Football locker room stories

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What happes in the locker room stays in the locker room. Edit-This kind of blew up. Thank you for the interesting stories!

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Mourinho sneaking into the changing room in the laundry basket at half time when he was banned from the game. I still picture him with a pair of pants on his head giving a team talk. Could you elaborate?

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Did he face repercussions for this? Never heard this story. This half time talk given by one of the best managers in the world at the time. World Cup England vs Mexico, gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. Looks like a Piece of Arrested development with that final voiceover. I like how the very end of the video finishes with "England lose four nil". In case anyone was curious it's from this movie. Ive been lookin for this clip for ages! Hilarious endig to it. Zlatan's book is full of those.

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Here's a nice one about Capello going apeshit on Thuram and scaring the whole team. I remember when we were playing a quarter final against Liverpool in the Champions League. We lost by two-zero, and before the game Capello had made the tactics and decided who was going to cover who when Liverpool had a corner.

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But Lillian Thuram decided to change player. He covered another Liverpool player and on that occasion they scored. In the dressing room afterwards Capello made his ordinary walk up and down while we were all sitting there on the bench in a ring around him and wondered what was going to happen. It was the same explanation again, and Capello asked the question for a third time and got the same answer again. Then the outbreak came, the one that had been waiting in him like a bomb.

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Do you understand that? Then he kicked the massage bench towards us with a big fucking power, and in times like that no one dared to look up. Everyone is just sitting there around him and stare to the ground, everyone, Trezeguet, Cannavaro, Buffon, every single one. No one moved, and no one would ever think of doing what Thuram did again.

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No one wanted to meet those raging eyes again. Wow Zlatan's editor lets him write in his own grammar Found the internet! Great locker room stories that leaked out? Posted by. Sort by: best. The Beckham and Ferguson "shoe-incident" is a classic. Care to explain? Never heard it. Continue this thread. Mourinho invoking the spirit of Solid Snake. That reminds of that scene in Austin Powers: Goldmember.

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England lose " definitely not the end result I expected. Apparently that wasn't too inspirational. Gordon Ramsey would be proud. Capello took a couple of breaths. More posts from the soccer community. The football subreddit. News, and discussion about the beautiful game.

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Football locker room stories

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Inside the dressing room: What is life really like in football's inner sanctum?