only tied him up when I had him to myself all night long!

Or at least all day. So the plan was I would tie him up and wait for Marissa to show. My plan was to tie him down to my weight bench, which made it easier to torture him! I know Jess told the story of the day Marissa and I kidnapped him and tortured him with our Spa Day From Hell we tickled him almost to death, rubbed facial mask on his face with our feet, cut his hair and stuffed dirty socks in his mouth while he was tied down to the bench and helpless!!!!!

It was a Saturday and my Mom was working her usual later shift at the hospital. Jess came over when she was already gone around 4 or so. I gave him a big hug and welcomed him in. I also made him take his shoes off, the way I always did. NO ONE wears shoes in my house!! Once with an ex-boyfriend when I was in high school I made it clear F/m tickle stories him.

He listened. He wore a tee shirt and sweat pants with white athletic socks. Perfect, I thought! Short sleeve shirts meant more exposed skin to tickle, and sweatpants were thinner than jeans and could be rolled up to get to the bare skin!!! Jess always tells what I wore — I think he makes fun of my cargo pants and short-sleeved blouses, but the truth is I always wear short F/m tickle stories, even in the winter.

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I get hot easily. This day I had on one of my short sleeved peasant blouses — I think the light blue one — and grey sweats. I wore blue argyle socks and of course had no shoes on. He did. He walked down ahead of me. I told him to have a seat on the bench, that I wanted to show him something new with my equipment. I closed the door to the basement behind me. I disappeared in the unfinished back of the cellar — we had the washer dryer and a cedar closet back there. I had just gotten some new bands to work out with. I also had my prized electric toothbrush in there all charged up, the F/m tickle stories I know Jess has told you about.

I loved to tickle his helpless bare feet with it and listen to him scream for mercy!!!! I walked around to the bench where Jess sat and stood between him and the door, smiling. He asked what it was. THIS, I said, and produced the handcuffs! Get on your knees" He refused and I told him again.

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Jess laughed and said, "Dena, I'm not staying long! I'll be out of here in 2 hours or less. You don't want to do this tonight! I'm kidnapping you. He has told you I am a pretty advanced black belt in karate and he is right. I could overpower people a lot bigger than Jess with ease. I stuck out my foot to trip Jess and got him on the ground. I put my foot into his chest to hold him in place. My socks were dirty and nasty, I know, so the threat was a good one! Jess gave in, sort of, and got to his knees and I moved down and handcuffed his hands in front of him. Now get on your feet!

He kind of whimpered and said "No! Then I straddled my legs over him to pin him down and forced his hands over his head. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my trusty ropes, like 5 feet of it, and tied his handcuffs to the footholds over his head. When I was finished Jess had his hands tied over his head and wasn't going anywhere. My hostage once more, Kidnap Boy! Jess squirmed around on the slant board but he wasn't going anywhere. I got more ropes and tied his feet together and then tied them down to the footholds at the other end of the slant board.

But I kept his socks F/m tickle stories for now. I stepped back and admired my work tying him up!

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Basically Jess was stretched out and tied down to the slant board, his hands over his head to one foothold and his feet tightly bound to the other. His whole body was exposed - just the way I like him!!!! He begged me to let him go, laughing nervously.

He was like: "Please Dena no! Please untie me! I don't want to be tortured tonight! The threat worked for the moment. I just HAD to tickle him! I stood by his feet and started to tickle one of his knees. I did this by squeezing around his kneecap the way that always tickles like crazy, and also wiggling my fingers ON the kneecap. Jess is super ticklish everywhere and his knees are no exception.

F/m tickle stories

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